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New governor John Rankin arrives in BVI

Governor designate for the BVI, John Rankin

Governor designate, John Rankin arrived in the territory Thursday evening, January 14.

Governor Rankin will be sworn in as the 15th Governor of the Virgin Islands after completing the required 14-day quarantine.

Upon the announcement of his appointment last year, Rankin said that while 2020 was a challenging year, he was looking forward to the opportunity to partner with the government and the people of the Virgin Islands.

“The people of the Virgin Islands have shown great strength and spirit in meeting those challenges, and I promise to do all I can to support the building of further resilience against the risk of natural disasters. I look forward to contributing to life on the Islands and to carrying out my responsibilities under the Constitution in the areas of external affairs, security and good governance in service to the people of the Virgin Islands,” he said.

Rankin has more than 30 years’ experience in the public service, and his most recent post was serving as the Governor of Bermuda.

Rankin holds a degree in Scots Law from the University of Glasgow and a Master’s Degree in International Law from McGill University, in Montreal, Canada. Prior to joining the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, he qualified and practised as a solicitor in Scotland, and was a lecturer in public law at the University of Aberdeen.


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  1. Wow says:

    He look like a serious mobster , do t play around like jasper aye !!!!!!

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    • Welcome says:

      Welcome Guv Rankin – your first act should be to ensure that every trace of Jonah is eradicated from the BVI. The please sign the legislation that Jonah would not sign (because he is hoping for a national security job in the UK with an emphasis on drugs) and then settle into your role to ensure that we have good governance. We would actually like you to do something about good governance rather than the Jonah approach of issuing press releases but doing nothing else.
      Enjoy your time here, and bring us some luck.

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    • HRMPH says:

      Has Gus been kicked out of the Territory yet?
      I am glad that the new Guv is observing the 14 day quarantine period. Shame on Gus for refusing to do so.

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      • @HRMPH says:

        That only means that he did not do a covid test before he came that’s all. Don’t forget that persons can come in without a test but must do a 14 day quarantine if so. So if he tests positive at the end of the period then who knows who he could have infected everyone he’s in contact with.
        I wonder when people will start leading by example!

        • Wrong says:

          Everybody arriving from the UK now has to do a 14 day quarantine – except for Jonah apparently. I am glad the new Governor respects the people of the BVI.

  2. Pat says:

    Another ***** master

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  3. Hm says:

    Bang bang.

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  4. East Man says:

    Pay attention to the dog whistle. He hasn’t come to make friends nor play. He has been debrief and ready. Have a look at his history and you will know a little mor about him. Over and out.

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  5. Disgusted with this colonial relic. says:

    How much longer does a group of Black people have to be overseen by a white english man.

    How much longer must their top jobs be set asides for white english men only? Does that not seem unfair and unhuman? Anyone seeing this differently need their head and their ideas of right and wrong examined.

    How much longer will the Black baby boy or girl have to wait before he or she can become governor and other of his her own country?

    ARE THESE NOT BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS? Is this not a violation against other people/human beings and their inalianable and god given right to freedom, equality, dignity and self determination? AND IF SO, WHY DOES ONE COUNTRY GET TO VIOLATE THOSE RIGHTS WITH IMPUNITY?

    Beyond the colonial history, this spectacle does not look or feel right anymore. IT ACTUALLY HURTS SOME PEOPLE.

    Frankly, it is time to begin the conversation to end this.

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    • Leveller says:

      no english man there.

      dis man not going to tek no s**t

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    • Wellllll says:


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    • Just Saying......... says:

      Simple solution……….ask your government to hold a referendum on independence and you will get your answer.
      You can’t have your cake and eat it !

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    • Racist says:

      The new Governor is a Scotsman. Scotsmen and women are not English, and English men and women are definitely not Scots.
      You insult every Englishman when you call him English!

