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No more impermanent repairs, John’s Hole road getting concrete fix

Works ongoing at the John’s Hole public road. (Photo by Esther Durand/BVI News)

After years of dumping thousands of taxpayer dollars to repeatedly resurface the John’s Hole public road, government is now moving to concrete that entire road was a more permanent solution.

Roughly $150,000 has been earmarked for the project.

Work started on the project last weekend and by mid-January, residents and road users can expect a vastly improved road surface.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Communication and Works Anthony McMaster told BVI News on Thursday that some much-needed sidewalks are also coming.

“We think it is a project that the territory can be proud of when we are finished,” he said. “We don’t anticipate that we should be going back there in a hurry [for future road repairs].”

Long-standing issues

McMaster said there were recurring issues that needed to be addressed as it relates to this particular road.

“We have been having some problems for quite a number of years now with the John’s Hole area, particularly coming down by the Magistrate’s Court. Every time it rains, the road is totally washed away,” he said.

“We also had some issues with the earth movement, so we continue to have challenges with the water line and the sewerage system coming down in that area. They continue to rupture so we decided that we are going to fix it once and for all.”

Presently, teams from the Water and Sewerage and Public Work departments are replacing sewerage and water lines and are working on a better drainage system.

In the meantime, McMaster extended an apology for any disruption that may have been caused to road users.

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  1. Frenchy says:

    Enjoy these last days. Your number is up and so too is that jig you been dancing. Utterly useless and in a few months time – Bon débarras!

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    • Voter says:

      Never! We are not voting on emotions like we did in 2007. NDP has made mistakes but they are still by far a better group than those trying to unseat them.

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    • NB says:

      Frenchy, you will fill the position thereafter? Why you don’t you haul your insignificant behind with your disturbed and stinking jealousy opinions back to the gutter where you crawl out from

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      • Frenchy says:

        In the words of another great loser from across the pond – the position will be filled by: ‘yuh mudda’…….KM – 2018.

        Sea of change in 2019! Bunch of Starvin’ Marvin’s in he place…..NB (no brains)….

  2. Windy says:

    Good idea– until the concrete vendor says C.O.D. Why do you think they’re switching to concrete ? Because the vendor for the asphalt (liquid tar) is owed money and has put the government on C.O.D. (cash on delivery). When the shoddy concrete work falls apart they’ll blame it on the freeze-thaw cycle. 🙂

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    • Time says:

      Good idea to concrete this road. Many more roads even on the flat need to be concreted – the asphalt just deteriorates into potholes, etc. with each rain.

      Look at the concrete roads from years ago, they are all still in very good condition. Hopefully the concreting of roads will continue throughout the Territory. It is time to stop wasting the scarce funds doing the same road jobs over and over, lasting only until the next rain.

  3. J H resident says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you…Nice to see DPW and WSD cooperating on a much needed project.

  4. @Frenchy says:

    When you elevator makes it to the top floor or you are voted the brightest color in the box of Crayolas, then you have the right to open your mouth.

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  5. Sick of them says:

    Our road STILL hasn’t been fixed after countless calls to PWD. I guess our tax dollars aren’t big enough.

    • Not2Sure says:

      The good news is we have elections coming. Lot of roads going to get fixed now in a hurry!

      I hope they get the ridge road fixed. That thing is dangerous in places.

  6. Left or Right says:

    I wonder, as usual, if we are going to see a slew of much needed ‘projects’ being done just before election? With all the confusion I really can’t call this one. We (the electorate) might suck salt. Anyway, please put elevator road in Sea Cows Bay on the list please, Govt, NDP, Premier, Vanterpool, Walwyn, Marlon… you see the confusion! Where do you turn?? Silly season has started.

  7. GEEN says:

    This plan is welcome provided it will be done by done and monitored by reliable individuals.We hope RDA is aware of this and in control to prevent all shoddy job that wad been done repeated at expense of taxpayers.

  8. SMH says:

    Why not invest in strong structural engineered roads? These quick fixes are going to deteriorate more sooner than later. Remember, water runs down the mountain! Design roads and ghuts to facilitate such and reduction of such.

  9. Comprehensive Road Works says:

    Mr. McMaster, the BVI needs a comprehensive road works system that includes coordination and planning with all the utility companies, Town & Country Planning, Conservation & Fisheries, Water & Sewerage, Traffic Departments and projected population growth rates to ensure that drainage, the environment, run-offs that affect the marine life and durability are all factored into the system. Let’s move beyond the patch and go norm and move to proper long-term development planning. Please let’s devise and implement a comprehensive system for our road infrastructure with the right planning and engineering.

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