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‘Never seen in all my 20 years of politics’, Fraser warns to be watchful of Governor

Fraser of the parliamentary opposition (foreground) and Premier Fahie.

Senior legislator in the House of Assembly Julian Fraser has suggested that Governor Augustus Jaspert is executing a hidden agenda on behalf of the BVI’s sovereign nation, the United Kingdom.

Fraser, who has served in representational politics for the last two decades, gave that indication following the governor’s ‘unprecedented’ move to personally determine who should sit as Permanent Secretaries in the various government ministries.

“They know what they are doing. They are up to something. This never happens. You don’t just do that because every minister was given that privilege to decide who he wanted as his Permanent Secretary and the Premier or Chief Minister stood up with them,” Fraser said while speaking in the House of Assembly on Monday, September 2.

The politician of some 20 years added: “Never for the time I’ve been in government or in the opposition in this House of Assembly have I ever heard that a Governor imposes a Permanent Secretary on any ministry.”

Fraser then urged legislators and the wider public to be watchful of the governor.

“When you see a governor doing this, they got a mandate. Watch him. Stay focused. Any time those things start happening, you sliding down a slippery slope,” he said.

‘I am head of BVI government’, Governor reportedly says

Premier Andrew Fahie, in the meantime, has described the governor’s actions as an insult. Sharing recent interactions between himself and the governor, Fahie said Governor Jaspert made statements to suggest that he (Jaspert) is the ultimate leader of the Virgin Islands.

Fahie said Governor Jaspert described himself “both as head of government here and as the UK representative”.

Commenting on those sentiments in Monday’s House of Assembly, Fahie said: “He actually thinks that he is the head of the government! He has written it so this is telling me that the rest of us that got elected means nothing. People, stay awoke.”

What does the Constitution say?

According to Section 60 of the Virgin Islands Constitution, “the Governor shall be responsible for the conduct (subject to this Constitution and any other law) of any business of the Government of the Virgin Islands, including the administration of any department of government, with respect to external affairs, defence, internal security, the terms and conditions of service for persons holding public office, and the administration of local courts.”

The constitution further said: “The Governor shall keep the Premier fully informed concerning the general conduct of these matters, and the Premier may request information in respect of any particular matter”.

The Governor must also consult the Premier when dealing with matters mentioned above.

The ‘struggle’, how it escalated

This apparent struggle between the government and Governor Jaspert seems to have escalated after Kedrick Malone and Sharleen Dabreo-Lettsome were named the newest Permanent Secretaries to be appointed.

Carolyn Stoutt-Igwe, Dr Marcia Potter and Ronald Smith-Berkeley were also given new Permanent Secretary posts. But, according to Fahie, Governor Augustus Jaspert has used his constitutional powers to reject these new appointments. The governor, instead, has his own list of Permanent Secretaries which are merit-based and yet to be announced.

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  1. E Scott says:

    Hidden Agenda !!! the only agenda is to hold the Premier accountable. The UK has no interest in BVI NONE why would it.

    Its like when BVI blaming the UK for the Tax avoidance legislation thats EU legislation not the UK and the reason the right in the UK what out of the EU to avoid the laws.

    The way I see it is the Gov wants to avoid and TCI situation where the UK had to get involved and also make sure the BVI is not broke and can deal with another hurricane to save the UK tax payer having to pay for stuff again like it did after Irma.

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    • @ E Scott says:

      Who will hold the governor accountable? All indications is that there is a red flag in this area so becareful looking at things from a one sided view. ALL should be held accountable.

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      • E Scott says:

        Govoner red flag ……. ok tell me what is the Govoners motive and don’t rant on about enslaved nonsense that is just paranoid rubbish , people and governments do things for a reason right or wrong so go on tell me, convince me

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    • ALL says:

      the same reason you are here

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  2. Gandalf says:

    This gentleman, along with all his ‘buddies’ (from both parties) is part of the reason why we are having to go through all this in the first place! If one is truly looking for the reason, we need only look in the mirror.

