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Next constitution should give protection to ‘indigenous BVIslanders’ — Willock

Speaker Julian Willock

Former Speaker of the House of Assembly, Julian Willock said he believes the next version of the territory’s constitution should contain “some protection for the indigenous Virgin Islander”.

“I make no apology for that,” Willock said on the Talking Points radio show earlier this week. “And there must be certain positions, for example the Premier’s position, [which] must be reserved for an indigenous Virgin Islander. I make no apology for that,” he added.

The topic of special privileges and protections for BVIslanders has always divided the public as many believe those arguments are xenophobic and disregard the contribution of expatriates who are overrepresented in the BVI.

The term “indigenous BVIslander” is also controversial as some see it as a term locals use to shame those they believe do not have adequate ties to the territory.

In making his point on the radio show, Willock said his definition of an indigenous Virgin Islander is someone who can trace “one or both of your parents back to two or three generations.”

After Willock made that point, co-host of the Talking Points radio show Damion Grange posited that arguments about “indigenous Virgin Islanders” disenfranchise people who were born in the territory but cannot trace their VI ancestry to three generations.

Willock said the kind of protection he is championing should be done in a way that doesn’t disenfranchise others. But he argued that special protection for those deemed indigenous is done in other jurisdictions around the world.

“The issue of protecting indigenous people is nothing new. It seems like it’s only an issue when it is raised in the BVI. Canada has protections for indigenous people, Trinidad & Tobago has the same,” Willock argued.

Willock is the second public figure to publicly define the term “Virgin Islander” in recent months.

In July, former legislator Eileene Parsons sparked public debate when she defined a Virgin Islander as one who is able to trace his parentage back to three generations of Virgin Islanders on both sides.

In the meantime, there are still many Virgin Islanders who bear similar sentiments to those expressed by Willock and Parsons and believe special privileges should be reserved for people who have deep ancestral ties to the Virgin Islands.


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  1. Antiquated says:

    Let’s give protection to the arawaks, Caribs and turtle dove. It is people like Mr. Willock that has weakened this country and has caused much division between who born here and who isn’t born here. We need leadership that bring all the people of the Virgin Islands together ( those who are born here, those who have parents from here, those who we have given citizenship to etc. It is this sort of division that has caused us to be soo weak that we cannot mount a serious challenge to the UK if we protest. It is time to drop this indigenous foolishness and provide provide for all the people who belong to the Virgin Islands. This is nothing more than another attempt to exclude others from participating at certain levels in our government. What is the difference between this and racism?

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  2. Truth says:

    Has the BVI had a good, effective leader since H Lavity Stoutt?
    You should not preclude citizens for a leadership role on the basis of ethnicity or lack of long term generational residence in the BVI.
    Leaders should be chosen on their merit: intellect, knowledge, ethics, moral values and drive.
    There has been a dearth of these qualities in recent choices of leaders.
    Favoritism has been a long-time problem in the BVI with powerful positions going to family and friends of those in power – and many without any qualifications whatsoever.

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  3. Great... says:

    Why don’t we just give all the Belongers get out of jail free cards!
    Run over a tourist with a boat and kill he – get out of jail free! Run drugs and get caught with guns – get out of jail free! Steal money from government construction contracts – get out of jail free!
    Oh wait! That’s what happens now!
    We need change. This idea is bad. Everyone needs to be accountable. When laws are not enforced the same for all people That’s not justice. That’s why we have these people breaking into cars and shooting one another over drugs.

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  4. Only the truth says:

    Thats why I love willock and will be voting for him he tells it like it is

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  5. Pure crap says:

    Nobody of African descent is indigenous to this part of the world. Does he even know what the word indigenous means? We were all brought to this side of the world from Africa and dispatched to different parts of Caribbean. Educate yourself and stop spewing nonsense.

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  6. I from here says:

    Willock the pure breed locals are with you do not back down

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  7. The Real Deal says:

    What is amazing though, so many Virgin Islanders and politicians hold this few but does not have the balls like the esteem to speak it!

