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No excuse for hitting crosswalk users – Vanterpool

pedestrian crossing

The pedestrian crossing near Flow

While noting that steps will be taken ‘very urgently’ to improve pedestrian crossings, Minister of Communication and Works Mark Vanterpool said motorists have absolutely no excuse for hitting any pedestrian using the crosswalks.

“Most of the pedestrian crossings are clearly marked. Now, how motorists handle pedestrian crossings is another thing. When you are coming to a pedestrian crossing, you should not be coming at any speed. You should be looking for the pedestrian; the pedestrian has the first right.”

‘They (motorists) don’t have any excuse for not yielding at pedestrian crossings; there should not be an excuse once they (the crossings) are marked and they are there,” Vanterpool said.

“That is something that I believe we as motorists need to be more careful about. When you are coming to a pedestrian crossing, there should be an expectation that somebody is there to cross, and you should be slowing down.”

The minister also raised concern about the number of accidents unfolding at the pedestrian crossing near Flow’s flagship store in Road Town.

“There is one (pedestrian crossing) that we have had a few accidents at over at the Flow building area that I have got some complaints about how they are, and why there are so many accidents there. I will take a look at that to see if there can be any improvement there in terms of highlighting them (the pedestrian crossings),” Vanterpool said, adding that steps will soon be made to also have the pedestrian crossings better lit at night.

The issue surrounding pedestrian crossing has returned to the fore after a vehicle struck a resident of East End, Kishona Crosse Smith, while she was using the crosswalk near Flow a few days ago. She was treated at Peebles Hospital.

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