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New 7pm to 6am curfew will start Sunday — Premier

Commencing Sunday, May 10, the British Virgin Islands will be under a new curfew order that will see an extension of the outdoor time by six more hours.

Premier Andrew Fahie said the new curfew will run during nighttime hours from 7 pm to 6 am for 14 days.

“Just to reassure the public of how serious we are about the reopening, of course, being mindful of the health pandemic that we are fighting; Cabinet on May 4, in order to restore more confidence in our economy while the reopening and the rebooting is taking place, has made a decision that the next phase of the internal reopening for our economy will start on Sunday, May 10,” the leader of government business said during a contract signing ceremony Tuesday morning, May 5.

With this upcoming change, construction companies and all other Cabinet-approved businesses will be able to work during the entire daylight hours.

“Our decision as Cabinet ministers and the government is hinged on the aggressive contact-tracing [by] public health officials, identifying and address every possible risk because remember, we are not out of the woods,” he stated.

The territory is currently under a partial curfew that runs from 1 pm to 6 am daily.

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  1. Hmm says:

    Good News, Premier.

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  2. God is GREAT! says:

    it’s so funny that you all hate this man and he is trying his best to work with us. May God bless our premier!

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  3. hmmm says:

    Our decision….? Someone finally talk some sense into you.

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  4. Eagle eye says:

    Can’t wait to vote y’all out

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    • Why? says:

      You’re an idiot. We are lucky that VIP are handling this and not NDP. They would have built a second cruise pier, bought another airline and raised out taxes for it. You must be joking I’d you think VIP are getting voted out

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      • Kitchen Table Focus Panel says:

        VIP is going to be in office for the full 8 years. After their 8 years is up, we will be stepping in.

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    • Think! says:

      I hope you follow the rules and don’t get vivid-19 and live to vote again

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    • Smh says:

      We down one less vote that’s no problem cause more than half of the BvI will be voting them back in.

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    • Not All says:

      Me too. Just One. The rest can stay.

      Dont think he even listens to the health minister or any of the other ministers because I for one can read between the lines.

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    • Haha says:

      Ain’t you alone buddy out i say

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  5. are u sure says:

    We are all anxious to get back to normal but lets go slow. 3 -6 or 4-6 would be better. especially since we now have another case….community spread can be tricky.

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  6. Not suspicious says:

    Suspicious people would probably say you been kept at home to install towers in town now you are allowed to go in town so towers can be installed at your home. They thinking too much into it these suspicious people.

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    • To not suspicious says:

      Those are the people who watch YouTube conspiracy videos and feel they know everything…..think about it, with so many powerful people or organizations out there…would they really allow the truth to be posted on YouTube? But, I just let the bozos rant and rave about 5G

  7. @TherealDonald says:

    so on Sunday, can we be out all day, or on Sunday are we under existing curfew midnight to 6am and 1pm to 7pm and then new curfew 7pm to 6am?

  8. surfer bob says:

    Open da beaches

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  9. Ok says:

    He cannot kept the 1pm to 6am curfew. The country will break badly. No money turning over. So he have no choice than to put it back to longer time.

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  10. Electric Shock! says:

    Open up all businesses now. Enough with the phased reopening nonsense. AT THIS POINT IT MAKES NO SENSE. At the end of of day people may or may not be at distance.

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  11. honey says:

    Big Man: open da beaches.

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  12. Hungry says:

    Can they send money at western union or money gram ???? We all need food in Ja.

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    • Stop says:

      Trolling.. You people come on here to start mockery.. Cannot wait for that day to come when all the wicked are destroyed!!

  13. The says:

    true policy makers, the pastors; the bishops, pulpit and cooperate bandits have gotten their influence on policy.

  14. Barber bvi says:

    Barberia y salones de belleza para cuando o a caso usted piensa que nosotro nos tenemos familias o no pagamos rentas, o usted cree que con una bolsa de comida lo a solucionados todos.
    Me excusa pero asi nooo.

    • @ Barber BVI says:

      la barbería y los salones y aeropuertos en República Dominicana volverán a abrir este mes, así que ¿por qué no ir a trabajar y dejar nuestra bolsa de comida gratis que recibió? Deje que nuestro país haga las cosas de la manera que mejor se haga para proteger a las personas en nuestro país. Es obvio que te importa más el dinero que la vida. así que ve a tu casa donde hay casi 8,000 casos del virus y casi 400 muertes por el virus. ??

    • Pregunta says:

      Did you take a bag of food?

  15. Keeping it real says:

    What is the virus was man made? What would you say? Would you continue to live like this afraid of the world?

  16. Wear Your Masks says:

    – Wear your masks the CORRECT way

    – Do NOT have your masks:
    — wearing like a CHAIN
    — wearing like a HAT
    — in your hand like a PURSE

    We’ve been under quarantine for a long time, step out, dress up, do something with your hair and yes wear your make up if you feel like (it’s your prerogative nobody’s business). Some believe since they have good skin or get their bad skin fixed they could condemn others.

    Lively up yourself and appreciate your freedom but STOP standing/sitting so close to people even with your mask on.

    • Keeping it real says:

      Please watch to the end. So, you can understand the purpose of the mask on your face. The sea and the sun help stop the spread of the corona virus. Closing the beaches are a big mistake.

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