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New mall being constructed on Virgin Gorda

A new shopping mall is being constructed on Virgin Gorda.

Virgin Gorda native, Franklin Walters said he pursued the development because he saw an opportunity to provide entrepreneurs with a much-needed commercial space in The Valley on Virgin Gorda.

“My thing is giving persons opportunities. I would say there is a need for it because there are young people who want to get into business and they need spaces to rent. So I just took the opportunity and did something,” said Walters, who is also the current owner of Rosy’s Supermarket on the sister island.

“We started in 2016 and when the hurricanes came, we had to stop. But nothing happened to the building and we resumed about eight months to a year after,” he added.

The businessman said his new mall, which is still unnamed, will also offer an additional culinary service to the island.

He said this will come in the form of a steakhouse restaurant.

“It will be something different,” Walters said.

Upon completion, the two-level mall will have a total of 14 commercial spaces for lease.

In the meantime, Ninth District Representative and Minister for Natural Resources and Labour Vincent Wheatley commended Walters for the undertaking.

“That there are three generations of a family that started from one little shop in their yard to building Rosy’s Supermarket and then now this complex.”

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  1. TurtleDove says:

    Good stuff…congrats!….On the lighter side I prefer gourmet goat…….LOL

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  2. Reasonable Man says:

    Exciting! It looks very nice.

  3. Happy says:


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  4. Adic says:

    Real good vibes.

  5. Just wonderful says:

    Just thinking about a steakhouse restaurant is making me hungry. Can’t wait.

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  6. BFEC Class of 91 says:

    Way to go Frankie….We are looking forward to the opening.

  7. critic says:

    NICE !!!

  8. Thumbs up! says:

    Great idea, but I think you need to rethink the color scheme.

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    • THINK! says:

      No problem ………when to put your dream into action paint it what ever color you want!

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    • Yes says:

      Great idea, but the building need to feel more inviting. Best wishes. Ensure that the rent is realistic to the market and the entrepreneurs will be able to sustain the rent.

    • Well known anonymous says:

      Build what you want and paint it your “color scheme” I’m sure it’ll be better

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    • @Thumbs Up says:

      He can pick whatever color scheme he likes and that is his dicission. I’m just looking forward to grand opening.That is so cool for Virgin Gorda.

  9. East side says:

    This is wonderful

  10. Retired says:

    Great project! After Irma most commercial property on VG was either wrecked or overpriced by the landlords. Maybe the new BP bank in VG can rent space in the new Mall.

  11. NICE says:

    Congrats Fredo!!!

  12. Yes! says:

    An alternative to those Imps in control of the Marina!!!!

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  13. Adia says:

    Good news….. steak ? restaurant ????my favorite…. and much more …congratulation Rosy’s family’s

  14. okay says:

    A steak restaurant? Really?
    So short-sighted.
    You people do realize how unhealthy eating red meat is right?
    And raising beef cattle is one of the biggest contributors to global warming. It’s a total unsustainable industry.. Not to mention outright cruel.
    But hey if you people want a short-term taste bud fix then never mind you’ll all get bowel or colon cancer in a few years. Or our islands that are so prone to climate change will get slammed by another massive hurricane and gradually sink beneath rising sea levels. Who cares what chaos our children will face as long as you can eat a piece of cow tonight. Sad.

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    • C says:

      Are you done?

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    • Well known anonymous pt. 2 says:

      Well good to know it’s a bad idea, but you should take this information to the FFA organization and they’ll be sure to help you with this issue. Steak restaurants don’t only sell steaks there are other options. Please be that person that doesn’t ever eat a steak for the rest of your miserable life. I’ll be sure to support their restaurant and eat a steak on your behalf, just continue to pray for me cause I would hate to get bowel or colon cancer. Not to mention ‘your people’ are the biggest contributors to global warming as for you I hope you live a cave man lifestyle where you use solely natural resources cause I would hate to call you the bitter hypocrite that you are. On that note enjoy the rest of your evening I hope you enjoy your salad.

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      • okay says:

        All I’m saying is enjoy your steak dinner but save me your tears when you get bowel or colon cancer.
        And don’t come crying with the begging bowl pleading for help when your house flood and the roof torn off by the the next hurricane.
        Cause and effect.
        Steak restaurants and eating red meat are rapidly going out of fashion the world over because they’re unhealthy and unsustainable. Only in the BVI would people be figuratively lining up outside the door months before one has open completely blind to the impacts of their short-sighted choices.

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  15. Fair & Just says:

    I will call it “Rosie’s City Centre”.

  16. Yo Boy! says:

    Congrats to the Walter’s family.

  17. Anonymous says:

    This is the result of ancestors layying down the foundation from hard work, building and leaving a wealth consciousness for like minds to continue on.

    There are two or three generations that know the foundations of what we see today. It should be an inspiration to all, and such history and knowledge should be used as examples in economics, business and wealth building classes.

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  18. Anonymous says:

    A movie theater is need so as to add to the recreation of the VG people especially the younger ones. Don’t only offer/think rental spaces for a profit.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Where in The Valley is this being built? In
    My last visit to VG in 7/17 , other than a new church, I don’t recall seeing any new large structure being built

  20. VG says:

    Please keep your w**e out‼️ Can’t you see she’s bad for your business?

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