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Never was there a time more critical to vote, get registered — Underhill

“Register. Stop the nonsense about, ‘I ain’t voting. I don’t care what going on’. This is about your future.” —  Underhill

With the territory’s recovery and development now a stake, choosing who will lead the British Virgin Islands over the next four years is increasingly being described as one of the most important decisions voters will have to make for a long time.

These elections are also being described as historic considering that at least five parties are vying for political office.

Former high school principal and National Democratic Party candidate Sandy Underhill has therefore issued a call for all eligible persons to register to vote, regardless of their political orientation.

She targeted her call, particularly to the younger electorate.

“We are recognising that many of you are not registered. Never was there a time more critical to have your voices be heard. Young people, you have a voice. Register. Stop the nonsense about, ‘I ain’t voting. I don’t care what going on’. This is about your future.”

“Let your collective voices be heard,” said Underhill, who is hoping get voted in for the first time as an At-Large representative.

A person must be 18 years or older to vote. Other qualifying requirements include having Belonger Status. Persons must also be residing in the territory or in the neighbouring US Virgin Islands.

Documents to be presented when registering are a birth certificate, and a Virgin Islands passport or a Belonger’s card. A naturalisation certificate can also be used, provided it is dated before June 15, 2007.

Elections must happen by April 16.

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  1. ndp heckler says:

    Girl go siddung before we expose yo

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  2. hell no says:

    Sandy i like you but i cant vote for you because i do not want walwyn to become premier

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  3. ndp heckler says:

    We will drain the swamp of NDP’s just like how they {NDP} drain our treasury

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  4. miss p says:

    Mrs.Underhill you are in the right church but in the wrong pew

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  5. Ausar says:

    She is stating an obviously valid point. It’s the country’s future that is at stake and voting, is the only way to change the current trajectory.

    Whether the NDP is a viable option is the 64 million dollar question!

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  6. Haha says:

    Your leader chose to build a wall while schools were being forced to send letters begging for toilet paper and other school supplies. The fact that you chose to follow that leader speaks volume about how you feel about the young people.

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    • Agreed says:

      Sandy sorry but you need to sit down following Baldwin and his nonsense
      Vote? Yes
      For you? No

      Following the wrong leader so you will be left behind

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  7. Sorry says:

    Sandy your leader has insulted and disrespect we the civil servants each time he speaks stating that we are incompetent and need training. I hope all the 3000 civil servants deal with you and him and the entire NDP for this wicked statement. This reveals who the NDP leader really is which is a dictator and someone who is disrespectful and cannot be trusted.

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  8. NOT PLEASED says:

    It is now clear that you and your leader used our children for political gain. I hope they wake up and never vote for you or anyone on the NDP. Our education system has been compromised just for votes and it was set up from years ago.

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  9. HS graduate says:

    I was a student of ESHS last year and its hurtful to read how our people is speaking about my principle. If this is what politics is about I want no part of it. I admire and respect Mrs Underhill very much and will always remember how positive and motivating she was to me and many others.

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  10. Rastaman says:

    It amazes me how some of these female candidates does drop their maiden name and pick it up when they looking votes. Ok den Sandy Harrigan-Underhill.

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  11. Yes, yes, yes!!! says:

    Yes to the dictator who claims you are his secret weapon against teachers and the voting public to complete any scheme he prioritizes as more important for his checklist than the well-being and labor force preparation of learners at all levels. Yes to the script of MVW and the jig of his beat.

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  12. Foot Soilder says:

    The civil service needs to drain the swamp and replace you with people who do not sound so angry, bitter and hateful . If people needs training to upgrade themselves and meet global standards is this a wrong ideology . Obviously you do not believe in elevating yourself . Life is a learning process . With people with mentality like this we Really need to drain you out and fill it with less angry folks

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  13. Principle vs Principal says:

    @ HS graduate. It’s not your fault that you use the word principle instead of principal because from the Minister of Education down says principle when it should be principal. That just ticks me off.

  14. limit says:

    y did u join dem 2 headed snakes

  15. limit says:

    dem song so stupid bashing each other wen alla dem wo down wid the same plan 2 keep us hungry an let da outsiders buy us out wake up BVI

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