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  3. Opinion says:

    The Premier only throwing his toys out the pram because he feels that he’s untouchable. I agree with the Governor. He’s the Premier has choices but we can see clearly through his motive, put ‘yes’’ persons dear to me so I can do as I like. The Governor…..’Not in My House’.

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  4. duck1951 says:

    I thought that it was a government elected by the people and those in power are indeed entitled to shuffle people around . If they fail they will be replaced , It looks to me that the Governor has carte blanche for thd entire territory.What is going on here ? No different than a dictatorship .

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  5. Wellsaw says:

    Fraser stop misleading the people the Governor has always been in charge of the civil service. It is only for the past 15 yrs that the politicians were allowed to have a say and choose who they wanted.

    Now since the country has gotten too political and corrupt allegedly the UK are roping in the financial and civil service power we once enjoyed.

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  6. S. Squirl says:

    The governor is not the one to be watched, he obviously has something going on in his mind. Why are his arms so often folded?

    Watch the people who he appoints, will the appointments be based on the merit of their ability to relay information to him & his?

    seems strange that the ministers wont be able to choose their own permanent secretaries with whom they will work closely.

    Why does the premier need to remind the appointments that their duty is to the people the the virgin islands?

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  7. Karma says:

    The Premier didn’t know all this when he was busy carrying false news to governor when he was on the opposition. Oh what tangled webs we weave when at first we try to deceive.

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    • To Karma says:

      You have no proof of that so stop the lies. The corrupt ways of the ndp put is in this position.

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      • @To karma says:

        It is NOT a lie! Further, when he was Opposition Leader he said in HOA numerous times that the Governor needs to get involved in this, that and the other. He was one pushing from all angles even with the former Governor, now they are lashing the house slave.

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  8. Think about it says:

    Hon. Fraser it was the same governor power that was used to remove you as opposition leader and give it to now Premier. Do you think the governor did that on his own without Hon. Fahie being the one to spearhead it. Hon. Fahie’s d*******e and l***g ways are catching up with him.

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  9. Reply says:

    Mr. Frasier has joined the scaremongering brigade. Not surprise. That’s all the message he has left to remain elected and relevant. Sad.

    What both Mr. Frasier and the Premier are doing is trying to scare the populace into believing that the big bad colonial slave master of a U.K. is going to take control.

    Well, listen up gentlemen: if the U.K. wishes to take over, they can in a similar manner as they did in the Turks and Caicos islands, and there is nothing that either of you can do about it.

    Mr. Frasier has been been in government for over 20 years. What has he done to reduce the interest of the U.K. in oversight? Not a darn thing but adding to the problem.

    This is a man who imo accepted no responsibility for his actions when he ran a ministry. It was always someone else fault with him when something went wrong. Poor leadership character. At this point, the people of the 3rd can and should do better imo.

    His own performance when he headed a ministry contributed to closer scrutiny by the U.K. Remember the round about traffic light fiasco Mr. Frasier? What about Bi-water among other folly under your watch?

    May I remind Mr. Frasier that the real “slippery slope” began when the VIP was previously in power, and mismanaged the countries finances so badly that the U.K. required the country to adhere to protocols of financial management.

    Imagine that. The VIP blanked up the country so badly back then financially, that the U.K. had to tell them how to spend money.

    As for the Premier, IMO, he is a flame thrower. He has always been a flame thrower, and always will be one. Throwing out words and accusations without much facts to achieve his goals.

    It worked with the electorate and against a meek Dr. Smith to get him in the position he is today, but imo, it’s highly unlikely to work similarly against the governor. Apples and oranges.

    Just perhaps if our locally elected officials were not doing things to bring attention of the U.K. appointed governors they may not have to get involved in anything, but at this point given our own locally elected officials behavior, to not get involved would amount to a a dereliction of their duty.

