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No 10% payout if ‘1K Jobs’ workers not employed for full 12 months

Businesses who hired employees under the ‘1000 Jobs in 1000 Days Programme’ but failed to keep them employed for at least twelve consecutive months, will not qualify for the 10 percent compensation of total salaries.

This is according to an eligibility policy which the Department of Labour & Workforce Development outlined in a media release on Monday.

The release detailed two requirements necessary to receive compensation, with the second being that the employees hired under the programme must be a BVIslander or Belonger.

Premier Andrew Fahie urged all eligible businesses to apply for the promised compensation and he appealed to businesses and unemployed persons across the territory to continue to register to the programme.

“Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, your government is keeping its promise to pay the 10 percent of the salaries of all the employees that were hired through the 1000 Jobs in 1000 Days Programme. This is a promise made and a promise that we will keep.”

Labour Minister Vincent Wheatley highlighted the partnership between the public and private sector as it assists with his government’s goal of localising the territory’s workforce.

While the progress of the programme was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Minister Wheatley said he hopes to see more successful results forthcoming in future employment opportunities for locals.

Information required for each employee

The release also listed the information that will be required for each employee hired under the programme.

These include an original Compensation Benefit Form and an original Performance Evaluation Form which must be completed, signed and dated by both employer and employee, proof that the employee remains employed and a Certificate of Earnings from the Social Security Board, National Health Insurance and Inland Revenue.

Each of the aforementioned forms must be virtually submitted to the Department of Labour and Workforce Development for processing via email at

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  1. schemers says:

    A Govt. can not and should not create jobs. You’re better off with a business friendly leader that encourages hiring and investments. BVI policy does the opposite

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  2. Lol says:

    This government is just c*****t
    You promise1000 jobs for a 1000 people
    And yet you are pressuring the private business to hire them lazy a**

    Why don’t you find a 1000 government jobs for them

    1, the show up to work when the feel like

    2, the are lazy

    3, when the get pay you don’t see them back a week after when them money finish

    The private sectors have a right to hire who ever the want to work for them

    The ppl are looking for

    hardworking staff

    Coming on time to work

    Good customer service

    Ppl who will stay on the job

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  3. LMAO says:

    This make any f**king sense????? LOL!!

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  4. dooped again says:

    The government promised 1000 jobs in a 1000 days. They led people to believe that they would be creating those jobs based on their economic policies and support to the private sector. They have done neither. So the private sector create jobs and they piggy back on it by offering 10% of the salary. No positive action taken the government to hire anyone but here they go again taking the credit. Dooped by the VIP again.

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    • really joker!!!!!! says:

      How do you expect government to give jobs when out of the 12 mths we were mostly on lock down… Don’t be an A**!!!

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  5. Haters says:

    Some people are just haters no matter what the Government do it pxxxxs them off. Cool down before you explode with hate.

  6. Windy says:

    What a better way to get out of paying the businesses. Shut the economy down causing most people and businesses to shut down. So wrong

  7. 1000 days says:

    The media’s descriptions of the VIP’s 1000 jobs in a 1000 days program in 2019 indicated that the ‘new’ employee in the ‘new’ job/position had to be continuously employed for 1000 days before government would reimburse the employer 10% of the employee’s annual salary. 1000 days is 2 years and 9 months while 3 years is 1095 days. Next time the government should advertise 1095 jobs in 1095 days.

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