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No information forthcoming on consultancy contracts issue by gov’t — Opposition

Government consultant, Claude Skelton Cline

Opposition Leader Marlon Penn has said he is yet to receive terms of reference for any of the consultancy contracts issued under the VIP administration since they took office in February 2019.

Penn made the comments on Monday when asked about the $144,000 consultancy contract that government recently awarded to Claude Skelton Cline’s company, Grace Consulting, through a tender process waiver.

Government had claimed that Skelton Cline’s company was deemed suitable for the consultancy having successfully executed ‘deliverables’ in his previous $98,000 contract.

However, Penn said neither him nor members of his Opposition received any information regarding deliverables or evidence from any of the consultancy contracts the Fahie administration has awarded.

“Up to this day, I have not gotten the terms of reference for any of the consultancies that the Premier hired. I wrote to the Premier and the Speaker, twice, after the question was asked in the House of Assembly for the specifics with the terms of reference, the specifics with the deliverables that we did not receive,” Penn stated.

“We have not gotten the evidence in terms of any of the consultants delivered; not just this particular consultant, but any consultant that has worked for the government over the last nine months,” added Penn who was speaking at a recent media conference held by members of the Opposition on Monday, December 16.

Premier had threatened to fire Cline if he did not deliver

Back in April when Skelton Cline was awarded his first contract under the Fahie administration, Premier Andrew Fahie had assured the House of Assembly that he would personally fire Cline if he failed to deliver.

“If he doesn’t produce, he’ll be fired. If he produces well then, he’ll see. When you sign a man with a contract, if the deliverables don’t come, he in trouble,” Fahie said at the time.

He added: “If they don’t feel that the deliverables are there whether it be Claude or whoever, they have to answer the call. I love him but he’ll have to go and sit down.”

Letter from the Opposition Leader to the Premier and the Speaker of the House of Assembly.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Feasting fat meh bouy. We catching hell. Can’t even afford bread no mo. Think tithe money will ha feh cut feh buy sugar. Lord what a thing pun we.

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  2. The says:

    fleecing of the public purse appears in full operation.The turning of the public purse into a private account is not new. Such is common practice every where, but that does not make it right.

    U.S.V.I. is just the most recent example of such, but is common every where. Noone sees or hears nothing until the culprits are exposed. It occurs in both sectors, public and private.

    Meanwhile, even the blind, deaf and dumb can see, hear and internalize something is not right with these financial pictures, those that they want all to see and be fooled by, coming through media from government.

    To end, not even a christmas bonus of 10 cents is on tap, or legislation requiring a mandatory pay raise for public and private sector alike of at last 10% over the next two years for the poor and down trodden and barely getting by.

    Nope. No such thing will never occur. The upper class and business people will continue to fleece off of the middle, low and poor classes.

    Thats the way of the world. Expect no different from current VIP today as it did the same thing from the dawn of its political party.

    For example, why is it that a party that has spent well over forty years in political control still has it peo[ple working for 4-6 dollars an hour in the 21st century?

    When a loaf of bread, a can of milk and a pound of sugar cost close to a $100,00? When a family of one needs 600-700 to buy school uniform for just one child? When children now have to go underfed so money can be saved to pay unregulated greed for rent.

    Why did it do nothing in all those years to ensure salaries kept pace with cost of living, inflation and other?

    Hence, who has, and who is government been and is looking for? The average working class masses? Nope!!

    Lastly, , such a political history that have excluded any growth of the poor and middle class is not a history, it is a dereliction of, and dis-interest in and neglect of the full well-being of the masses for the greater interest of a few.

    The same approach appear prevalent in governance today as it did yesterday.

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    • Smh says:

      Preach it!!!

    • Judgement says:

      In the USVI there is a possibility of having to face judgement for your crimes. In the BVI, it is a free for all. Cline has a free ride because there is a lack of accountability. He knows how to keeps his hands in the purse- it’s all about political affiliation. He knows when to cross over.

  3. Anonymous says:

    We need leaders not in love with money, but in love with justice for all. Not in love with power and prestige, but in love with humanity.

    Unfortunately, we have not been blessed with such a leader or a party of individuals yet.

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  4. vip heckler says:

    The VIP has got to go !!!! BOTTOM LINE

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  5. vip heckler says:

    Yeah that’s right!! BOW YOUR HEAD IN SHAME

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  6. lol says:

    bring in a premier from the uk,thats the best bet,we can give corbyn a chance

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  7. miss p says:

    We need a woman premier

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  8. OMG says:

    GOOD GRACIOUS ME (grace consultants)

  9. vip heckler says:

    The leader of the VIP party need impeaching

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  10. @lol says:

    Wondering if corbyn is for justice for all humanity, and especially for Black people. Highly unlikely.

    • Rubber Duck says:

      As it happens Corbynski’s ex girlfriend and current greatest supporter is black.

      It doesn’t prevent them from being a pair of weapons grade ass holes though.

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