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Nearly 300 locals registered for re-entry so far | What happens when they land?

Nearly 300 nationals and residents of the British Virgin Islands have already registered to return to the territory through government’s controlled re-entry initiative which is scheduled to commence on Tuesday, June 2.

Since May 25 launch of an online portal to facilitate the registration of returning residents, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Petrona Davies said the registered numbers are gradually increasing.

“The data is constantly changing with the registration process still ongoing,” Davies told BVI News in an interview on Sunday.

“As of yesterday (Saturday, May 30), we had recorded 279 registrations, but not necessarily for June [arrivals]. I think it was over June, July and August.” 

What happens when the land?

Davies said there are a few protocols and procedures in place for when returning locals land at the Terrance B Lettsome International Airport on Beef Island.

When they disembark the aircraft, passengers will be first met by the Environmental Health Division (EHD).

“Port health officers would do their initial screenings. If perchance they (the EHD) need to separate any passenger from other passengers, they would do that. There’s a quarantine sort of area at the airport that will be used for that purpose,” Davies explained.

She continued: “Everybody else will go through the Immigration and Customs, and there’s special transportation with persons that are trained and will be equipped with PPEs (personal protective equipment) and sanitisation resources to be able to handle the passengers and their baggage safely and then they’ll be transported to their quarantine site.”

Daily checks by Client Support Services Unit

The Permanent Secretary said all persons will be briefed on the expectations of the quarantine process, adding that security services will be provided to ensure that all persons comply with the quarantine order.

Additionally, there is a Client Support Services Unit that will conduct daily checks with persons to see if they have any special requirements or any concerns that may need addressing.

“That (daily checks) persists for two weeks and there will also be medical checks just to monitor for any symptoms. And if there is an onset of symptoms, then, of course, they will be tested at that point. But everyone is to be tested at the end of the quarantine period before their release,” Davies further explained.

All returning nationals and residents who have a private quarantine facility that is approved by the Environmental Health Division will be prioritised for re-entry from June 2 to 15.

Starting June 15 onward, consideration would then be given to the re-entry of other persons “with approved registration and certification with respect to available government quarantine spaces”.


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  1. Devon says:

    Private quarantine places should have no other residents living there… especially if sharing bathrooms etc.. if they do have other persons in same residence they need to be quarantined too !
    If not the virus will return on a larger scale and infect many more.

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    • Keeping my mask on says:

      We had one idiot that came back before curfew, did not quarantine, went to the gym, went out in the evenings and then infected the poor lady that died. That person knows who they are and must live with what they did for the rest of their lives – hopefully that person will not get a work permit renewal and they won’t be living here. Please no more idiots.

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      • Island girl says:

        Apparently the lady who passed caught it from her employer who subsequently left island for treatment in the USA so your comment is not accurate

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      • @Keeping my mask on says:

        Some of your facts might be a bit skewed but Patient #1 was a complete idiot. Covid-19 was no secret, so to go to NYC at the start of March and then come back to BVI and act like nothing happened was reckless and verging on criminal. For a supposedly well educated, traveled and smart person sure shows you cannot teach common sense or apparently, personal responsibility and integrity.

  2. WTF says:

    So there will be no testing when people enter the country?

    As long as they are in the place they say they will stay at when the medical check is carried out you trust them to have NO CONTACT with anyone?

    How can you expect parents not to hug their children once arriving home?

    So 35,000+ people are on lockdown so 300 people can come home?

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    • @WTF says:

      Agreed! It is alarming that there is no mention of testing upon arrival. I also understand that even if you don’t have it before your day of travel, but what about possibly coming into contact with the virus during travel. Why not test upon arrival and retest 7 days later? Especially, since they have said they now have the ability to test here on the island without having to send them off island.

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    • Use Your Head says:

      The love is just as great knowing you’re protecting them by allowing the 14 day quarantine period to protect each other.

      There are many ways to show love when one cannot hug.

      If you or a loved one had Chicken Pox would you go about hugging them even if you suspected they did but wasn’t confirmed yet?

  3. SOVIAN says:

    I hope you have place to put them to quarantine and not have them to be all over place. It is safe than to be sorry.

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  4. @WTF says:

    Worry bout u……… wtf!

  5. Citizen says:

    Dumb heads would never understand the importance of testing, them scared to do tests from the beginning of pandemic

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  6. Thoughtful Sailor says:

    They MUST be tested when they enter! And if positive, they must be in supervised quarantine, not home!

    Those of us who have faithfully followed all the lockdown and quarantine orders, and who now feel the reief of knowing the BVI is “clean”, deserve no less. We should not now be put in any needless position of doubt. I don’t care who the returnees are! We already know the last group that came back did not behave as asked.

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    • Mark says:

      @thoughtful sailor: Go and pray to God and ask for forgiveness for your ignorance and stupidity. Stupidity and ignorance should be criminalized.

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  7. Orlando says:

    Please can you tell me when you’re available to leave the country. Need to go home .

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  8. island man says:

    I doubt those 300 left BVI just prior to the lockdown. Some of those 300 I believe are BVI locals living abroad and want to return now. There are expat who were luving in the BVI they should be allowed back in soon too.

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    • Hmmm says:

      Why are they not tested upon arrival???

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    • Hmmm says:

      Yes I believe some of those locals were living overseas and now they will get first preference than expat that was living in the BVI. I hope the Premier can look into this and bring back those that was paying taxes.

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  9. Smh says:

    Y’all so quick to get hyped. Thinking everyone who is in the US is infected… so dumb! Calm down please.. tola will be just fine.

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  10. smh says:

    They should be TESTED upon entry! Why wait 14 days, really!

  11. Hmmm says:

    Why are they not tested upon arrival???

  12. Anonymous says:

    God forbid there be ANY partiality shown between Belongers/National Resident and Expats/Others. If the Belongers are not tested the same treatment MUST apply to “the Others”. As a God fearing Nation one must learn from His Master our Creator. He told Peter pay tax for them both by fetching money from a fish mouth. Even if they were children of the land. He told his disciples do not show partiality btw rich and poor who seats among u. He also said in His Kingdom there are no need not gentiles; rich nor poor. We are ONE. THEREFORE IF WE BVICAN BE ONE AFTER IRMA WHY NOT BE TREATED AS ONE DURING COVID19. Let us not be found guilty before our Heavenly Master to deserve punishment for partiality.

  13. Basil says:

    Will ALL new arrivals be TESTED ?

  14. how many going to die? says:

    See my older relatives dont live here, I am an ex-pat and nothing I do here in BVI will impact them thousands of miles away. But all the BVIslanders are now risking their family members by not testing, not having supervised quarantine. In Cayman, returning locals and expats will be quarantineed in a hotel under lock and key. Government will pay for locals, expats need to pay the cost themselves. why are we not doing this here? Too scared to boss the voters? Scrub Island is empty and would be ideal. All our hard work is going to s**t now. What a waste.

  15. BVI says:

    BVI lander’s don’t abide by rules so we shall see.i think you should put everybody at salt island for 14 days. that’s call RESPECT ??

  16. Same here back to antigua ?? when can we leave says:


  17. ?? says:

    So what is the procedure for the sister islands….

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