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New weather disturbance forms in Atlantic | Minimal chance of development

A new weather disturbance has been detected in the Atlantic Ocean to add to the existing two.

According to the Department of Disaster Management (DDM), each disturbance only has a 20 percent chance of developing into a tropical depression or small tropical storm within the next week.

The DDM’s September 9 weather bulletin said this latest disturbance, which is yet to be named, is moving off the west coast of Africa.

“The system exhibits high moisture levels and modest atmospheric rotation. Environmental conditions are expected to be marginally favourable for gradual development as the disturbance tracks to the west. The chance of development within the next 7 days is 20 percent,” the DDM stated.

Disturbance 1

Of the remaining two disturbances, the one which has more potential of affecting the territory, even in the most minimal of ways, is named Disturbance 1. It is currently located at 42 degrees west and is moving westerly with wind speeds of 20 miles per hour.

“The system is gradually featuring less atmospheric rotation and weaker thunderstorms. This coupled with less aggressive model guidance has led to a reduction in the chance of development. At this time forecasters think the disturbance is likely to remain weak as it tracks westward,” the DDM reported.

The DDM has also advised residents to keep monitoring this disturbance for any possible changes, although conditions have decreased for development.

Disturbance 2

Meanwhile, the closest weather system to the territory is named Disturbance 2 and is currently at the north of Puerto Rico and moving near 10 miles per hour.

While it is not forecasted to affect the British Virgin Islands at its current position, it is predicted to have an impact on the hurricane-ravaged Bahamas in the next few days.

“The system is nearly void of heavy shower and thunderstorm activity. However, it features some modest atmospheric rotation. The system may enhance shower and thunderstorm activity over The Bahamas between Thursday and Friday and could be near or over Florida by the weekend. T
he forecast confidence is relatively low for late this week,” the DDM said.

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