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No financial impact: Bishop Cline got $1K monthly

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith. File photo

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith. File photo

Days after being forced to quit as Chairman of the state-owned BVI Health Services Authority (BVIHSA) Bishop John Cline has made it clear that he was doing the job merely out of love for the territory; not because of any financial gain.

In fact, he told BVI News Online that he was only receiving a $1,000 stipend monthly.

“I don’t understand how you fire me from something I agreed to volunteer for,” he said.

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith asked Bishop Cline to resign as Chairman of the BVIHSA after the clergymen publicly stated that he – among other things – agrees with a view that the premier should no longer head the finance ministry.

Bishop Cline said, now that he has fulfilled the premier’s request, he has nothing to lose.

“This is a voluntary position; you are appointed; you are not paid. The misconception that people have is that this is a paid position; it is not a paid position; you get a stipend every month… The chairman gets $1,000 and everybody else get $500. It pales in comparison to the level of time and energy and mental capacity we commit to ensuring these statutory bodies work. It is service to the country; it is not a job.”

According to Bishop Cline, he is able to live comfortably on the earnings from his businesses.

“From my position and where I am today, I can live without the monies we were given very very comfortably. Those who think it is going to impact me financially, it won’t.”

“My business and my church give me much more than anything I have ever gotten serving as chairman [of the BVIHSA],” added Bishop Cline in an interview with BVI News Online.

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