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Nine more persons tested for COVID-19 and awaiting results

Nine more persons in the British Virgin Islands have been tested for the coronavirus and are now awaiting their results from the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) in Trinidad.

Health Minister Carvin Malone made the announcement during live public broadcast on Wednesday, April 1.

“The results will be known shortly — maybe within the next 48 to 60 hours,” the minister said.

Faster turnover time

Malone said the territory is now receiving test results at a much faster rate since there are three flights that arrive from Trinidad per week.

He said CARPHA officials travel to the territory to collect tests every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday — an arrangement organised by CARICOM and its Regional Security System.

Malone further said the 143 persons who are currently quarantined locally were also retested to determine whether further quarantine and/or isolation measures will be necessary.

With new nine cases pending, the BVI’s total tested cases to date now moves to 61, with 49 confirmed negative and three confirmed positives.

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  1. Confused says:

    I thought they had said we have the capacity to test locally.
    Three times per week??I wonder who footing that bill.

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    • Lock down says:

      Yep, testing locally is one of the lies they telling us.

      Malone also says that “the 143 people quarantined were retested”. 143 people Retested? Didn’t he report earlier that only 52 persons have been tested. This isn’t any time to be misleading the people.

      • Think nah mahn!???? says:

        They test locally the tests have to be shipped off for results To a controlled environment for proper handling

        Dammit to hell yall so cantankerous like confusion soooo.
        Make an inference, draw a conclusion, use the details and think,,,

        (In my best sabastian from the little mermaid voice)
        JEEZE MAN!!!

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    • thoughtful sailor says:

      It’s a two stage process: administering the test, which means having the test kits and training, and is what we can do here. The other part is the lab part, the analysis, and that’s what is happening in Trinidad.

      • @thoughtful sailor says:

        Why all the way Trinidad in the first place?

        Could the direct conections with that country that director of hospital have, have anything to do with that decision?

        Do things change when it is apparent they do not?

        Are there no places closer to BVI than can provide those essential and critical services more quickly, given the emergency and life threatening nature of the pandemic?

        • @ thoughtful sailor 2 says:

          This means that they are not testing here only collecting samples to be tested. There is a difference.

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        • 32 says:

          CARPHA has the only CARICOM regional reference laboratory accredited to test for COVID-19.
          That lab is located in Trinidad, so that is why all the tests have to go to Trinidad

        • what? says:

          CDC 🙂 You all need to relax a bit and learn to do research. Look up CARPAH and stay at home quietly. Stupz.

  2. Rudy Arazena says:

    Que atrasada esta la isla vergüenza me da de ustedes robándose todo el dinero de la isla

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    • @Rudy Arazena says:

      We no speke d spaneche. We speke engles. You are living in and feeding of a english country for god sake.

      The first thing intelligent people do when relocating to a country with a tongue foriegn to theirs is to learn the language, at least make an attempt to.

      The BVI is the only country where spanish speaking people come to and make no effort to learn the dominant language.

      Are they mentally lazy, incapable or just arrogant?

      Bet your last dollar, soon as they land in New York or anywhere in america tomorrow,the first thing they do is start learning the language, so as to fit in. It is called surviving.

      There is no pressure or stress in the BVI of being detained and deported as there are in america. So they are quite comfortable here in their home away from home.

      Of course, come in illegally or with cemetary documents, stay untill you die, and show no respect for country or its customs, including its langguage.

      it is damn rude of you to go on an english speaking forum and blog in spanish. You should be deported. And you wonder why some to most of you are not liked or made to feel welcomed.

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      • Voodoo man says:

        They wouldn’t know better because they think because we have US dollar as our currency, they think that we living our best lives. So for them, learning the language is no where near their priorities. But that’s how them spanish people is. We should deport all of them and send them back to their homes to suffer. Ungrateful pieces of s***.

  3. @Rudy Arazena says:

    Who are you calling backwards? Santo Domingo has the most COVID-19 cases in the Caribbean and more than some US states.

    I agree with you on the stealing part though.

  4. Mira says:

    Qué atrasados ​​son los residentes, sin orden. ¡Demasiadas personas están totalmente fuera de control! Esto muestra el nivel de humanidad que tenemos el uno hacia el otro. La parte triste es que el virus ahora se propaga al respirar y hablar. Ver a tantas personas por ahí sin máscaras es aterrador.

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    • Translator says:

      How backward are the residents, without order. Too many people are totally out of control! This shows the level of humanity we have towards each other. The sad part is that the virus is now spread by breathing and talking. Seeing so many people out there without masks is scary.

      Kindly remember VI DOMINANT language is VI English

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    • Mbviga says:

      We need to get all of the foreigners out until this crisis is over

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  5. Ah sah says:

    How backward are we behaving, without order. Too many people are totally out of control! This shows the level of humanity we have towards each other. The sad part is that the virus is now spread by breathing and talking. Seeing so many people out there without masks is scary.

  6. Facts says:

    What about recovery cases from the 3 positive cases.

  7. Fact says:

    What about cases recovered from positive cases.

  8. aplus says:

    The Spainish is burning uall so..Cuneo

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