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Negative label! Fraser wants the ‘Elevator Hill’ renamed

File photo of a section of the Elevator Hill.

Third District Representative Julian Fraser the area that is commonly referred to as the Elevator Hill in his constituency to be renamed.

Fraser called for the steep thoroughfare to be renamed during a recent community meeting at the Valerie O Thomas Community Centre in Sea Cows Bay.

“I hate that name [Elevator Hill Road],” Fraser said. “I am asking you folks to suggest a name for it so we can have an official name because that name has certain connotations that are so negative. It’s like a cliff and we want to erase it from those stigmas.”

In the meantime, the Third District Representative said areas of the road that has been in desperate need of repair is finally to be fixed.

He told residents that this now comes after numerous pleas to government to address the issue.

He said: “I don’t know how many of you use the road still but there is an awful section of the road that is undermined and needs to be rebuilt. That is a project that has been in the making more than three years now. I have been asking the government to do it. Finally, it is supposed to get started. Two contracts were issued for it and works were supposed to begin.”

Dangerous, road to be closed for repairs

Fraser further advised residents that he anticipates the road to be closed while it undergoes the roadworks.

“Those of you who have been on that road for the last seven years would know that it is a dangerous situation. If you were coming down the hill in a certain area and you don’t know that someone else is coming up, you might just happen to be a victim. [So] I am not going to apologize for the inconvenience because the road was so bad people weren’t supposed to be driving on it in the first place and asking persons not to drive on it would have been futile. So I am expecting the road to be closed for a period, I don’t know how long.”

This is not the first time the Third District Representative has raised concern about the location. Fraser had noted the hazards of the road during a similar public meeting back in 2018.

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  1. Diasporas says:

    What is in a name? The name is not the problem and just changing the name will not fix the problem. Hon Julian Fraser, RA, R-3, former MLNR and MCW, leader of PU, and long-term legislator, common on meh son. Just changing the name is like playing 3-card “mont”, smoke and mirrors, creating a mirage….etc.

    The solution is to redesign and reconstruct the da..n road. The road is too steep and it is unsafe. Whatever engineer designed this road needs censuring and called out. Hon Fraser, you are using RA (Registered Architect, a tremendous achievement) so you know better. Architects like to purport that they know as much or more than engineers. Well, it is show time. In the mean time and until the road is redesigned and reconstructed, it needs to be repaired.

    Common on Hon Rymer! It is show time, for the people want substance, not nonsense. They tired of all the talk. A territory with a $414M budget, the largest ever, and an approx $1B GDP can do better. What do BVI residents have to show for the good fortune? Nada. That good fortune will evaporate and we will be left crying rivers of tears. History is not going to be kind to us if we don’t do better. We owe it to the next generation.

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    • Well says:

      I for sure when I got the stories and heard the name of the hill panicked one time. The stigma needs to be removed.

      • ok says:

        The name going change, then wha.. its still going have the same “stigma”

      • Diaspora says:

        @Well, “The name is not the problem and just changing the name will not fix the problem.“ To fix the problem, the core problem must be fixed——Steepness. To fix that, the road needs to be redesigned and reconstructed. Here is an analogy. If you are suffering from severe migrane headache and goes to the doctor, and the doctor prescribe some aspirin. You take the aspirin and got some relief. Is the problem solved? No. The cause of the problem needs to diagnosed and treated. We know what the problem with the road is and it is not the name-Elevator. Nicknaming the road Elevator speaks volume and shouts out load that there is a major problem, a safety hazard. Is it gross negligence to ignore it? Was gross negligence to approve the road design? Which MCW approve the design?

  2. BVI says:


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  3. Self Centered Fool says:

    Really? Spin around, and come again Sir. How is this even on your list of things that need to be done in the District? Why is this even news?

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    • Dang says:

      Wish I could thumbs up twice at this comment. The public primary school in that district has no ceiling, no lights and the roofs of the classes are leaking. Please go fix that first and get some trees and grass for the playground. Dang!

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  4. OK says:

    Fraser go sit dung and clean up seacows bay… especially on your end…cut the grass and fix the fences. ayo family land got seacows bay looking like i dont know what…

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  5. Are you for real.... says:

    Renaming a road because it sounds so negative?

    Perhaps it’s a good warning for people with smaller vehicles as this road is downright dangerous for ordinary cars!

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  6. VIP says:

    That road also needs to be widened. I never used it for fear of losing my life, but for the convenience and safety of those who do, it needs to be addressed promptly

  7. SMFH says:

    Why this guy don’t look some real work to do? Rename a f***ing hill?

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  8. Longshanks says:

    It is only commonly known as the Elevator. That isn’t its real name.

    But if we are going to rename it, nominate the Honourable Julian Fraser passage.

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  9. Road Engineer says:

    This must be something from Ripley’s Believe It or Not. It puzzles me why deep thinkers think out loud and vocalize shallow nonsense. Does anyone buy renaming the Elevator Road is the solution to the actual steepness and unsafe and hazardous condition? Is Elevator Road the official name? Agree with Diaspora in that the fix for the road is redesigning and reconstructing it, not renaming it. Renaming is just playing with the emotions of residents; it is physiological mumbo jumbo. Furthermore, the whole road network needs to be redesigned and reconstructed, ie, width, horizontal and vertical curves, pavement cross section, drainage, signage, street lighting……etc.

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  10. well ma boy says:

    the name suits the road!!! its worst than an elevator,
    go find something better to do for the district

  11. Sea Cows Bay resident says:

    Rename the hill for what? The name is fine. Sorry Fraser, you are my REP yes, but I am only speaking for myself, If there is a community/village vote on such I will not vote for a name change.

  12. Jane says:

    I would like to know whether the Elevator qualifies as the World’s Steepest Street. What a tourism attraction this could be. Lets get Guinnes World Records to verify. If it was named the World’s Steepest Street it would get us worldwide publicity.

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  13. CGB resident says:

    Rename all,you want locals will always call it elevator just like Peebles hospital

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  14. Just Saying says:

    That hill will always be called Elevator Hill no matter WHAT you name it. Just like everyone knows Look What the Lord has Done ? (what’s it’s real name? Oh right …)

  15. hmm says:

    this road already have a name shame on him need to be remove as that district rep. FYI it is call (Hannan’s Road)

  16. Jacques Cousteau says:

    Alya will rename the Caribbean Sea if alya could. For God is heaven’s sake, go siddung.

  17. New name suggestion says:

    How about “Clifface”

  18. It has a name! says:

    The road already has a name! If everyone used the name then people could call it by its right name. But I agree with above. It’s always going to be the Elevator, sorry Minister Fraser.

  19. lol says:

    name going change and it going remain the same just like “PEEBLES Hospital”

  20. Homer Simpson for Premier says:

    Does this man just say everything that comes into his head!? We need to change Fraser’s name to Homer. What a dumb a**.

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