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No choice!

Amid the usual advice for them to continue striving for excellence, some 80 primary school graduates have been told that they have no choice but to embrace the digital textbooks they will start using when their secondary school journey commences in September.

Education minister Myron Walwyn told the Althea Scatliffe Primary students: “The point that I am making is this, whether you want this (digital textbook) or not, you have to get it. That is the point I am making because this is where we are moving now with education in the territory.”

Walwyn also stated that Government already has told suppliers of textbooks about the impending changes.

“We only have a few merchants who bring textbooks into the country, and out of courtesy we had to advised them that we are moving towards digital textbooks, so that they don’t have to invest and bring the textbooks in,” he further told the graduates.

The graduates, in the meantime, made their attitude towards technology clear.

They did so when the education minister told them: “We want to work with you and help you because we know that you love technology; you love the internet?”.

“Yessssss!” the graduates responded loudly, to the amusement of many adults in earshot.

The primary school graduates also sounded similar enthusiasm when the minister asked if they are tired of having to carry ‘heavy’ book-bag to school.

The minister further told the graduating class that the digital textbooks will have all their lessons, except their Literature books.

“What the government is going to do from September; you won’t have to carry those heavy book-bags to school,” he said.

The minister, while displaying one of the digital textbooks, further told the cheering graduates: “You will be taking this device to school and your textbooks will be on this device.”

He added that the digital textbooks will help students to produce better grades. “You have a device that we know will help to increase the academic performance,” the education minister asserted.

In the meantime, the Althea Scatliffe Primary graduating class this year comprise 80 students.

The top 10 performers in academics are: Andre Smikle, followed by Amari Blyden, Desarie Maynard, D’Shaye Phillips, Ajaanii Malone, Kristen Erickson, Brea Brodie, Tierra DaSilva, Mashal Louisy, and Ronald Casear.

Principal at the school, Marieta Flax-Headley, expressed confidence that the graduates will benefit from the lessons learnt at Althea Scatliffe.

“I believe that the start you have received here at ‘Mighty Scatliffe’ should allow each of you to hold your own and perform at the highest level at the Elmore Stoutt High School or at any secondary institution globally,” she wrote in a booklet distributed to the graduates. “Remember, it is only what you put into it you will get out of it. Deposit now so there is something to withdraw later on.”

The guest speaker, in the meantime, was Simone Martin, an accomplished past student of Althea Scatliffe Primary. “Be you, be brave, be polite, and be teachable,” she advised the graduates.


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