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Nine new COVID-19 cases recorded! BVI now has 26 active cases

Nine new positive COVID-19 case have been recorded in the British Virgin Islands, bringing the total active cases in the territory to 26.

Health Carvin Malone made the announcement during a national address on Friday morning, August 28.

He said: “I am reporting that a total of 529 persons were tested from the 25th to the 27th of August. These persons were mainly comprised of primary and secondary contacts of recently identified cases, number 12 through 26.”

“I am further reporting that 520 of these results were returned as negative while nine were returned as positive for the virus that causes COVID-19,” he added.

Two hospitalised but non critical

Of the positive cases, Malone said two of the patients have been hospitalised but none are experiencing severe symptoms at this time.

He further said the recent tests included residents of Anegada, returning nationals and Belongers, and other categories of persons routinely test for COVID-19.

Of nine new cases, Malone said they were linked to known COVID-19 clusters on the eastern end of Tortola and in the Road Town area.

“Persons testing positive for COVID-19 have been placed in isolation and their households and other close contacts placed in quarantine as case findings and testing activities expand,” he stated.

All testing on Anegada returned negative/ Travels resumed

Meanwhile, Malone also expressed good news for the sister island of Anegada, stating that all of the residents tested during this week returned a negative results.

Some 292 residents of Anegada were tested as part of the community screening exercise earlier this week. 

“Specific travel restrictions to and from the island of Anegada expired at 5 am this morning Friday, August 28,” he stated.

Testing on Virgin Gorda begins today!

Malone, who is also a Territorial At Large member, further said community screen testing will begin on Virgin Gorda starting today.

He encouraged all persons who would have come into contact with a known case or who feel they are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 to go forward for testing.

“Walk-in testing services will be provided in the Valley Virgin Gorda on Friday the 28th of August and Monday the 31st of August from 10 am to 2 pm at the Anglican Church Hall. No appointment is necessary and testing is free,” he stated.

Malone further said more details will be forthcoming on the arrangements for testing planned for the other communities of Sea Cow’s Bay and East End during the coming week.

To date, the BVI has tested a total of 2,853 persons. Of that number, 35 positive cases have been detected, eight have since recovered, and one has died.


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  1. Locals says:

    We blame y’all island people

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  2. Breaking news says:

    I have good source that it is the opposition and ndp trying to stir trouble. Them say they blogging all week that only island people and expatriates getting the virus and local people not getting it. Them trying to stir up trouble and divide the people and turn people away from the Government good work. Be aware everyone and stay safe.

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  3. Wake UP says:

    We need access to Hydroxycholoquine, here is famous Dr. John Campbell finally, finally showing huge trials showing that it works.

    Please watch and please Fahie give us access to HCQ.

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  4. Father Time says:

    @ Locals – Girl shut the h**l up. Your government are the ones smuggling people in and out this damned place. Eat a d**k.

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  5. Chosen says:

    Locals I hope when you arrive in h**l you remember that stupid comment hater

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  6. Smdh!! says:

    Is this the time to play blame game????..sickening!!!! It’s a world wide pandemic oh mudda man!!!!

  7. Styles. says:

    Dear BVI news,

    Can you please moderate this comment section a bit better.

    People simply blaming “island people” and being racist and discriminating without any base should not get a platform.

    Thank you on behalf of the decent people of the BVI.

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  8. We all have to make the sacrifice. says:

    They lock us down 24/7.. We suffer but they continue to get their pay.. People who are willing to work are forced out of work to no fault of them, and people who dont want to work glad to stay at home and get pay…So, I say, No work half pay including govt members, i think thats fear everyone has to share in the sacrifice…

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  9. L Ipton says:

    Were these 9 new cases the results from persons who were mingling with others before the testing? If that so, a number of persons may have to be retested.

  10. Here it comes says:

    There will be 24/7 lockdown once again. It is coming. The government doesn’t have a clue how to deal with Covid. Just open up and do what the rest of the world is doing. Keep your elderly safe and away from the young, wear a mask, social distance and get to work. There is no need to worry. You have Cuban Communist Doctors to take care of your a**es. No matter that they can’t understand you. They really aren’t there to help you. They are there for the Foy. He likes communists. He’s bringing the Chinese as well. Stay safe.