    It’s another example that Julain Willock is NOT self-centered, and self-promoting he call it like he sees it. I have long said the young man is brilliant and we need him in public office.

    Unlike some of these egotistical narcissists that exist in the public domain running them face with no subsidence and blogging hate and Foolishness out of jealousy of Mr. Willock.

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  8. Smh says:

    This is how I know that we cannot let an unstable head like Willock near our government again. If the events of the last year doesn’t show him that we need to doing things that bring us together rather than divide us then we will not learn again.

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  9. Unity is strength says:

    Look at the confusion and division that his statement will cause at such a vulnerable time for the BVI. All of the people who are born here should be protected in some way. Why are you seeking to divide the people who are born here into indigenous and non indigenous? Do you even know what the word indigenous really mean? In a time like this we need all the people who are born here or belong here to be united as one people. Stop separating the people for your own benefit. Would you be considered indigenous Mr. Willock? Isn’t your father from Montserrat or some other Caribbean Country? When you trace all the prominent surnames here they originated from some other Caribbean country via the owner of the plantations that our ancestors worked on. Stop promoting ignorance. Be a unifier and not a divider.

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  10. Miss Pea says:

    and I second the motion

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  11. Good says:

    Let us make the BVI great again!

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  12. Asura says:

    We done say we voting for you willock so move on man

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  13. save our seed says:

    Oh yes! We need to protect the indigenous because they have become endangered species in their own land…Protect them just like the American Indians, Hawaiians and everybody else

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  14. ah we land says:

    Since Israel is for the Israelis then the BVI should be for BVIslanders

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  15. Yawn says:

    but they were exterminated years ago, and the islands are now populated by the decedents of indigenous west Africans!

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  16. asking for a friend says:

    What confusion and division were caused to say the long-standing locals who can trace their roots to two and three generations should be protected?. IN fact, the constitution already offers some protection.

    Mr. Willock is correct yet again we with him

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  17. Scha can’t work says:

    Even supervisor position and managers especially in the hospitality field it needs to be an indigenous Bvislander and not someone who have worked in an establishment for years there are a lot of people in positions that don’t have no knowledge or experience in the field and only collecting a check and don’t have no education in what they are doing

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  18. HellBoy says:

    Indigenous definition 1 = Originating or occurring naturally in a particular place
    Indigenous definition 2 = The people who originally lived in a place, rather than people who moved there from somewhere else:

    For Example, Black People on these islands will be Indigenous to Africa.

    Cayman Islands
    The British Virgin Islands
    Saint Martin
    Sint Maarten
    Sint Eustatius
    Saint Kitts and Nevis
    US Virgin Islands
    Saint Lucia
    St. Vincent & the Grenadines
    Trinidad & Tobago
    The Bahamas
    Turks and Caicos.

    So the Indigenous people of the British Virgin Islands Will be The Arawak’s and the Caribs.

    Unless the you plan to change the definition of Indigenous.

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  19. Concerned says:

    We are importing the rejects from other caribbean islands in droves. They migrate to the BVI w all their nasty practices and lifestyle. This needs to be addressed before it is too late.

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  20. TurtleDove says:

    The constitution should protect EVERY reident equally. Why are we so afraid to compete? We are ahead because we have land. You dont have to sell it. The enphasis should be on giving our kids the best education money can buy and the rest will fall in place.

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  21. Asking says:

    The name Willock indigenous to the BVI? What does indigenous mean?

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  22. Confusion says:

    So the pure breed BVIslanders with mother and father from here for 3 generations on both sides would call Mr. Willock a half breed because his father is not from here. Does this man understand the division that he is causing with these types of statements? You are definitely not a leader for these times. When we get down to it there will be about 10 people in the whole BVI would end up being indigenous according to our ridiculous definition. People must be laughing at us.

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  23. @ah we land says:

    Hmm – both Israelis or Belongers are from elsewhere and are not indigenous.

