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New statutory body being established; already problems

Attorney General, Baba Aziz. (GIS photo)

A new government statutory body called the Trade Commission Corporation is to be established in the British Virgin Islands. But, this non-existent body is already at the centre of a legal issue for the territory.

According to Attorney General Baba Aziz, the Trade Commission Corporation is the reason the long-awaited Consumer Protection Bill is not yet implemented.

“The Consumer Affairs Division [of government] is intended to be under the Trade Commission Corporation … That has explained why the [Consumer Protectection] Bill has not come before the House [of Assembly] — because we do not want to refer to a non-existent body within the Bill,” the Attorney General explained.

But, as calls for the Consumer Protection Bill increase, Aziz said his office has decided to advance the legislation in the House of Assembly without first establishing the Trade Commission.

He said his office will then “harmonise” the legislation with the commission once the two are independently established.

Aziz made the statement on Thursday while refuting claims from Junior Trade Minister Marlon Penn that he (Aziz) was the cause of the delay in the Bill.

“I would like to straighten the position for the general public that even if there was a delay, the Attorney General and his office did not intentionally or knowingly delay that Bill … there was [just] a legal conundrum,” he said.

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  1. What says:

    But why the h**l this need a Board what is the trade department for. Make it a Government department.

    So they will load the Board with their cronies and when a matter comes to them if need be it will be swept under the rug allegedly.

    Unlike if it is a Government department the politicians and the Ag or police would be force to act.

    Blatant corruption this is not what the people wanted. We want a Government department that would have the power to act.

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    • truthseeker says:

      It is because trade is a department buried under the Premier’s portfolio, is why there is no action.

      No, you want a (somewhat) independent body from government, with a confirmed budget. The TCC will need money to enforce the laws under the Consumer Protection Act and encourage economic development.

      Hopefully, you can get one or two real dynamic persons on the Board of Directors from the private sector, who will really help to push things forward.

      The government should have gone further on trade and development matters but this is an interesting first step. This is long overdue.

  2. Jus saying says:

    Say what? What does the consumer protection bill have to do with the TCC? Why do we need a TCC?

    And by the way, where is the past due audit?

  3. Sam the Man says:

    Hmmm don’t think Aziz is up to organizing anything…excuses, excuses, excuses…..this Bill will never happen despite the rhetoric/promises that we have had from the No Direction Party for years!

    • Teacher says:

      NDP = No Da*n Progress
      Nothing ever gets done. The country is still on fire and our schools are still broken. We need to be rescued.

  4. strupes says:

    he is a waste ah time

  5. Inform With Knowledge says:

    The “no direction party” is the the party that have made an effort to protect the consumer, including “you Sam” from excessive and uncontrollable price gouging and greed, to name a few.

    However, such legislation, aimed at assisting the poor with a break, will always be fought tooth and nail by the business elite.

    It is believed that the TCC issue is a detractor and is just the latest smoke screen being used to derail legislation that will benefit the poor and most needy of our territory.

    If so, shame on those while the poor suffers on.

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  6. Tight Rope says:

    Perhaps. But where is the audit? Will it be disclosed to us? Will this newspaper publish it online?

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