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Nearly half of BVI’s 16 vaccination centres to be ready this week

Seven of the 16 COVID-19 vaccination centres the Ministry of Health is looking to set up in the British Virgin Islands are expected to be ready this week.

The respective locations from where these centres will operate are the Jost Van Dyke Clinic, the Capoons Bay Clinic, the R&R Malone Complex in Pockwood Pond, as well as the Catholic Church Community Centre and the Nurse Iris O’Neal Medical Complex on Virgin Gorda. The other locations include the East End/Long Look Seventh-day Adventist Church on Tortola and the Romalia Smith Clinic on Anegada.

In a recent announcement, Health Minister Carvin Malone said officials have also been “extremely busy working with the teams to complete the [territory’s] online registration portal” to for COVID vaccination.

Just last Wednesday, the Health Ministry announced that it would be suspending its online registration portal for one week. That announcement followed an overwhelming response from residents willing to take the vaccine.

Minister reports no having side-effects

As for those with concerns about taking the vaccine, Minister Malone has publicly said he has not been experiencing any side-effects since getting inoculated for COVID-19.

Malone, who is the first person to be vaccinated against the coronavirus in the BVI, reported having “no fever, no swelling, no body aches, [and] no chills”. He gave that report 10 days after taking the first dosage. The minister is scheduled for his second dose next month.

Well in excess of 200 persons have taken the vaccine locally so far.

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  1. Pandora's Box says:

    Better that you say only 8 centers have been set up since the vaccines arrived 3 weeks ago! With 200 people vaccinated to date. Even by BVI standards that is poor planning, and PATHETIC!

    I just do not understand how this Government works! How can you not have all this stuff planned and sorted as a matter of priority. There is something so very wrong at play here. If people do not want the vaccine that fine, it is their choice, but for the love of God BVI Government, get your act TOGETHER!

    Port opening seems to have gone quiet and seemingly delayed again after months. Business is crushed with no planning or input. The silence is like a growing cancer!

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    • Yup says:

      Typical BVI bs.

      No plan and fumble the execution.

      So when are those seaports opening??? Next week? Doubt it.

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    • Albion says:

      What is particularly bad is that they knew *months* in advance that the vaccine was coming, but they did zero advanced planning so when it did arrive it took them weeks to come with any kind of distribution plan. Even then, they don’t seem to be able to execute it properly.

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      • @Albion says:

        So true. It took them weeks to plan for vaccine distribution but mere minutes to jump up to TB Lettsome Intl Airport to posture before the cameras. I hope that everyone can see what this government priorities are. Time wasted in pomp and circumstance could’ve been better spent doing actual planning for vaccine rollout. Just ridiculous.

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  2. Rubber Duck says:

    Why was all this not organized before the vaccine arrived? There was plenty of notice it was coming.

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  3. Trevor says:

    This should have been done BEFORE the vaccine arrived.
    Bungling management at its finest…

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  4. 6 months notice says:

    Or was it more since we were told vaccines were coming here!?

  5. Bystander says:

    I had mine yesterday at Pockwood Pond; it was a well organized process and the injection didn’t hurt at all. I felt slightly head achy this morning but nothing serious, and I think it’s a sign the vaccine is having the desired effect. It was very noticeable that the majority of people having the vaccine are Caucasians; about 90% or so from my unscientific assessment. I think this is a shame as I am convinced the vaccine can protect nearly every one from a serious episode of the disease.

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    • Got my jab says:

      I agree. I got my vaccine at Pockwood Pond yesterday as well. There was a bit of standing around, but it went OK. The jab itself is painless. I had a little bit of fever in the night and woke shivering, but that is all. My left arm aches a little, but much less than when I had a flu jab before Xmas.

      It is worrying that so many of those there yesterday were white. This anti-vaccine nonsense really seems to be getting around. There is no basis for it.