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  24. hellboy says:

    that’s why the Whiteman will Reign forever!

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  25. Shame on you says:

    So using Eileen Parsons’ definition of a virgin islander you Mr. Willock would not be considered one. Your father is not from the BVI. You see how destruction your silly little game can become? You are too old to be acting this immature, selfish and divisive.

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  26. you know what! says:

    Lets have a public meeting for only so called indeginous persons of the BVI and see what percentage shows up! See if only their votes are needed for some of you all to run for polictics. The BVI is weak because of this sort of behaviour like spoilt children trying to see who mommy loves most! Same d**n so called indigenous people frigging up the d**n place for years!

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  27. @concerned says:

    so you’re saying BVIslanders have no nasty practices, themselves? If certain things are getting worse, it’s because we refuse to enforce our laws equally to all, irrespective of ethnicity or origin. When you go to Dubai and Singapore and those places, all manjack whether born there or born in Belmont, following the rules or is jail for you,

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  28. hellboy says:

    OK, If a Whiteman go back three or four Generation, will he be indigenous to British Virgin Islands?

    Yes or no please ?

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  29. Israeli’s says:

    Israeli’s are indigenous to Israel unlike the Africans of the BVI. Israeli’s can trace their lineage to the land back to the beginning of time. Remember Jesus was a Jew. Palestinians on the other hand came about 1,000’s of years later with the invention of Mohammed and Islam. In fact, Palestinians came about in 1948. The same for Christianity. The Christian bible was written 800 years after Jesus. This is the problem with the BVI. A pure lack of education which keeps the population sub-standard to the rest of the world. Perhaps importing qualified educated teachers would be the best investment the Territory can make. Instead the uneducated are teaching the uneducated. By the way, the politicians and ruling families wish you all to remain uneducated. That’s how they keep the masses under their thumb. Last, the continuous use of racism and the constant crap about slavery generations ago, is the way the leaders keep you enslaved today.

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  30. Here goes... says:

    I wonder how they would react if the UK imposed a similar restriction on who could be Prime Minister? Scream racism no doubt, when you look at the UK government they have black people, asian people all sorts in their government but the BVI no way… Racist through and through (actually they seem to dislike other black people as much as other races so not sure what that actually makes them!).

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  31. Make no mistake says:

    Make no mistake about this, this view is nothing if not racist. Sounds like, smells like, talks like Trump, as a matter of fact.
    What is the esteemed one afraid of? Does he fear that the people might actually vote for someone based on merit, rather than skin colour, histrionics, or perhaps criminal record?

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  32. Anonymous says:

    History has shown that Africans travelled across the waters doing trade and living thousands of years before colmbus or the european learned how tobuild or sail.

    They more than likely ocupied these lands just as they occupied sotth america, mexico , US, and others.

    However, gien the vilehatred of the African/Blackman, those facts and history were completely erased from books.

    however, i one has th time, money and archeological expertise, one canbegin in the basement o all the major euopean countries and could find tresurs of evidence to support the propsition.

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  33. Thanks says:

    Don’t allow them to vote either if they are not indigenous please and thanks!!

  34. Anonymous says:

    All black people are indegenous to all Caribbean and African land . To have one set more indegenous is the division that keep the black race divided and weak. We all fore parents were one family that multiplies over the thousands of years..

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  35. LMAO says:

    You all just as bad on here getting high blood pressure over these stupid statements, this is exactly why he will continue to sow seeds of discontent in the Territory, it gets attention! If this story was a positive one about a BVI youth doing something great there would be about 3 one-liner comments. Go figure…………

  36. @ wigO says:

    with all bthe knowledge you possess, your mind is very tiny ,blogging under different names won’t hide your evil thoughts / like your fingerprint and sadly you are determined btodo your own thing by blowing your own horn 📯, U may continue to fool yourself with deception

  37. Uh huh…. says:

    Is that you, Mrs Willock?