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  11. To Here it Comes says:

    Sadly a lockdown is needed, but the government will choose not to cause all they care about is money and not the lives of its people. They should have been protecting the boarders FROM DAY ONE…BUT the waited until st!+ hit the fan and now they scrambling to secure the boarders while refusing help from the UK

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  12. Fahie says:

    Lies. Just to keep the place lockdown

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  13. Expect this says:

    We all know there are more cases cause the police here only cud enforce the seatbelts and cellphone law and usually its law abiding citizens they harassing. Social distancing wear mask and wash your hands and everywhere you go you see people loitering and bar doors still open but they watching every construction site to see if a block is going up even if a man in his yard laying his own block they stopping him . Police officers stop doing what’s easy and do what’s right.

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  14. interested foreigner says:

    Just to put things in perspective some major cities in Canada of 4+ million people are only seeing under 30 cases a day. That would be the equivalent of BVI at 0.2 cases per day. However in the last week 10 days you are close to 10 times that of major Canadian cities. You can beat this by wearing a mask, washing hands and social distancing trust me. Everyone must do it we are all in this together regardless of race, colour, religion

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  15. It Dem Spanish Women says:

    Bring Desease to da Island

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  16. Will happen says:

    It is sad but, soon we will be going back on lock down. I would prefer the lock down because more people is indoors. The BVI Cannot handle a full on outbreak. If that happens, it will take out the whole Island.

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  17. Stainlessbloke says:

    @here it comes. Hit the nail on the head. Just open up and deal with it! Take care of the the vunerable. I ask why we still have only 8 ventilators? After all this time? I ask why was a video of a person getting out of a dingey just removed from FB in seconds? Why was a New york post story about a fisherman locked up in bvi prison just removed from FB? Who is censoring FBdoes FB care so much about the BVI?

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  18. :) says:

    Only 8 ventilators you better pray all our cases are mild or asymptomatic. Imagine 9 people falling ill at the same time. Will St. Thomas allow the sick into their territory for treatment or do we have to watch somebody die because we didn’t have the necessary equipment. Let’s hope that we never have to find the answer to these questions.

  19. BIG QUESTION says:


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  20. All in says:

    We all have to do our part and take one for the team. We are all in this together. Please people, WEAR A MASK TO HELP STOP THE SPREAD, SOCIAL DISTANCE, KEEP YOUR HANDS CLEAN AND PRACTICE PERSONAL HYGIENE.

  21. Who knows says:

    It’s dem smugglers they brought it here. Why Dey not be cought?

  22. wtf says:

    Came here to read about covid not racist remarks. Its too much now no one is forcing you to be in between people.

    There never was all this dumb back & forth until the past two years.

    Stop feeling small in a foreign country live & be happy.

    This is as dumb as team light skin vs team dark skin. Lack of maturity in big people.

  23. Hmm says:

    I hear that the 9 cases are all policemen. This you can multiply by 4 for for their families.

  24. Covidisascam says:

    Hydroxycholoquine works, most of the world leaders and celebrities are taking it don’t let the w.h.o fool us into waiting for a vaccine

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  25. A word for my island people and expats says:

    Island people and expats lets hold our head high. To he** with the idiotic bvi
    people and their negative thinking. Most are uneducated and lack basic commonsense. Blaming is just words and doesn’t change the facts. We have nothing to do with how they run their country and what will eventually happen to it.

    it’s very convenient to try to blame us for everything. we are some of the hardest working people in the land.

    leave them to their big apartment buildings, speed boats, bvi passport, belongership etc . apparently covid is partial to those things so that will keep them safe.

  26. WHO says:

    According to WHO patients with no symptoms cannot transmit virus after 13 days.

  27. To "A word for my islamd people and ecpats" says:

    Very few do I read these blogs, but one thing I know is that basically the same people blog consistently.

    So why are you hating on BVIslanders for the few fools that come on here and blog such negative and hateful things.

    Now here you come and respond in the same kind. You are no better than those whoare blogging foolishness. Learn to ignore and stop displaying such hate to SO MANY people you know nothing about, many of whom have helped you and will continue to. If you must respond then direct that hate to the person(s) that commented.

    One jackass don’t continue to bray by himself. Dont respond to such hate. I am sure you have so much better things to do with your time, including trying to find a flight back home, if you have so much hate for ALL the people of the BVI. Come on, no one have you held hostage here. There is no territory-wide lockdown in effect.

  28. Ponder says:

    It truly take a crisis to separate the adults from the child. Borders been closed but yet open for belongers with screening measures. Is about time the grown people put on their adult draws and take responsibility for their actions. For a dollar the lives of the people of the BVI is in trouble. Keep smuggling. Genius

  29. Hi says:

    Hi, you all f***ing crazy the virus is for all kind of people in the world.

    The virus is in the air mother f***

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