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No cooperation from Russell Harrigan during the audit of BVI Airways deal — Auditor General

Former Chairman of the BVI Tourist Board, Russell Harrigan reportedly did not provide any cooperation during the Office of the Auditor General’s probe of the controversial BVI Airways deal.

Auditor General Sonia Webster said her office contacted Harrigan on multiple occasions but received no reply throughout the life of the audit, which lasted roughly one-and-a-half years.

“Mr Harrigan was sent emails on the 23rd and 24th of May 2019 requesting his cooperation. A letter advising of the audit and requesting him to contact us was hand-delivered to his offices at Oysters [Global Marketing Group]. We received no response,” Webster said while responding to questions from BVI News on Friday, June 5.

“We also attempted to reach him by telephone for a possible interview, but this was unsuccessful,” she further told our news centre.

Harrigan is said to be one of the players involved in the flopped $7.2 million BVI Airways deal and had official meetings with operators of the controversial airline on at least one occasion, the Auditor General’s Office said in its January 2020 report.

An excerpt from the Auditor General’s Report on Government’s Financing of BVI Airways’ Direct Flights to Miami

Similarly, former Premier, Dr D Orlando Smith said back in July 2018 that his administration was convinced that BVI Airways was reliable because of some government affiliates such as Harrigan who had endorsed the airline.

Our news centre’s efforts to reach Harrigan for comment were also not unsuccessful up to publication time.

Restrictions of the audit

Harrigan, in the meantime, was not the only player who the Office of the Auditor General had trouble getting in contact with.

Noting the restrictions faced while conducting the audit, the Auditor General said in her report that requests for interviews with the Chairman of the BVI Airways Board, Scott Weisman were also unsuccessful.

Criminal investigation

A full criminal investigation has now been launched into the failed BVI Airways deal which cost taxpayers $7.2 million.

The previous Premier Smith-led National Democratic Party government had given the airline that sum to commence direct flights between the BVI and Miami in the United States. BVI Airways has not delivered.

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  1. follow the money says:

    and you will be surprised

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  2. Soooo says:

    So have the police raid his office, gather up every piece of paper he has, impound his computers and put his a** in jail. Is he obviously guilty if he did not respond? Oh but wait, perhaps he might rat out all the other c*******s on both sides of the aisle. What a waste you all are. Go back to bed and leave it alone. This is a waste of time. It’s going nowhere.

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  3. Mute says:

    There’s no evidence at this point, a bit late to do a raid now. LH is one of his buddies from the first NDP reign…they found nothing back then with all the new developments that had popped up….they’ll get away with it again .

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  4. VICKIE says:

    They was to secure all the documents and computers even their private computers. They should bring in the UK to investigate this plus the governor kept it for a period of time that is troubling in the eyes of many because this is very serious matter.

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  5. hmm says:

    if no one goes to jail for this this will be motivation for thieves to go on robbing spree.

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  6. Interested says:

    Going to jail for what. Which one of them stole money?
    The report said there was negligence.

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    • @Interested says:

      Thank you very much. I also want to know why the police carrying out a criminal investigation for negligence. The BVI is in pure trouble. NOTHING WILL COME OUT OF THIS.

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  7. GTFOH says:

    Subpoena this guy immediately. Save a spot in —- for him and all a———–.

  8. Pudding says:

    The proof is in the pudding and he ate most of it according to my investigation. The apartments in the B—– and the money t—— will bring light to the matter.

    Now these are the people that many had look up to and holding under NDP regime.


    More like r——–g firm to me! Tings dat mek you go hmmmmmmmmmm!

  9. If says:

    something did occur. underhandidly, it still pales in comparison to improprieties over the past decades. It also pales in comparison to what went on, still goes on and will continue to go in all developed and developing countries.

    Not saying if some corrution went it is right, but no country under the sun is immune to such.

    What needs to be done is metal and political evolution of the populace to be able to discern the moral and political mind set of all coming forth to ask you for a job to represent them. even after the populace has arrived at such a state of openmindedness, corruption and greed do not expose each other unless caught. Evere see a wife or husband get caught cheating on each other? Well keep waiting then.

  10. Stop squandering money! says:

    It was a massive failure, give up and stop wasting millions more tax payers money. The Police should turn it down, whats the charge? Being incompetent has civil liabilities but is hardly a criminal act. Are the Police really going to march Smith, Harrigan and Geluk off to prison? Stop wasting money on this failed venture

    • reality says:

      when most people in our community is caught with drugs eg, let say $10 worth the role models are quick with the law to put them in prison but in my observation when certain types of people in high society commit very high crimes is like yea man is not their fault it is the system so most likely no prosecution

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  11. This says:

    site was once a well thought of and of respecting views from all angles, though some maybe contrary to mainstream thinking of the day.

    However, that has changed lately. Indeed, it now appears that if historical percedent and dogma not in concert with positive appraisals of the UK and the current government, then depression of free speech liberties become the momentary master of the day.

    Those kinds of attacks on free speech have more sinister possibilities behind them. study theproperganda history of the Third Riech, make comparisons, and truthful revelations will begin to confront you. People, beware.

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  12. Disinterested says:

    Is Sir Russel pleading the 5th?

    • Then says:

      I wish the FEDS were involved. Everyone that is involved would have been S****ing bricks if the FEDS were involved.

  13. GTFOH says:

    Such a shame. He should have nothing to hide and volunteered the information if this was such a great project for the BVI like NDP has been telling all who have ears. I wonder what that newspaper will report about this audit now that the dirt right on top their doorstep.

  14. Disgusting says:

    What in the world is going on here? Do some privileged persons have immunity In the Territory? Why? Is the Auditor General position all mouth and no clout?

  15. Don says:

    You can’t call the police on Harrigan but you all call police on Ms. Flax from tourist board…hmmmm

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