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  38. WEW says:

    Aways knew he was racist

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  39. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes I wonder if people from that BVI knows that other people around the world can see the nonsense in their news papers. It baffles my mind to see the type of Baffoon racist in office there . First it was this old lady then this man . Y’all should really be concerned about what is reported n put out for the world to see.

  40. Ralp T says:

    I had warned ayo about the boi Anju and nobody listened. Now here we have this guy whom is incapable of comprehending that no one wants to see his messy face ever again in any governmental position! EVER! His 15 mins of fame has long since expired and it glaringly apparent that mental health is an issue here.

    Pandering and stirring the effluent pot is his forte. Time to move on from this relic that has no basis in the future of the New Virgin Islands.

    RTO – signing off from the Oder side….keep the faith!

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  41. smh says:

    He add in one or both parents 3 generations back because if we strictly applied Eileen parsons definition he would not be considered one. This man is toxic and he destroys and contaminates everything he touches. This dude sick in the head.

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  42. WOW says:

    This is the question of the century!! I am eager to hear the answers.

  43. Reign says:

    Yall love talking bout Caribs & Arawaks. Find one show me. Didn’t YT kill most of them off. Maybe that some of yall plans for Virgin Islanders.

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  44. Mad man says:

    I hope all those who don’t have 3 generations on each side remember this statement when his ugly behind put his name on the ballot paper for election. You could see from his statement that he is xenophobic and any party that he is a part of must have those same views as him or they wouldn’t have him on their team. I believe he has mental challenges. He should try to get help before he embarrasses himself any further.

  45. Readabook says:

    Can somebody please tell that idyat that Australia and Trinidad have real indigenous people who occupied those lands before the arrival of Europeans, slaves, or indentured servants?

  46. What is pure breed? says:

    Is willock pure breed ??

  47. To Pure C**p says:

    You know what he means. If you don’t, let me remind you. He means the offspring of those who were here hundreds of years before the flood of immigrants started. Why do we have to debate that point every time the topic comes up?

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  48. FVI says:

    I am a Foundational Virgin Islander, and I always express my gratitude to many expats who play their part in moving the country forward. However, our forefathers had the vision, created the blueprint, and toiled as well.

  49. Loyal says:

    There are no indigenous people here any more.
    We all came from somewhere else. Some a bit before
    Others but still ain’t none of us indigenous.

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  50. Gaga says:

    Since when does this sorry excuse for a man
    get to define who is and who is not
    indigenous to BVI?
    What an arrogant pr**k.

  51. Belonger says:

    If Britain or the U.S were to institute such laws, some of the same people here supporting this nonsense would be shouting out loudly about racism – hypocrites!
    The prime minister of the U.K – where are his parents from?
    The vice president of the U.S – where are her parents from?
    Many members of Congress and Senate – where are they or their parents from?
    Instead of uniting the people, this man is doing the opposite- what a great leader he would make. Not even Donald Trump would do a better job.

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  52. @ Pure Crap says:

    You need to educate yourself. It is quite clear that your education began on a slave ship. Half the story has never been told. You don’t impress intelligent people you are pitifully lacking. This is the major and underlying problem why these islands are in the condition they are in…emancipate yourself from mental slavery….but the religious psychosis is a most difficult bond to break and that is the beginning of the journey. Listen to Reign poor soul there are Caribs and Arawaks walking around right here in these islands but you are to blind to see. Our liberation is mental and spiritual there is so much that exists around us and we are totally unaware of. It is most pitiful.

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  53. Carib man from Sandy Bay St Vincent says:

    Im a carib man that born in the British Virgin Islands to Vincentian perants, so what this guy talking about smh

  54. Shark says:

    I second the motion

  55. Bob says:


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  56. @hellboy says:

    You Left out Honduras, Belize, Suriname and Costa Rica.

  57. Jah Know says:

    Willock said on the Talking Points radio show earlier this week. “And there must be certain positions, for example the Premier’s position, [which] must be reserved for an indigenous Virgin Islander.

