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New programme so dropouts can get high school certificate in months

Residents without a high school certificate now have the opportunity to receive one within months, through a post-secondary education programme being launched on October 15.

Explaining the reason behind the programme, Education Minister Myron Walwyn said statistics show that a number of the territory’s unemployed are persons without a diploma.

“We cannot afford to have so many of our young people without a high school diploma as it will stunt their growth in so many areas of their lives.  While we do have the Alternative Secondary Education Programme, or what we commonly call night school, we need something more,” Walwyn said.

The minister said the programme will resemble the United States’ programme called General Equivalency Diploma – more commonly known as GED – whereby students are tested on four subjects. When passed, those persons receive a high school-level certification.

Here in the BVI, Walwyn said persons will be tested in mathematics, English language, social studies and science.

“Examinations will be administered twice a year in February and October and if those candidates pass the exams in these four areas, they will be awarded a high school certificate.

He said he believes the programme will be of help inmates at Her Majesty’s Prison and to sister islands residents who ‘cannot make it to Tortola to attend night school’.

Walwyn added: “I see this programme being helpful to persons who work in the privately owned daycare centres who do not have a high school diploma … I see this programme being a second chance for those persons in our community who did not take high school seriously or had other challenges that deferred their goals.”

The minister, in the meantime, said educators will be called on to assist with the weekly tutorials.

Teachers who assist will be given “an honorarium” for their efforts, Walwyn said.

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  1. Well done says:

    Job well done Hon. Walwyn! It’s about time we start thinking this way. I am very pleased at this.

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    • Logic.... says:

      I feel bad for those that praise Mr Walwyn. why is he notnot concentrating on getting the schools back to a acceptable working standard and cater to the students who are egar to learn FIRST but instead of focusing on this….i guess he will be prepared when the drop out rate starts to rise because the actual school system is STILL in shambles

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    • Samson says:

      Say what? Pity the scholar who toiled to earn his degree the proper way. Why not just grant all of us PhDs so you can proclaim we are the smartest country.

      Me thinks this scheme is nothing more than a cheap trick to buy votes. “Dropouts for Walwyn.”

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    • Truth Sayer says:

      Let the Minister stop the grandstanding and get our schools fixed so that we do not have drop outs. He is busy trying to distract from the real issues. Fix the ELMORE STOUTT HIGH SCHOOL AND ALL THE DAMAGED PRIMARY SCHOOLS SO THE CHILDREN COULD BE EDUCATED PROPERPLY. THAT SHOULD BE YOUR PRIORITY1

  2. 1st former says:

    Thank you jesus, im going to drop out and sign up. School here is a waste of time.

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    • Nonsense says:

      if that’s all the sense you have then you might as well drop out.

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    • Gumption.official says:

      @1st former… I hear you. I do. Take the advice of a high school dropout (stay and give it your best) I have an idea about what you’re saying. I mainly left school because I was heavily bullied. My school was bad not terrible. If you’re feeling form something more hands on then I’ll recommend a hands on trade school then teach entrepreneurship etc yet those things require not just common sense but school/book sense as well. If you’re in school don’t leave just to get a diploma etc.

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    • Go get it says:

      Traditional schooling isn’t for everyone. I left school in 9th grade, started working and got my GED (Good Enough Diploma) when I turned 16. Never looked back. A successful life is built on a lifetime of learning. Make the the equivalency your beginning not the end.

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    • @ 1st former says:

      It is nice to know that you are reading the news…this is a good sign…do not drop out of school however…they are really the best years of your life…enjoy the time because when it is gone…it is gone.

  3. Woww says:

    Yess you doing good Myron, you the next premier of the BVI!

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  4. Hold on says:

    This isn’t new. Do some research. This man spins everything to make himself look like a hero.

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  5. Past AE Student says:

    Let us be fair. I dropped out of ESHS and years later I got my high school certificate through the Alternate Education programme in the evenings so I don’t think it is fair to have the Minister feeling that this is new.

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    • LOL says:

      Did you read the story? Jesus Christ!!!

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    • SMH says:

      This is a fast track programme for persons that may have dropped out of school very close to completing their secondary education. Persons in this programme must have the ability to study independently. The ASEP programme you did is at a slower pace for persons that require a bit more time to achieve their certificate. This is a great programme for persons that have the ability to complete their high school certification at a more faster pace.

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  6. Gumption.Official says:

    This is a very good initiative, it’s a great opportunity for a lot of people. As a high school dropout myself even though I’m self employed and not planning on working for anyone I strongly believe it will be good to have for myself and will be a great inspiration for myself and many others.

    To the students who’s registered and actively in school please stay in and continue to get the fullness. Don’t cheat yourself out to get out to be on the streets or to get a job to make money.

    A lot of people like myself missed the opportunity for many reasons. I have no regrets but I see an opportunity to lead and set a good example I’m strong enough to give it a go. I will encourage people who I know that got it but just lacking that pice of paper to step out and up.

    Once agin to the students who’s in school please please stay there and give it your honest best. It’s reallly your future and it’s worth the best of your ability.

  7. Rabbit says:

    Hopefully there’s criteria for this and we won’t have kids just dropping out of school because they know they can get the GED easier via this route? This is great news for persons that are currently without their GED and need it to improve their lives but I hope there are measures in place to avoid kids currently attending school from dropping out on purpose. It may sound strange but it’s not an impossible scenario.

  8. James says:

    Excellent initiative Mr. Minister. Many of our young men are high school dropouts hence cannot find suitable paying jobs.

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  9. local says:

    try go wuk on the high sch

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  10. Clarification says:

    Let’snot confuse the Alternative Secondary Programme with this certification Programme. The ASEP is for persons that require a longer period to grasp concepts before taking exams. This programme is a more fast track programme for persons that feel that they can grasp the concepts quick and take their exams in a matter of months. They are also able to use the Learning Hub, the same as current secondary school students, to study for their exams.
    This is a great initative

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  11. waterdown says:

    we are moving from great to good

  12. Crooked Walwyn says:

    Fast track to getting votes.

  13. CONCERN says:


  14. two cents says:

    GED stands for General Education Development

  15. quick fix you say says:

    The fact that so many are without a high school diploma is a HUGE RED FLAG that those who have in the past and currently HAVE FAILED BVI YOUTH in terms of EDUCATION miserably. Quit fix is not going to help them write, red, ect. All of those have learning issues that the school did not address and is still not address with those who are enrolled and struggling to make it through.

    You have a number of uneducated mean folks teaching the children to begin with. So start there and atop building your political career at the expensive of the uneducated and under educated.

    • Anonymous says:

      I suggest that you try to get an understanding of the issue before you speak. There are many of our people who go to St. Thomas to the GED program. The US has being doing this for ages why can’t we do a similar program if we have the ability to do so? What is the problem? Should no kind of program at all be done to help those persons who can self study and pass an exam? Isn’t it self studying that we do with online universities to get a degree? If the people have the aptitude to pass the exams then good but they will have to study for it I’m certain.
      My last comment is that we need to stop seeing everything through politics. It’s disgusting. What does putting on a program like this have to do with politics? Hon. Walwyn has been working non-stop since he was elected so stop being soo disingenuous. You know better.

  16. Help says:

    Can some o e help me as to where do i enrol for this programme

  17. Islander says:

    Man trying do some good and you ungrateful fools too ignorant to see that

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