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New Assistant and Deputy Commissioners sworn in, appointed

The top four most senior officers of the Royal Virgin Islands Police. From Left: Assistant Commissioner Pam Trevillion, Police Commissioner Mark Collins, Deputy Commissioners Jacqueline Vanterpool and St Clair Amory. (Photo Provided

The following is a media release from the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF).

The two Deputy Commissioners, St. Clair Amory and Jacqueline Vanterpool, officially received their certificates of appointment yesterday afternoon from His Excellency the Governor John Rankin, while Pam Trevillion was sworn in as the new Assistant Commissioner in a short ceremony at the Governor’s House.

Those gathered, which included the Premier, Deputy Governor, Deputy Premier and other members of the National Security Council as well as members of the Police Service Commission headed by Ms Rosalia Gardener, who were on hand to witness the event.

While pledging his support to the new commanders, the Governor detailed the journey of the three officers through law enforcement noting the years of education and training that each officer brings to the table. Deputy Premier Kye Rymer also expressed his support to the new appointees and his delight in being part of the process in their selection.

Commissioner of Police Mark Collins, in his remarks, noted the unusually long, but necessary process in filling the top three posts essential to support his work as Commissioner.

“While the process took a long time, I am confident we have selected the best candidates for the positions as we take the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force into this new season,” he said.

He congratulated the two deputy appointees and noted that neither were new to the Force but are well-seasoned veterans in law enforcement.

He stated that Ms Vanterpool’s appointment made history for the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force.

“Jacqueline Vanterpool…is now the first female Deputy Commissioner. Female officers are making their mark in this male-dominated profession of law enforcement not just here but all over the world and, for sure, are moving up the ladder swiftly, confidently, and commendably. She is one of those officers,” he said.

Commissioner Collins also congratulated Pam Trevillion who was sworn as Assistant Commissioner of Police and welcome her onboard. He noted that Ms Trevillion, another first for female officer in the post of ACP, is a veteran law enforcer having reach the rank of superintendent in the United Kingdom.

Deputy Police Commissioner Jacqueline Vanterpool and Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley

Police Commisioner Pam Trevillion

Governor John Rankin and Assistant Police Commissioner Pam Trevillion

Governor John Rankin and Deputy Police Commissioner St Clair Amory.

Governor John Rankin and Deputy Police Commissioner Jacqueline Vanterpool.


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  1. Crow says:

    Congratulations to all. Try not to become disho**st like the commissioner

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  2. Trust says:

    New positions sharing out like peas but none of them are fighting for the victims of all the unsolved murders. And its sad because the people of the BVI have lost all trust in the RVIPF. I’m calling all the news reporters to start to publish past murder cases and try to highlight the lives of the victims and continue to rally for justice. Wolf,Kendoy,Lovell,ET,Glenn,Beef,Franklin,Trinity and the list goes on…….

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  3. Jokers says:

    More energy and UK police in the BVI trying to find this corruption that they scheme up and say we have. But where the police to solve all the murders that we have that are unsolved? People can’t get closure because the killer of their loved one is walking around free while they are in the grave.
    But the Uk could bring in over 75 UK police officers to hunt down our locals and tag the label corrupt on them but can’t solve no murder or win a case.

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  4. Hmmmm says:

    Two white and two black. What that tells you? Even though the white Lady is in a lower rank than the locals she will have a much more direct line to the commissioner. Watch it you see.

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  5. Kweenie says:

    Such a shame.

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  6. Kweenie says:

    Such a shame for the Virgin Islands. Now they are creating positions to appease themselves. It’s either Commissioner or deputy commissioner.

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  7. Peaches VG Massive says:

    Ms. Vanterpool congratulations this is well deserving, don’t know of the others but you work hard and honestly for your position. Continue to do your best and in everything you do please continue to put God first, before making any decision that would be questionable in your job, in the public eyes and in the eyes of God, when you have uncertainties, please pray about it asked God for guidance and let him lead you into it. Blessings upon your life now and always.

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  8. Channel 11 says:

    One Commissioner, two Deputies and one Assistant?? What is the strength of the RVIPF??
    Too many chiefs and too few Indians. No wonder police presence on the streets is so minimal.
    To whom will the Assistant report? Watch and see, I guess.

  9. Eat a food vip government says:

    She will be reporting directly to the commissioner, notice she’s sitting to his right, she is the next commissioner.

  10. fbi says:


    what new are they going to bring to the table?
    what are they going to do to enhance the image of the rvipf?
    will the rvipf be divided?
    can these 2 dcp really make a difference?
    can we really trust these local dcp’s?
    what will be the state of the rvipf in 5 years?

    too many more questions

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  11. kweenie says:

    Apparently you are unaware that we have had local commissioners of police. But the goal post now continues to move whenever locals reach the goal box.

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