    And this is the way you all want to go independent so you can dictate this place and put who you want to run the country???

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  58. Seasalt says:

    We agree, but take notice the new constitutional order, when passed and this is included in it won’t protect you as a BV Islander. You are not indigenous because your father like Cindy Rosan are both island men as you all describe it.

    Now let’s hear your new line of arrogant thoughts. Get a hold of yourself Mr. Island name Willock. Your attitude does not serve you well, change it. Your approach and style of writing says lots about your way of thinking.

    Take a stupid man advise and change your attitude to a positive approach. Pray for the change.

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  59. @concerned says:

    So the BVI is the only place in the Caribbean that don’t have nasty practices life lifestyle? We have a lot of nasty minded ways ppl like you with your thought process.

  60. Clown soup says:

    Eileen Parsons’ definition left him out of being called a Virgin Islander so he modified it to include himself because his father isn’t from here. This man is a clown.

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  61. Really says:

    Me think you will need to be able to speak proper English to hold a supervisory position not just be born here.

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  62. The TRUTH says:

    “Me think” you need to speak proper English to blog.

  63. The man says:

    Ha ha they think they can turn us against brother willock with these distasteful comments

    It will not work the man is like royalty in the bvi and if he runs we going put him in

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  64. Mad Max says:

    He talks about protection for the indigenous in Canada and T&T without any knowledge. Those people ARE indigenous, not Africans, Europeans or Asians. How can he be so stupid?

    The rest of the world moves forward as the BVI hurtles backwards!

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  65. Inspector G says:

    Let’s see. Indigenous according to Cambridge dictionary: adjective, used to refer to, or relating to, the people who originally lived in a place, rather than people who moved there from somewhere else.

    To my knowledge there is maybe one single person who falls under that definition living in the BVI. Sorry to burst the bubble, Willock, but you are indigenous to Africa. You cannot play both the forced migration card and the indigenous card simultaneously. Pick one and be happy.

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  66. BuzzBvi says:

    Maybe they find nasty practice is the culture of the VI and they are trying to fit in.

  67. Serious says:

    Being serious, when did Willock take over this website?

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  68. Can You says:

    If we can’t do anything with a simple taxi license, how can we do it with anything else? Don’t talk about something unless you can institute and mandate it.

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  69. @to @ pure crap says:

    It gets debated because if the phrase “indigenous Virgin Islander” is somehow to be enshrined in the constitution, one would need a legal definition of what that is. “I born here” or “my fadda born here” isn’t going to cut it.

  70. Monaco says:

    Monaco Monaco Monaco Monaco Monaco Monaco Monaco

  71. wow says:

    Pure hate for virgin islanders & Caribbean people in these comments. Before casting the stone reflect on your history.

    VI landers must be protected as there is no where else for them to run home to when hurricanes covid and more occur!

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  72. Sugar says:

    Jw is handsome and a sharp boy

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  73. LookSee says:

    Evidently he knows understands and accepts that he is not,by definition a BVIslander and respects eats that truth like sensible folks.
    Those who are so self devalued by not being I irentufued as a BVIslander,are indeed to be pitied.
    The self hatred identifies reason for the high cannibalisttc behaviour which is a conundrum to the world at large.

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  74. Anonymous says:

    The laws of The Virgin Islands are for the benefit of Virgin Islanders. Aren’t outsiders already barred from holding office of legislators. Is it that the dumb is also blind and DEAF? How can you improve the VI’s lot bringing prosperity to the territory and stifling crime and criminals? Ignore face and names and and elect the best fitted baggage freers to lead the territory forward.Let rejects remain as refuse.

  75. Relax says:

    Monkey in cage mentality are unfit for nation building. What you are espousing is already the law of the Virgin Islands. What are you doing to create opportunities for our school leavers, eradicate nepotism and, bring about real good will for the territory.

  76. @sugar says:

    You better get some glasses of if you have glasses please change them. He is ugly like sin.

