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Nearly two tonnes of cocaine seized by police this year

Not the actual drugs mentioned in the story.

Governor John Rankin said nearly two tonnes of cocaine have been seized in the BVI up to the end of October this year.

“We’ve had this year — to the end of October — 1.6 tonnes of cocaine seized by the police. We’ve also had increased capture of guns and those captures help to tackle crime and increase safety for the community, but there is more to be done,” Rankin said in a recent interview.

Meanwhile, the governor also pointed out that the United Kingdom government has contributed some $2 million towards police training, body cams and improving facilities for police in the territory to operate.

He suggested that this has led directly to some of the successes achieved in recent months by the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF).

As residents and officials continue to express concerns over the state of security in the territory, the governor acknowledged that events in recent months have been concerning for everybody in the territory.

“We don’t want the BVI to go the way that some other places frankly have gone in terms of breakdowns in this area,” Rankin said. “We want to tackle these issues, grip these issues, and have the right structures in place for the future. So it’s immediate action now in terms of my support for the police.”

The Governor added that there needs to be a wider look at the way law enforcement agencies work together to ensure greater effectiveness for the future.

A report for an ongoing law enforcement review is expected to be completed by March next year and the governor expressed hope that it would be comprehensive.

Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley previously commented that, while challenges are being experienced and there is a difficult job ahead for the government, given the improvements to be made in certain areas, the territory continues to be a great place to live and work.

The Premier stated firmly at the time that his government would continue to do the best job possible for the people.


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  1. Concern says:

    Only in the BVI are arrests/seizures made on Friday guns & drugs and all those arrested free on Monday.

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    • @Concern says:

      What Monday, more like same afternoon you seeing them up and down on scooter again smh. Then the dpp probably gonna just screw up the case whenever the case actually come.

  2. John we’ll says:

    Y’all will hold your head there’s a lot of little drug boys on island working for big heads in Tortola, Puerto Rico and St Thomas. It have a young man every week he on trip he always in and out st Thomas illegally I don’t know how law enforcement ain’t catch up to him yet watch him on Facebook with them nasty strippers every week. Prostitution right in our face them say he work for somebody from puert rico he got a aunt in police force maybe that’s why them ain’t got to him yet

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    • @ John says:

      I’m glad you notice BVI people turn they heads when it come to certain people that nasty boy with all them women hookers this weekend he in some different state in America I don’t see how customs don’t find something fishy with that boy traveling so much smh Malcome he name

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    • Cgb says:

      To John hint hint the man who got find tied up 3 years ago beaten dead and throw in the water sea cows bay that same boy had a hand in that the blood money ain’t done cause he a travel every other week

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  3. @ JOHN WE'LL says:


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  4. Jim says:

    Excellent work

    Yet 100 tons still managed to pass through undetected

  5. E says:

    West bank killer that’s alot u lost u sill up let see how fair you and blue money go to kill man. Blue you afraid to go back TT them waiting for u them done kill all your boys all in there balls them got shot u out on bail playing Boss

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  6. Si Mon Pow Err says:

    There is a interdicted former police officer who if investigated could have increased the number of the seized contraband. Then again, he never was any good with evidence.

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  7. Anonymous says:

    Everone knows that this is huge, external, has huge resources holders, is highly organized and control the ultimte power base of this country.

    But they would sheepishly put a few narratives in media implicating the young, barely has a pottie piss or shxz in.

  8. smh says:

    Imagine yall lurking on this man fb page just to see the exact things you seem to disapprove of; cause it not taking more than a few seconds to unfollow somebody if you don’t like their posts. Sound like somebody who don’t have no life jealous that it got people enjoying theirs. If you have something to report then go report it don’t come on the news site calling people name maliciously.

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  9. WELL IT SEEMS says:

    Like we have a LAWYER V here defending that dude or he putting up a defence for himself /\\_ and every now and again we getting bits & pieces of whats going on in the once peaceful and Quiet island , yet those HONORABLE ministers is just beginning to come to the reality of whats been happening under their noses all the time , while they are pointing their fingers at the UK at the governor at the commissioner at Cindy at walwyn at the islund people ETC the last election showed that their only concerns was , on the hunger for power over eachother

  10. Yo MAMMA says:

    We can learn a lot from some of there bloggers as they reveal their dark secrets , even as the power hungry gentlemen continues to wage war amongst themselves while using the UK as an excuse or a distraction meanwhile there’s another war on the streets ( guns/ murder drugs & corruption – which they ALL are aware of and all of a sudden they are acting as if its just happening overnight ( yeah rite * what’s next ? *

  11. LB says:

    Now let’s sell them back to the owners for 10 cents in the dollar and boost our budget! The economy needs that boost! Y’all can try to deny it but drug running fuels our economy just like it did in the early 90s to now. Let the dope be shipped through here and let America and Europe figure it out with their own people who are consuming all this dope. If we seized 2 tonnes then 200 tonnes actually passed through. Who the hell snorting so much dope? Not Virgin Islanders I can tell you so!

    • Majestic Life Watch says:

      The drug money has fueled a funded many a BVI business and built a lot of houses throughout the territory. If you take that away, then what?

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