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New HIV cases in BVI all young persons

There are three new reported cases of HIV in the British Virgin Islands – all of whom are of a youthful age, the Ministry of Health has said.

The new cases range from ages 19 to 35 and were seen in the first six months of this year.

Commenting on the cases, Chief Nursing Officer with responsibility for family health Jascinth Hannibal said: “This number may seem lower than other years, but the disease can go undetected for months and even years.”

For the same period last year, there were two reported cases and in 2016, there were four.

Older adults should be tested too

Hannibal is also calling on older adults to know their status.

She said both the young persons and elders should get tested to ensure that they are aware of their status and take ‘proactive’ measures.

She said early diagnosis enables one to access treatment and care that is available in the territory, which would in return help them to live wholesome and healthy lives.

Hannibal referenced the United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) 2017 report which said 20 percent of people living with HIV in the Caribbean are aged 50 and older and an estimated 62,000 HIV positive persons are seniors.

Hannibal said despite gains in the prevention and control of the disease, this report advises that the Caribbean must quicken the pace if it is to meet the testing and treatment targets due in two years.

“The UNAIDS report said in order to reach these benchmarks, the region has to diagnose 54,800 more people, get 74,400 more on treatment, and achieve viral suppression among 103,000 more people living with HIV,” she said.

“By 2020, the expectation is that 90 percent of persons with HIV would know their status, 90 percent of persons HIV positive would be in care and treatment and 90 percent of persons on treatment will be virally suppressed,” she added.

Practice safe sex

Hannibal has called on members of the public to practice safer sexual habits, sticking to one faithful partner and using barriers and condoms with each sexual exposure.

Testing and condoms are available at all community clinics.

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  1. Abc says:

    Follow the abc plan or get the braggadam

    • pinky says:

      most of us that’s are from here do go over sees and get our freaks on .. get infected and go out for treatment.. we are not in a position to stereotype anyone we need to be careful.. stick to one faithful partner… change our life style seek God its about time we settle ourselves, to much of the same living will surely kill us before time.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We need to install two protective measures to ensure our survive-ability into the future.

    1. Any person from anywhere on this earth must produce a complete and current up to date medical report.

    2. All immigrants must submit to a vigorous screening process for STD’S upon arrival into the territory, tourist could be exempted as they do not mingle with us, before obtaining any time pass the vacation allotment and before obtaining work permits and other privileges that would permit extended stay.

    Controversial? yes! But who will protect us if we do not protect ourselves?

    And what about the “local” that travels abroad and may become infected whilst abroad? Policy and medical experts will have to definitely address that.

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    • Gumption. Official says:

      I love your forward thinking! Make sense! This playing jumping on every persons (locally or abroad) will only cause bigger issues!

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      • Anonymous Is Right says:

        I’m a VIslander who has lived abroad and when I applied for my Canadian Visa I was asked to do a whole litany of test including a blood test screening for HIV and other diseases. The reason they asked for those tests was that Canada has a social healthcare system (we have national health) and once on their soil, I’d have to use it should I need to. A lot of Canadians already struggle to get adequate healthcare as specialists are often few and far between in the places that need them the most. A lot of diseases like cancer and HIV are very expensive to treat. No one likes to hear the truth but a lot of countries would pick their own over a foreigner. If you think getting a visa or work permit is difficult try getting one for any “first world” country that has socialised healthcare while having HIV or any other terminal or costly illness.

        The Virgin Islands has a healthcare system that guarantees anyone will be treated once residing here, regardless of their status and ability to pay. There is a lot to say I regards to how financially fragile such a system is but one thing that would guarantee its collapse is lack of scrutinity of the participants.

    • Don't always says:

      Can we just stop blaming the foreigners for everything.

      Just make people responsible for their own health. If you make sure to be safe you will not have to worry about the governments immigration policies.

      Be sure to be responsible for your own health before looking at others.

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      • Concern says:

        It’s not about blaming foreigners – but did you know that labour doesn’t require HIV tests as part of their worker’s permit application. How is that right, you can work here – but we don’t know what you have. You can’t discriminate a person for medical, but I think we should still have record of what diseases are being brought into our country.

        Ultimately, we are to protect ourselves. You shouldn’t be having unprotected sex unless you know you partner’s status ..PERIOD.

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    • Strongly Agree says:

      I strongly agree. In the United States when a person have an application in for Naturalization you must complete an HIV test before the process can be completed. I strongly agree with this persons post we must protect our country better than we are presently doing.

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      • na son says:

        The people them shouldn’t protect the country. Them men should protect themselves and no man gets HIV.

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        • Hmmm says:

          Tell that to America and all the other countries around the world that requests HIV tests to enter to work.

          Its only here in the BVI everybody has a right to do and say as they please, EXCEPT BVISLANDERS.

    • Coundn't Agree More says:

      It should include expatriates.

  3. Political Observer (PO) says:

    HIV is still an uncureable and life changing disease that can shorten one’s life. The BVI is a small community and the disease can be easily spread from one person to another, especially by persons who have multiple partners. Sisters, protect yourselves; practice safe sex; do not play Russian roulette with your life. Brothers, practice safe sex and wrap it up. To all, don’t let a few moments of pleasure ruin the rest of your life; behave responsibly; protect the innocent. Enjoy a monogamous relationship or even celibacy.

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    • Diaspora says:

      @PO, real talk. Some tough love and good advice: To all, don’t let a few moments of pleasure ruin the rest of your life.” Yes, it can ruin your social life. The untested need to get tested for their peace of mind, their own health and the health of their partner(s). Be strong, be healthy, be responsible. be safe and protect your family, love ones, friends and partners. What good is a few notches on one’s belt if one is inviting Harold to come sooner rather than later. Do not go to an early grave and become a statistic. Change your behaviour and attitude about sex and life.

      Take control of your life. Here is a news flash. You cannot tell if someone is infected just by one’s appearance. One can look healthy, sexy or a knock out yet unhealthy. One may not even know they are unhealthy. Remember that you are exposed to the risks of all the past partners your partner or side ting have had. No cony, no honey. Careless sex and put one at a point of return or wish I “hadda”……..and other regrets.

  4. Anonymous says:


    • The BVI is nice but not heaven says:

      Why don’t u tell your husband or brother to stop messing around with every woman that is new on land

      • Where is your heaven? says:

        By all means, seek your heaven and leave. Let man do what man want to do, BC you cannot stop those who want to sample every fish in the sea, whether it stink, poisonous or otherwise. But, we need to protect our border more than we do and HIV testing of persons coming to work is another excellent idea and makes all the the sense in the world.

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  5. Jahlove says:

    Why the medical people never talk about PREP? People research PREP please. I guess they don’t want people getting to comfortable.

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  6. Shocked says:

    There are drugs available that if you make a mistake and have unprotected sex or contraception failed you to can take to help prevent the infection if hiv. It works like 90% of the times but has to be taken with the first 72 hours after the incident occurred. Now why doesn’t the medical professionals talk about these options. Wouldn’t it be better to at least prevent infection than be scared that people would go wild and have sex unprotected and say I’ll talk the pill after. People will do what they want to do regardless. I just don’t understand the reason for not educating people on the options available and ensuring it’s available to them.

  7. Most High says:

    Bet atleast 3 case is sodomites. Sad oh well bummer…no pun intended

  8. 14, and HIV negative. says:

    “This generation this, this generation that”
    Practice safe sex before criticizing us.. a** holes.

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