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Nightclubs can function next to churches — Fraser

Third District Representative Julian Fraser has argued that nightclubs and churches can co-exist alongside each other as neighbours in the territory.

As lawmakers debated the Liquor License Act, 2019 in the House of Assembly (HOA) recently, the issue of noise complaints came to the fore and Fraser pointed out that some establishments have adopted measures such as soundproofing their business to avoid inconveniencing nearby homes or businesses.

“That’s what my problem is, I need to know who is taking ownership of the disturbances that we’re having from these places in the neighbourhoods,” Fraser said.

The legislator said he sometimes receives calls late at night from constituents about disturbances which keep them awake at night caused by surrounding businesses.

“We have to take ownership of the problems that we are creating and I don’t believe they’re insurmountable,” Fraser told lawmakers. “You can have a nightclub right next door to a church, and they both can function at the same time. The church wouldn’t know what the nightclub is doing, the nightclub wouldn’t care what the church is doing.”

Under the new Act, a number of licenses may be granted and according to Fraser, persons being issued with a liquor license are given the rights and privilege to have a nightclub.

“So, therefore, this liquor license that you are issuing to these people makes you responsible for the noise, and we should be doing something about it. In this license that we’re issuing, it should stipulate the conditions under which a nightclub should be performing,” Fraser argued.

The new legislation also allows for persons to be granted retail and wholesale licenses, a members club license, a hotel license, a restaurant license, a bar license, and a vessel license among others. Each of these licenses entitle the holder of the license to sell liquor for consumption on or off the premises or vessel named in the license.

“Everyone in here knows that at the bars, it’s not just a matter of just drinking alcohol and talking loud. Some bars take it beyond that and they have music,” Fraser argued.

The legislator said he has no problem with bars having music, as long as it does not disturb the neighbourhood. He further argued that there should be a person or entity that should be designated and can be contacted if there is a disturbance being caused by any business.

“The person that you’re going to call should have the authority or the agency you’re going to call should have the authority to issue warnings to the establishment and if the establishment fails to adhere to the warning, they should have the authority to close it down for a period,” Fraser said.

He added: “There should be a level of responsibility attached to these things. And I don’t think that what I’m saying is outlandish. When someone has paid their good monies to build a home, they should be able to be comfortable in that home.”


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  1. hmm says:

    I agree… both of them making noise same way.

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  2. LB says:

    So nobody willing to call out the churches when they come and set up loud speakers with horrible loud-assed singing? Or the ridiculous hooting and hollering and screaming for hours on the mic by the pastors? Oh they can make all the noise they want with their speakers in people neighborhood? Carry on!

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  3. They very well can says:

    Some pastors shout like them god deaf or the congregation sitting one mile away from them. and them people singing catch feelings to impress a guy or a girl in the audience to turn up them volume and half cant carry a note. live and let live. mind their own business.

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  4. YA says:

    I think the same way the bars are given a period of time to close, the same should be done with the nightclub. The latest they should be opened is 230

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  5. Apple bay says:

    Some people grow up meet an establishment in the tourism sector next to their dwelling and complaining after ALL these years. And that has nothing to do with generations of their family working there and them too working in the financial industry. How messed up is that family??

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  6. Wellsah says:

    It’s the same people attend both

  7. ..... says:

    Maybe I dont go out much… but are church hours and night club hours overlapping?

    Yes. Address noise pollution accross the board. Enjoy yourselves and listen to whatever you please – just in a way that everyone else does not have to listen to it too.

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  8. well brer rabbit ? says:

    has really began to show his ignorance , just like these CRACKHEADS and RUMBOS who are blogging a whole set of SH*T here. where’s your head at brO ?

  9. Good idea says:

    Fraser for premier

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  10. Sea Cows Bay massive says:

    Nonsense and he’s not even approachable, you think Tortola in trouble now, watch if he becomes primer then the whole damn country in trouble only then you can’t watch him, he’s not a people person at all.

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  11. @Apple Bay (Little) says:

    Remember, you are in a village which is a residential area! Years ago this was understood and persons behaved accordingly. You should behave the same and have the establishment be above reproach.

    In England night clubs/bars, music generating establishments are sound proof. Additionally they are closed, by law, at 12 midnight. Police comes calling to ensure law is enforced.

    Ask yourself – Who wants to go to a doctor who has gotten no sleep because of loud noise? Who wants their child to be taught when the teacher did not sleep?
    Who wants the liability of a construction worker damaging himself because of lack of sleep? Who wants a lawyer to represent them because of lack of sleep? How can your child learn when he/she has had no sleep?

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  12. Anonymous says:

    Those who are arguing that the people in churches and bars make the same noises full of piss! You cannot compare the two! Even if churches have noise they finish at reasonable hours, verses the bars/clubs that continue on until 2, 3, 4, even 5 sometimes in the morning. And don’t talk about the loud talking/laughing/fighting of the patrons, as well as the other disturbances that occur. They need to open a club right up in Fraser nose hole! Let’s hear what he will have to say then. They don’t care unless it affects them! Jack a- -es!!

  13. Hog wash says:

    A club needs to open close enough to Fraser house, let’s hear if he will feel the same way. They don’t care unless it affects them directly. Compassionate to no one but themselves. The noise from bar/clubs is getting out of hand because laws are not being enforced and the government officials don’t care. How can you coexist with owners and patrons who are so disrespectful to anyone having a problem with their noise and who only care about making money and partying? I can’t stand most of these so called politicians! Fake a- -es!!

  14. Omy! says:

    The devil is a liar!!!!!!!

  15. HellBoy says:

    @Omy! The devil ever lie to you ?

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