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No challenge for leadership: My allegiance is to Premier

Dr Kedrick Pickering

Amid talks that Premier Dr D Orlando Smith’s role as head of the National Democratic Party (NDP) is under threat, Deputy Premier and senior NDP member Dr Kedrick Pickering said he is not aware of any upcoming internal elections for the presidency of the party.

While answering questions on Tuesday about whether he is vying for the NDP presidency and, by extension, the Premiership, Dr Pickering was keen to cite yesterday’s date as he suggested he is not contending for the post.

“I have not heard him (Premier Smith) say that he was prepared to step down or that his time was up. I have not heard him say any such thing. So, as far as I am concerned at this point in time, today, the 29th of May, my allegiance is to the leader of the NDP, Dr D Orlando Smith.”

Dr Pickering made the statement during his appearance this week on the Honestly Speaking radio programme with host, Claude Skelton Cline.

While pressing the subject further, the talk show host asked Dr Pickering whether he was prepared to accept the NDP presidency if he was called to take up the role.

He replied: “Whatever leadership capacity I’m asked to in this country, I am prepared.”

Reports of an NDP general meeting in the coming weeks recently surfaced and political observers have been speculating that the NDP presidency will be put up for grabs.

Back in February, the NDP held internal elections but the Premier’s post of NDP President was not put to a vote.

It is said at least one other At-Large government minister is interested in the post.

Government’s At-Large representatives comprise Walwyn, Ronnie Skelton, Dr Pickering, Archibald Christian, and Premier Smith.

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  1. More of the same says:

    Yea right! Who does he think he is fooling? Didn’t Mitch say that he was one who was calling for the same Premier to give up finance? I listened keenly to the debate when he scolded Minister ——- for standing up to Hon. Turnbull for the manner in which he addressed the Premier publicly. As much allegiance as he has to the Premier he said absolutely nothing yet defended Hon. Turnbull. Do you all think we don’t listen and observe?
    Dr. Pickering, All can see that you are a part of the whole c— seeking p—–. Why aren’t you ever asked any questions in HOA by the opposition. Why all the money that wasted on the green houses, brandywine bay beach and the 9M spent on the airport study never mentioned by all those who claim that they care about responsible spending? Why the contract for 200k per year to W—– who hardly worked is never spoken of? Why it took you soo long to bring the sea Cow’s bay Bay Barbour project to the HOA? Why were you speaking at the recent March when the Premier and opposition leader spoke? Why are you all of a sudden a regular guest on the talk show and the host now calling you an awaken lion?My simple guess is that it’s one big ————- with all of you including those who claim to be of the —-. Good luck but it will be a sad day for the BVI if — ever become Premier.

  2. Backbench says:

    This man is the least ————— minister in government. He s————– be considered for nothing but the back bench. Bring Marlon forward and put him behind.

  3. Cayote says:

    No challenge because he’s not a leader and his leader sleeping.

  4. Dr Pickering says:

    I thought Dr Pickering was the 7th District Rep.

  5. Yolo says:

    Pizza face

  6. We need representation says:

    Have you ever gone to see this — in — office? Please don’t go or else you will leave —– than you came. You are completely i—— by him. — looks out the window with — face and shoulders turned away from you while you speak to the wall. Then — say that — can’t help you. Waste of visit!

  7. Devon says:

    He was very quiet when the Norman Island thing blew up about his friend Dr Jareck !

  8. 2 Grand says:

    Never look for answers to questions or solutions to problems to those who are part of the problem. Those who created the chaos is now pretended savior dont be eyes open shut

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