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NHI urged to consider implementing a kidney transplant policy for BVI

Dr Heskith Vanterpool

Medical Director of the Bougainvillea Clinic Dr Heskith Vanterpool is urging the state-owned National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme to update their current policies to include kidney transplants.

This appeal was made after the clinic conducted the first successful kidney transplant in the British Virgin Islands last Saturday.

Dr Vanterpool said his clinic had conducted the transplant surgery without charge after being notified by the NHI prior that such a procedure was not covered under its existing policies.

“We have one major problem, NHI does not pay for kidney transplants. It is not the fault of government or anyone working in the NHI. It’s just the laws and how the NHI was written when it started,” Dr Vanterpool stated.

“Even some of the service that I thought they would pay for leading up to the transplant, it was not certified or pre-authorised and they told me that they are not going to pay for the medication the patient needs. So, we need to get people together to keep this patient going,” Dr Vanterpool added.

Dr Vanterpool said talks have started with the Chief Medical Officer in the Ministry of Health Dr Irad Potter to see what measures can be taken.

He said: “I assure you that discussion of policy has already started. Dr Potter and I have had communications and he has already indicated that we have to start looking at policies to put in place on how these things are done.”

The historic transplant surgery was conducted with the father-son duo of Neville and Nico Salmon.

It was reported that both patients were able to get back on their feet in less than 24 hours after the surgery,

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  1. TJ says:

    NHI will be the downfall of the country. 63,000 women have died in Canada because of government run health care. People are dying in the UK because of the same reason. People should pay for their own healthcare. Whats next? Government food programs?

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    • Hmmm says:

      Problem with making people pay for their own health care is that people generally won’t, often because it’s expensive. They’ll still get sick, or injured. Then what? Turn sick people away at the emergency room because they did not have the means to pay? Leave the wounded from an auto accident without means bleed to death by the side of the road? Then, of course, the medical profession runs a monopoly. Only the wealthiest would be able to afford them. Perhaps you mean everyone should have health insurance? Leading cause of personal bankruptcy in the US are because people are unable to afford their medical care.

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      • Bruce says:

        It straight up socialism. Can you give an example of where it had worked. Except for dictators. If healthcare providers had to compete for business. Healthcare would not be expensive unless you chose that type of coverage.

  2. ???? says:

    Ok great job Dr. Jamaicans people are very strong and fear no foe.god bless Dr let them keep talking about you drain NHI they just want to know your business don’t tell them gosh!!!!!!!

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  3. hint hint says:


  4. Conscience says:

    Think on the country. Virgin Islanders, not how much money you can make. When you were in charge at Peebles you had the opportunity to make a difference there but you kept your ideas for your own benefits.. If you had made the contribution there to begin, all your suggestions now would have been taken.. Show us that you are proud to be a part of BVI and not use it as an opportunity. Several persons came here and made it their home and contributed. Take a page out of one family. The Haycrafts.

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    • Fully concur says:

      to conscience. Soo refreshing to read your comment on conscience, and we hide our heads in the sand on exactly where some of our dysfunctions start. It starts with each one recognizing their Christ and Lucifer within. It all starts there. To whom much is giving, much should be expected in order to produce a better world, but some only love taking, taking, and taking some more.

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  5. True Doctor says:

    I admire you Dr. Vanterpool for being a true doctor. You performed the needed surgery although the Insurance wouldn’t cover anything. I applaud you!

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  6. rastarite says:

    When NHI started, the govt run scheme allowed the medical service providers to increase their fees dramatically – so a $40 dollar doctor’s appointment jumped to $150 (often for only 10 mins consultation).

    The patient paid 10% or $15 so he/she was happy but the NHI had to pay the balance and it’s still going on today. Medical providing businesses are getting rich But the NHI is on the verge of collapse.

    Why the NHI initially allowed this to happen is a mystery but it should be thoroughly investigated and doctor’s visits brought back down to a more reasonable level … to SAVE the NHI

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  7. avarice says:

    The man is a lover of moolah- all this is hoopla and spin- he needs to cool it- why not lets do heart transplants in the BVI?- DUH!

  8. Isaidso says:

    Some of you all need to stopay and put yourselves in other persons shoe . Come on people have a heart.
    We are paying in millions to NHI each year.
    What the government needs to do is let people pay out of their pockets for simple doctor visits. Let More majer problems doc. spoke about be implemented.
    That’s what insurance are for. However, government should of thought of ways to stop patients and greedy money making businesses from taking advantage of the NHI medical programme. Truth bre told i never see more people making doctor visits since NHI came on existence.

  9. Voices says:

    Come on people we we all need to speak up with this NHi system there just ridiculous, ever from since NHI comes on board I’ve signed up and pay my contributions up to this day and to my surprise I was called by a Doctors office this week telling me that NHI won’t cover a simple blood test to check my prostate but just wanna say Thank You RedCross for earlier up in the year to have that screening done

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