    As far as I am concerned, I say it’s about time the governor started doing what they are being paid to do.

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    • seek a bay says:

      Fraser represented us well in the 3rd…He took the hog out of hog city…He brought the country affordable water{24 seven} and cellphone rates…TALK THAT!!!!

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  10. vip heckler says:


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  11. Kenna says:

    The lack of accountability perceived or real the most probable cause.

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  12. wow says:

    Fraser and Fahie on the same page

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  13. Mr. Fraser says:

    You defending Andrew now eh? You and him is both sneaky ????.Gotta keep grass cut low like golf course grass to see you two.

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  14. Dman says:

    I respect the people of the BVI and the situation in which they find themselves. However, you have a Constitution, abide by it or move toward independence to change it and govern and finance yourselves. I don’t know the problems with the details of the loan in question but if they ultimately don’t work for you don’t take the loan, get your financial house in order and move on. You will be a fully independent country someday. why not start now on your own terms. The UK is gradually falling apart as a Union and, eventually, England will no longer be willing, or able, to help.

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  15. The Nation says:

    Some weeks ago in the BVI Beacon there was an article about civil servants especially senior civil servants and how they use to conduct themselves in the day and how things have changed. The permanent secretaries need to be independent thinkers, fair and impartial persons and not put here to be rubber stamps. I support whoever moves to ensure that this is done and the public service is restored to a respectable state.

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  16. Netta says:

    We the people have to open our eyes and get the picture of what’s going on around us.Something is really wrong and it all heading up to the new WORLD ORDER.So they are using our leaders and others putting them in their prospective places to carry out their orders.Stop fighting down each other and look at the big picture

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  17. Frazier! says:

    Sir, you are a collasso disappointment to me and to others!

    Personally, I don’t like you, I don’t appreciate your tactics at times and I didn’t respect your megalomania when you were in the controlling government at one point but I had respected of you for being a persistent and consistent agitator under the NDP government to at least get people thinking beyond the standard and to question what they were hearing.

    However, since the VIP got into power this pass election under the leadership of Fahie, I realize that the fight of the guard dog got taken right out of you and your tail is now firmly tucked between your legs.

    So what was it sir, what did they promise you? what did they give you? to make you come to the HOA and bring up all sorts of sundry that has nothing whatsoever to do with the issues that are plaguing us?
    That has nothing to do with what the VIP is currently doing to this country?

    How come you are not questioning their behaviour? Pointing out the disconnect between what is happening and what they said would not happen? Why are you not helping to keep the pressure on and expose the lies?

    Are you by chance an undercover VIP member? That every nonsensical sensationalized issue Fahie is having, you have taken to championing?

    What exactly are you doing?

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  18. xxx says:

    This white governor must go

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    • Look says:

      You all need to stop this nonsense. We bleed the same. We hurt the same. This is prejudice behavior and unacceptable here. I have sisters birth by high coloured women and a dark coloured father. We love the same. Sick of you all with this now.

  19. Strupes says:

    He is the head of the government, he controls everything in the Bvi. Jah bless Tola and only the strong will survive the torture to come

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  20. GUAVA CROP says:

    With these set of Uncle Toms and clueless idiots I don’t know how VIP is going to make any progress. They will never unite and unify on any issue and the white man knows this… he is all too aware of the Willie Lynch mentality that he brutalized into his slaves and can count on their loyalty even to their detriment. Past leaders are to be blamed for their cowardice and selfishness…too little too late.

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  21. Nutter says:

    Yes yes of cause , watch the govener and while your at it forget to watch us loot the public purse for our own ends , the whiteman is coming to enslave us all , lordy lordy lordy

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  22. Hmm says:

    I reserve judgment till I see the governor picks. But from what I read, the governor ain’t suppose to pick, he suppose to consult with the Premier and also help determine the terms and conditions of service of the public workers. Anyhue, all ah dem better be brownt skinnedt.

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