      • Experimental says:

        Actually shocking how many indoctrinated white lab rats are lining up for the jab without looking into to risks or the Ingredients. Go inject toxic ingredients when more than 80% would not feel any worse getting COVID than the jab making them feel. Worshipping the shot oh ye of little faith and still you can catch and spread the virus. Make thousands a little sick now (with unknown Long term effects) to save a small portion from maybe becoming sick in the future. Gambling. Many of those taking the toxins would never have even gotten sick with Covid.

  6. @bystander says:

    Go name for u doing Is lying u were only a bystander u rigth

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  7. Cuse says:

    Had mine yesterday as well at r&r malone complex while not bad, it can be better organised (a) it was to crowded (B) there was not information at the arrival, the entrance of the building is very small for the amount of persons, it was like 1ft spacing one of the possible reasons for the amount of whites to colored folks, it appears that when certain persons are called they are asked if there any one else around who would like to receive the vaccine to have them come to the center while others are not given that opportunity thinking they need an appointment.

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  8. The obvious says:

    These Ministers have no control over their staff and ministry, people are doing what they want, not taking and following instructions,, Hence, it’s time for the Premier to switch up Ministers and workers for better results,,,

  9. ok says:

    Anegada up and running this morning, doing very well over 30 vaccinated this morning and still going to 4pm.

    They have it set up nice and easy very good, well done to all involved.

    Vaccination was a quick and painless injection, no side/after effects and let go 15 minutes after vaccination.

    Go get it done, it will help the country start again.

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  10. Chicken says:

    He didn’t do it did he?

    Leadership by example.

  11. Premier Fahie says:

    Again not leading by example…promises made promises broken.

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  12. Lodger says:

    Also got it at Malones. Obviously politicians and medicos are not on the same page. Some of us got phone call appointment times, others just rolled up and were treated. Medicos obviously feel, we have the vaccine here, lets get it into as many arms as possible as soon as possible. No computer at the site, whereas govt want us to sign up with a lot of irrelevant questions. From reports of other sites far more whites getting jabs than others. This could cause social division when borders open and virus floods in, those who have had the jab should be safe, others not so. Who will be blamed then?

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  13. BVI vaccination campaign needed says:

    Is needed to get to an 80% vaccination rate. All businesses should require their staff to get vaccinated in the next 3 months. NO JAB – NO JOB!
    No vaccination – no entry in restaurants, no vaccination – no travel, no vaccination, no service in supermarkets!

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    • Stop spewing stupidity says:

      Experimental medical procedures should not be forced or mandated. Shame on you for wanting to squander freedoms when you have no idea of the long term consequences of screwing with nature and injecting things (made by shady greedy corporations) that were never meant to be in our bodies. Auto-immunity on the rise. Life expectancy on the decline. Common sense is as an endangered species.

  14. Unorganised says:

    Well im happy to anounce that i got my jab of the covid vaccine but its also disappointing that we are being told to register online which i did as a front line worker but have yet to receive a call back. The reason i got through already is because i was lucky to be informed about a pop up vaccination location and there are many persons who may not have registered and are being served before persons who potentially signed up and are apart of the high risk group and still waiting so i think that needs to be fixed. I’d be pissed to know all these whites getting vaccinated before me. Yall need to wait from acting like yall want to finish the vaccines before the locals get a jab. But its not their fault the roll out is more leaning towards a first come first serve basis

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  15. Switch the thing up says:

    Time to switch ministries up…To many excuses, poor planning, no planning, too many failures,,This cant be the way foreard..

  16. Big Dog says:


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  17. 123 says:

    To Unorganized and Big Dog:
    For God Sake STOP it! This is happening because the Black People DO NOT WANT TO TAKE IT! But as usual, you blame that on the white person. You want to turn everything into a black versus white and white versus black! And a HUGE part of it is the disorganization of the Government!

    • Agreed says:

      I am not white and when i went to get vaccinated , i saw mostly caucasians there, not that it bothers me , but you cannot blame people for wanting it if you have your own apprehensions and listening to rumours, get off your axx and go get vaccinated, simple and painless procedure.

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