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  77. @wow says:

    They run to the US where most of them have US passports just like they did after hurricane Irma. A significant portion of BVI children of BVI parentage are born in St. Thomas, Puerto Rico or the US mainland. Tell the truth.

  78. Rubber Duck says:

    Wiggy is worried that his bid for power is going to be ruined by someone standing who was not actually “ barn here “.

    And it will be if she stands.

    Which she should.

  79. Monaco says:

    What us it
    Where is it located
    Google Monaco a non poverty entity
    ,a country smaller than the VI ,,,learn about the system and how the miniscule population is protected and benefitted by being dwarfed by an overwhelmingly large immigrant population.
    Everybody well off
    An ideal model for the VI
    BVI need to step out of the box of failed Black Caribbean countries and become a model of true success.
    The current dominant immigrant population and the policies is a sure and predictable tunnel into earthly purgatory.
    Honor your ancestors BVI.

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  80. Ausar says:

    I knew that at such a time like this, our existence as indigenous Virgin Islanders would be challenged.

    As I’ve stated before, yes,there should be a definition of WHO, is such a Virgin Islander, and the protections such definitions affords.

    I am not against Virgin Islanders being born here and others who have lived here,having a say and place here.

    As a matter of fact, I’ve been EXTREMELY critical in the manner in which Belonger status was summarily denied to soo many thousands, even when qualified.

    For this, our leaders got it wrong, and Ausar apologizes for such a tragedy.

    However, I will say, at this critical time, it is necessary to protect certain positions, up to, and even WHO we get to sell our lands to!

    There will come a time when such decisive actions are critical to the very existence of our people for future generations!

    And,that time has fastly approached, if not actually HERE AND NOW!!

  81. Mrs Tubman says:

    Yes it is true that BVIslanders are afforded the opportunity and luxury of open doors globally and can enter and utilize such opportunities ,if such is their desire.
    Unlike many other Caribbean islands,their presence presents no threat to quality of life limb nor property of the host country.
    Kudos to their innate character.
    For this reason, BVIslanders should do whatever is necessary for continued survival and with urgency. The reality of their looming extinction and destruction is evident.

  82. Henn Rhee says:

    BVIslanders are indigenous to that entity that is now post the extermination of the Arawaks Taino Caribs and the abandonment of these Virgjn Islanders by the slave owners.
    We all know and really know this but such is the warped ideas and inclination of a waring breed that were enslaved in the upper Caribbean. Their descendants are keen on ingratitude and homicide fueled by self loathing. Their endless acres of Islands and Island Nations are endowed with every natural resource imaginable but they can only destroy wander and remain poor illiterate homicidal nuisances .

  83. My Dear says:

    Of course and what is wrong with that.
    Caucasians that have now settled in the VI are assets.
    Upper Caribbean folks on the other hand are proven liabilities .
    Reason why we are here in discussion.

  84. Well sah says:

    Why is this man bent on causing divide in the country . Let us go back a bit :
    1. check out all the politicians she how many of their children are indigenous
    2. Check out the homes in the BVI see how many are completely indigenous according to your definition .
    3. Check out the surnames that are indigenous see where they came from : The Penn, Harrigan’s, Smith, Rabsatt etc . know your History . It is a shame what is going on in this country . That is why even though people are incompetent.. the system prefers to put them in charge to guard “ indigenous rule”
    . That is the point why the UK will forever have the BvI in their clutches .
    Competent people are here to help but you all stifle them for the “indigenous “ mind set .Don’t yiu see what is happening now in the work force.
    You have to import teachers and nurses from Timback too. Caribbean people .. ayo treat them too bad . Soon you woukd find the business gone and man power gone . Wicked mind set ..

  85. LOl says:

    What a F#$%ing joke. I didnt realise that there were Caribs and Arawaks in the BVI.

  86. Otherside says:

    Sound like if you the rite colour and bahn hee, ya win. If no, ya lose. Keep it up the nonsense.

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