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No new COVID vaccinations till next shipment arrives!

Health Minister Carvin Malone. (GIS Photo)

Health Minister Carvin Malone has announced that vaccination centres across the territory will be temporarily closed as of March 4 as the territory waits to get the next shipment of COVID-19 vaccines which has been pre-ordered.

The Minister said just about a half of the 8,000 Aztrazeneca units donated by the United Kingdom have been administered.

And instead of giving the remaining 4,000 to new residents, the government will be saving these jabs for persons who’ve already taken their first dose.

Minister Malone said this will be done because the government initially promised to reserve the second dose for those persons who take the first jab.

“We have the situation where the other shipment was due on March 3 and it is now being delayed to March 17. So we made a promise to everyone taking it that we would have the second dose reserved. When the other shipment arrives, we will then disperse, and we will continue in that regard so that anyone taking it will not risk, for any reason, this being done,” Minister Malone explained.

He said although persons are encouraging the government to continue the inoculation programme, the government will not heed this advice as it would rather keep the initial promise made to the people.

He continued: “We are now to a point where we had to make a decision on where do we go? The other shipment is not due until March 17. We are being encouraged to continue to roll it (the Astrazeneca vaccine) out, but the fact remains that if it is not here, then we would be breaking that promise that we made.”

Furthermore, the Minister said some problems could further prevent the March 17 arrival of the new shipment.

“At the end of the day, we know that there are issues on hand when it comes to the AstraZeneca and the supply chain. There are challenges and we do not want to fall into the particular situation where the second dose is being called upon for anyone who received it and they don’t have it,” Minister Malone explained.

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  1. Idiots in charge says:

    Once again,another show of epic incompetence. Did Mr Malone, or for that matter, anyone in govt/health happen to follow the information readily available to the unwashed masses that a SINGLE dose provides extensive benefit.
    Use the remaining supply to vaccinate another 4000 people. This is just typical banana republic governance. Maybe a nice big $$ Cline consultancy should be created to review the situation. Idiots.

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    • COI says:

      COI coming to remove them

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    • @Idiots in charge says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Research from the UK is showing that, as well as the benefits of the single dose, that pushing the time out for the second dose to closer to 12 weeks actually increases the efficiency so not sure why we’re seemingly sticking to a 6 week gap between doses. By pushing second doses out to 12 weeks, by which time we’ll have the second batch, surely we could vaccinate another 4000 people!

  2. Sick says:

    What a set of INCOMPETENT FOOLS!!!!!! You really cannot make this up. Where is the planning? We have about maybe 20K or a little less that can get vaccinated, WTF? What’s all the hoopla about! We want independence and without the UK we cannot even source vaccines for the Territory, what a f**king shame. No reason why we couldn’t already have 20,000 doses here so that 10k people could be fully vaccinated, that would be half of the people here qualified to take it (when you subtract the under 18 group). This Government is totally inept and will sink this Territory.

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  3. Really says:

    First, the AstraZeneca second dose can be administered 90 days after the first. Soooo, even if there is a delay then there is still plenty of time. Second, administering all of the 8000 doses now would place the Territory on its way to herd immunity and allow things to get back to normal. This of course would be against Foy’s and Malone’s objectives which is to keep the people locked down and under their thumbs. Finally, data is being collected that a second dose may not even be needed and thus giving 8000 people protection in lieu of just 4,000 would be the prudent thing to do if you were proper leaders and knew what you were doing.

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  4. :) says:

    You people are sickening. The BVI dont make any vaccines. The UK only gave them 8000 doses. It requires 2 doses for this particular vaccine for full strength. The government is doing the best thing that they can possibly do. It makes no sense to try to give a fresh 4000 people the remaining doses. Those that wanted came and got their vaccines. The people with the negativity dont even want the vaccine because they believe in conspiracy theories. They just like airing their mouth and stirring up trouble.

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    • @:) says:

      Appears that you received a vaccination at an early age which removed all grey matter between your ears. Now you just have an empty chamber that is useful to store nothing.

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    • I've says:

      and those who are vaccinated, needs to be further vaccinated against the Negativity Virus.

  5. Lol says:

    Total incompetence. The first batch was here almost 2 weeks before we started the vaccines and now this. Use what we have and do the 2nd dose from next shipment. I voted for the VIP but never again.

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  6. Earl says:

    Typical bullcrap from this Government department… Even a 5 year old would have enough common sense to carry on vaccinating with the remaining vaccines..
    Don’t they follow global reports on this subject like the rest of us ?
    Are they sure they actually placed an order for more vaccines ? Something smells fishy !

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  7. Rubber Duck says:

    Every other government in the world is giving as many first jabs as possible because one jab gives extensive immunity and protection against serious illness.

    But Fahie and co know better than the rest of the world.

    Breathtaking stupidity

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  8. Rightways Fridges says:

    Is where the vaccine is stored. Has something gone wrong?

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