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No by-election, says governor | Generals by April 16 next year

Governor Jaspert at Government House.

The next General Election is to be held by April 16, 2019, Governor Augustus Jaspert announced.

An early General Election is being held because the governor, acting on the advice of Premier Dr D Orlando Smith, has decided to forego any by-election for the Fifth Electoral District.

In a media release on Thursday, Governor Jaspert said the Premier believes the territory should forego a by-election to avoid having two elections that would have happened one shortly after the other.

“In deciding to accept this advice, I considered carefully what would be in the best interests of the Virgin Islands and the electorate and agreed with the Premier that it would not be in the best interests of the people of the Virgin Islands to hold both a by-election followed shortly after by a full general election next year,” Governor Jaspert said.

A reasonable timeframe

The governor further explained that since there will not be a by-election, the general election will be held within a reasonable timeframe from the date the Fifth District seat became vacant.

“I have received legal advice that the holding of a general election within a period of six months from the date of the death of the member of the Fifth District may be a [good] compromise date between foregoing a by-election and holding a general election,” the governor said.

“I consider the holding of a general election by 16th April 2019 as a reasonable time frame. I will be advised accordingly in due course on the dates the Premier wishes to dissolve the House and hold an election prior to that date in April,” he added.

In anticipation of the early election, Governor Jaspert has urged legislators to unify and “ensure that key legislation on governance, security and recovery are passed before the House dissolves”.

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  1. Luvz says:

    Thank you Governor Jaspert. This make absolute sense to NOT have by elections.

    What an election it is going to be.

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  2. Query says:

    Since when the Governor is involved in this? I thought it would be the Premier making these statements?

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  3. News flash says:

    The country has no government it’s a free for all with all the appointed government elected officials.

  4. Reply says:

    A good decision. There was no need to have a by-election for the 5th knowing the General was closely right behind.

    In 5 months time everyone will know who will lead the country thereafter. May the best man/woman win.

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  5. finally says:

    Finally common sense prevails

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  6. Ndp heckler says:

    Trade licenses will be given out like crazy now

  7. Reasoning says:

    IMO, the governor and deputy governor listen to the talk show radio programs more often and pay closer attention than we may think. Last night on the VIP Lets talk program, Fahie made a bold statement, voicing his disagreement with a Bielection followed so closely by a general election, saying that it makes no sense, calling it a waste of tax payers money; instead calling for early general elections. Isn’t that the decision made by the governor?
    Hon Fahie is in a very good position to become the next premier. One of my main reasonsoning points is that being in away outside of government for two terms now, while also being leader of the opposition, has given him real opportunities to see the mistakes, the errors, bad decisions etc made by government; while at the same time allowing him to introspect himself, in terms of how he would have handle himself as leader of government. Fahie is a leader; not perfect. Who is? Wasn’t Jesus Christ crucified? Whatever issues or beef some of us have with Fahie, I’d suggest we better pay closer attention. I’d also say that his credibility with the Uk is much better than we know who. The words he uses consistently, (Transparency, Good Governance, Policing ourselves, Protocols for Good Financial Management) are very powerful words indeed; words that echo well with the UK.

    By the way, I have voted for politicians in both parties in the past and not favoring VIP or disfavoring NDP. Considering the situation we are in, with the UK being more involved with us than they have ever been, there’s much to consider in looking to the future.

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    • Nope says:

      Not a vip getting my vote. Myron for Premier and Marlon for Deputy Premier. NDP ALL THE WAY!

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    • Well says:

      In the hallowed halls,this issue was already in the making and was yet to be made public.
      Fahie,the sly untrustworthy fox used the lil secret pretending that it was his idea.
      He is never to be trusted.

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      • True says:

        The fact that Gov made the announcement so soon after Andrew pontificated, indicates that it was a decision already made by Gov. This was not done overnight.
        What an assinine brain drain of a human.

    • Really Now says:

      A lot more people besides him said so it is just that he got the radio. Stop giving unnecessary booster credit but then again it typical

  8. Well well well says:

    Well Hon. Fahie turn out to be right again.

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    • Trust Nut says:

      It was known behind the closed doors and hush hush until the appropriate time,that the Gov had made the decision to by pass and call an early election.
      Fahie,true to his nature of untrustworthiness, let the secret out and claim it as his. Zany jack donkey.
      Well sah…
      Never thought him to be the brightest bulb but really, this takes the cake.

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  9. oops says:

    Hurrah for de governa! But wait if all the ministers leave the party do they still hold ministries? Well like Labour, immigration, health other junior appointments???? If you’re not in the party then you’re not part of the government ain’t so it go????? It’s gonna be a rainbow of colors and a lots of freebies, freebies, ratings and drinking fo so!!!!! PVC, T111, VIP, NBC, CNN, NBA, MMA, NDP, MMA, WWF, WBC, WIC, PVIM, PEP, PUP, HELP,!!!,!!

  10. True says:

    The fact that Gov made the announcement so soon after Andrew pontificated, indicates that it was a decision already made by Gov. This was not done overnight.
    What an assinine brain drain of a human.

  11. Tys says:

    Note the Governor works for the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. They have poor reputation and would not rock any boat.

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