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    • @disgusted says:

      These things are only parroted by those with an agenda. The Governors do not dictate how we spend our money, who we appoint to positions and who we award contracts to etc. We control our own destiny in the BVI and ironically most of the trouble you encounter is by our own people. It’s always easy to play the white man card when it’s hard to just keep it real. Is it the Governors past and present fault that sewage runs in the street? No reliable internet? No reliable water source? Schools are in a mess? Roads in a mess? Education system in a mess? Should I go on? ALL of our messes are OUR MESSES not a white man mess. We should be ashamed of ourselves and instead of demanding better we make excuses and blame white people. Let us rise up from the nonsense and take care of our Territory. We have our cake and eat it to, the security of the UK and the freedom to spend our own money and help our people.

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      • @@disgusted says:

        Your comments are very much respected.

        However, we must now strive to begin work on solving the problems, not just articulating them, as they, just as you have articulated them have been stressed infinitum. We can go on forever about our problems, but no one, absolutely no one is making suggestions on how to begin solving them.

        One way to solve some of the chronic issues that affect us all is at the ballot box, but even there we srew up royally.

        So we got work to do. Attacking the messenger is not one of the jobs we should be entertaining right now.

        Hence, lest’s get pass attacks and begin organizing solutions. Peace up!

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      • Concerned says:

        Well siad!! When the people start acting like they should, laws will be obayed, politicians will not get paid off, contract will be awarded correctly and the average Joe will have proper sewage, water and roads.

    • Racist says:

      How long until the BVI Government reflects ALL the people who live in this territory? There are no white Ministers and no white PSs, despite whites making up a third of the population! Why are whites excluded?

      How long until all the people who live here are treated EQUALLY and get the RIGHT TO VOTE??? Or permanent residency? Or covid payouts? Instead of just a small group of self-serving BELONGERS, who want to keep NON-BELONGERS as second class citizens.

      ARE THESE NOT BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS? Is this not a violation against other people/human beings and their inalianable and god given right to freedom, equality, dignity and self determination? AND IF SO, WHY DOES ONE COUNTRY GET TO VIOLATE THOSE RIGHTS WITH IMPUNITY?

      This spectacle does not look or feel right anymore. IT ACTUALLY HURTS SOME PEOPLE.

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      • Theo says:

        Because there are plenty of white and black and purple people who are benefitting from the inequality in the islands?

      • @Racist says:

        Europeans do not make up a third of the population, and many who are here can not vote, they are on work permit. Plus, with their separatist, racist agendas, why would any African nation wish to have them in any leadership role? They have proven to the ‘whole world’ throughout the centuries that they are not good humanitarians, this seems to be their Legacy that they pass on to each generation…including yourself.

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    • Sadly says:

      There are millions and millions of non Black people on earth who does not believe that Black people deserve and should have basic human rights, freedom, equality, dignity and self determination alotted to them.

      What a pathetic mentality that is.

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  6. The Truth says:

    Oh Lord help us

  7. vip heckler says:

    How come i cant see this on the [other] site?

  8. @ Racist says:

    Try as you might, but the Black and white man’s world and history and current conditions are worlds apart.

    Keep trying though. Some will entertain your snake rubbish.

  9. What's Next? says:

    There are persons who are of African descent-who hates one speak about the evils of African Bondage and colonialism.

    They would prefer for Black conscious commenters to say nice things, and so do white folks by the way.

    However, truths must be revealed, and historic truths relative to the Black man’s suffering at the hands of the European man, and the aftermath and ongoing debacle he finds himself in has been ugly, is not pretty and will never get pretty.

    If Black. people are to be gentle, with whom must they be gentle? Do they receive gentleness in return? Absolutely not!

    Look at the racism they face just on this site on a daily basis. But they must now turn around and be gentle to people who spout hatred for them on a daily basis? What’s next after the spewing of venom?

    Africa and Africans were invaded. A continent and race of people, who never disturbed anyone or country, were decimated.

    The BVI and others are now, since 1950, being invaded by some very evil minds, who once again are doing what comes to them naturally, hating on Black people. What’s next for us?

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  10. Jalcor says:

    Bvi must be the next independent country.

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  11. tf says:

    yet another person of no color…

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