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No charges after alleged drug find! Ferry captain and crew released pending further investigation

Local law enforcement authorities have released the captain and crew of a local ferry company that had been arrested in connection to a marijuana find on Wednesday.

Reports are that an undisclosed amount of cannabis was discovered aboard their vessel.

When asked if they were released on bail, Police Information Officer Akia Thomas said no.

She told our news centre no criminal charges have been laid against them.

“The investigation is ongoing. They have been released pending further investigations,” she stated.

The full circumstances of the alleged incident are not yet known to our news centre but matters involving controlled substances such as marijuana typically attract charges such as possession of a controlled drug, among other things.

The reported bust was undertaken by officers of Her Majesty’s Customs, BVI News understands.

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  1. Yep says:

    BVI! The land where crime pays, especially when you have the right last name.

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  2. Hooray says:

    Yess that proves we locals can get away with anything

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  3. Shut them down says:

    Get rid of that company

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  4. hahahahaha says:

    of course not, why would you arrest anyone for finding kilos of drugs!

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  5. How says:

    Which ferry company is this?

  6. Hmmm says:

    We all know this will happen 🙂

  7. Dan says:

    Give up your stupid war on marijuana. You might start making some money down there. Lord knows your citizens need it.

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  8. Paul says:

    A****les still fighting a pot war. No wonder your broke.

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  9. Local girl says:

    @Dan especially those morbidly obese women and men, they need to tax these fat people in the territory higher than others, they are a problem to our health care system, if they smoke marijuana maybe they would be able to get up off their fat a$$es and walk, do something with their sluggish behind, all they want to do is eat, most of them are always on a see food and eat diet.
    I hate fat people especially the women, they always smell stinks like sour milk.

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    • Father Time says:

      @ Local girl

      Are you mentally ill? What does this have to do with anything? Shut up. You’re probably one of these fat people you hate so much. Everyday y’all come under these headlines to talk out your a sses all because it’s anonymous. Go learn something and stop being so damn ignorant.

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    • Geeze says:

      Easy on the fat people them. Is what fat women do you so to go si far to say yiu hate them? Did one take your man? Steal from you? My gosh this is full of hatred. Please check you self it aint worth all the hatred you spewing out show some love and just maybe the fat women them will consider exercising and dieting the right way. Peace!

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  10. doh says:

    This is how the drugs are moved. The ferries load the suitcases, boxes, and items to transported. Then one or more is kept aboard until the end of day. This is then unpacked and distributed to crew personal baggage. Customs is paid off to look away.

    Nothing new. Been happening for years. ****cop just got lucky

  11. ??? says:

    Maybe it was a Maiden Voyage of medical marijuana shipment…..

  12. Asi says:

    Yes, where are those that like to say spanish ppl where are youuu. Mother f***ers

  13. Other Side says:

    Just wait until USVI gets rockin’ with de ganja. BVI, Culebra, Vieques will be chin deep in greenbud.

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