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Night-time ban on bikes extended as Premier reports spike in motorcycle crashes

Amid reports of a spike in scooter crashes, government has extended the night-time ban on local motorcycles.

The ban was initially scheduled to come to an end by Thursday, June 25. However, it has been extended by three weeks.

According to the updated Road Traffic (Restriction of Use of Motor Cycle) Regulations published in government’s official gazette on Thursday, the ban is now scheduled to come to an end on July 16.

No indication has been given on why the ban has been extended. However, the extension was ordered the same day Premier Andrew decried the rise in accidents.

“We are seeing an increase in scooter accidents and riders are not wearing safety gears and riding safely on the road. I am urging scooter riders to practice safety on the territory’s roads,” Premier Fahie said in a statement Wednesday evening, June 24.

Details of the bike ban

Except for a select category of riders when they are travelling to or from work, motorcycles are banned from operating on local roads between 5 pm and 5 am daily.

The exempted riders include security guards employed by a private security service provider, Customs and Immigration officers, as well as persons employed in the essential services.

Section 2 of the Virgin Islands Labour Code defines ‘essential services’ as workers employed in the police service, prison service, Water & Sewerage services, Fire & Rescue Service, electricity generation & distribution services, telecommunication services, healthcare providers, transportation services, and port services.

Premier Andrew Fahie said in a recent statement that the move is “for the safety and convenience” of the bikers and the wider public.

The public has largely supported the ban.


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  1. Nonsense says:

    The government is playing with these thugs rather than enforcing the laws. Run the country like statesmen and not politicians stand up for right and against wrong.

    I guess when one of them crash up and badly injured or worst Goodness forbid into a big dignitary then you will see a stance been made.

    You get in an accident with them and you see one of them father coming to the scene and trying to put the blame on the vehicle driver with every little technicality he can find. I hope he never comes back out to do traffic. It’s a shame that the force is so slack.

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    • 3 Cheers! says:

      Three Cheers for 3 more weeks!

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    • Right said Fred says:

      They are playing with the THUGS to garner more votes. The Government is afraid of the Thugs.

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    • Bike says:

      It does not have no bike ban that is only in the house because the most bikes you hear and see is after hours and those guys passing rite infront the police station and revving when they past. Hear them out there rite now ha ha, dem bike is he match king L

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    • To nonsense says:

      You mean the Police is playing around with these thugs. They are not enforcing the law. Matthews is a failure.

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  2. Dollars and coins says:

    What they need to do is to fine the riders who are without proper gear and paperwork a nice hefty sum.

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      Better confiscate the bikes. 1 st offense , one months confiscation, 2nd offense , 3 months confiscation., 3rd offense, crush it.

      Noisy exhaust to be one of the offenses.

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  3. Stupid a** says:

    You moving like people dont get In car crash and get mash up the same way too. Ayo like run ayo mouth on bike…talk about the cars too look how much cars on tola road, cant even get from point A to B in time.

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  4. Doh says:

    I’ve been taking care of those scooters, one bike at a time

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  5. stand up for right and against wrong says:

    if the car is at fault then its at fault. WE HAVE BAD AUTO MOBILE DRIVERS HERE TOO

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  6. Anonymous says:

    Thdy full of bs, stop worrying bout our safety, yall dont care bout the people so why care bout the riders? People have things to do what the f** is 5pm? All the vehiclular accidents and nothing being done for their safety. Burn this corrupted government

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  7. Bvi says:

    @ stupid a** perfect name. Are the cars that get smashed up costing the tax payers to keep them in the hospital and looking for funs to send them overseas to seek medical assistance??? Its you non brainers that putting extra burden on the government to use our money to help you. Most of the cars that get in accidents are licensed and insured. I personally don’t gave much of a problem when you people recklessly injured yourself. My issue with these just born yesterday trying to take over is about the other law abiding citizens that yoi are causing harm to. That’s my big issue.In the next few yrs just remember to tell one of my friends that mamy more deaths would take place from these scooters. The roads in the bvi cannot and will not ever be able to have cars and bikes operating safely . Never not in the bvi. It hsd bikes before but it had many deaths to. So is only worst its going to get not better. Take warning young stipid a**.

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  8. Smh says:

    Blame Cordell aka Pookie follower

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  9. STRUPES says:


    • To STRUPES says:

      EXACTLY!!! I guess Rh***r looking friend with them. The government is turning a blind eye to an ongoing problem. EVERY SINGLE day, we see riders WITHOUT helmets and they are always running the stop lights as if the red light does not apply to them. The government want to charge people 7% for sending their own hard earned money, so why not drop the hammer on the scooter riders?

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  10. Truth says:

    This van is a joke at least from my point of view. There is no enforcement. I’m less hearing noisy bike and I live close to a police station. Laws without enforcement are useless

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  11. Lolol says:

    Keep off of cordell ur like man a** u all ????

  12. Enforce please says:

    I have seen twice on the dual carriageway and around Baughers Bay a man, no helmet on a large bike, balancing a toddler on his knee and between his legs. He may have no respect for his own life but endangering the baby like that is reckless and makes me sick. Can we have an answer why the Police refuse to stop the bikes?

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  13. Lol says:

    All of them only getting on so cause of the bike noise inno…tola ppl sick lf. Half a ayo mds who does drive car dont even know how to indicate buh ayo studying bike. Ayo just feel shame ayo does be stuck in traffic and we reaching place before ayo.

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  14. Them dont listen says:

    Well all five o clock them still on the road.

  15. W.E Man says:

    Until we have an effective police force the bikes should be banned completely, let them ride bicycles instead.

  16. lol says:

    ….the most less scooter man…y’all can’t ride nah?come smx let we showy’all skills.

  17. lol says:

    ….the most less scooter man…y’all can’t ride nah?come smx let we showy’all skills..were you tink musa learn.

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