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No pomp and parade this year | Queen’s birthday celebration to be observed with private ceremony

The British Virgin Islands will not host its annual parade to mark Queen Elizabeth ІІ’s birthday this year.

Instead of the usual parade, which has been cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be a private ceremony held at Governor Augustus Jaspert’s residence to “recognise those who are receiving medals for years of service and good conduct”.

“Interested persons who would like to view the live broadcast of the ceremony may do so by tuning in to the Government of the Virgin Islands’ Facebook page at 9 am on Friday, June 12,” the release further said.

The day will still be observed as a holiday in the territory.


During a typical parade usually held at the festival grounds in Road Town, members of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force, Her Majesty’s Prison, and the Fire & Rescue Service are awarded medals for long service in 18, 25, and 30-year categories.

The parade usually attracts schools, unformed groups and organisations.

It is also the custom that Her Majesty the Queen is gifted with a pound of salt mined from the territory’s Salt Island.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How much longer must a people be subjected to this foriegn imposed pomp and circumstance upon their mind and psyche, for a people who enslaved, brutalized, murdered and enriched them selves off of a people’s oppression, labour, misery and death, and who don’t give a rat’s ass about that people to this moment?

    Even with all the truths embedded within that statement, there are so many still brainwashed of us and english expats squatting right here alike, would see not the truths and anguish and unrealness of the situation, but rather would indicate their dissatisfaction with such thinking with a thousand thubs down, because in their programmed mind and inherent beliefs, Black people, do not have the human right, in their minds eye to think independently and outside the colonial perverbial box.

    Wonder how many english men would actually stop to think of celebrating, much less celebrate, the first revolt against UK slavery in these territories, the first Prime Minister or other.

    Be surprised if this is posted, confirming the underlying issues with continued colonialism and usurpation of a people’s right to free speech and self determination as determined by God.

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    • Diaspora says:

      @Anonymous, real talk. No defense for the haters who will be spouting the usual nonsense or doing what is simple by hitting the dislike button. Hitting the dislike button without comment is useless. Let facts reign!

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  2. Hmmm says:

    So why exactly do you pray to the God of your enslavers. Why do you not follow the religion of your forefathers. Please explain your desire to follow a religion that you are not part of. Further, you and every African in the Territory are squatters. You are not indigenous. Your forefathers just couldn’t figure out how to build a boat to leave. And to this day you still buy and use the white mans boats to move about.

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    • @hmmm says:

      Haha, you think we do not know our history or where we come from? Leave it to you, we would believe the myth that we were baboons swinging around in trees without a language to speak. Truth is we know the truth about the mother of civilisation, law, order, art, what they refer today as sciences, crafts, construction. We know where the richest people in the world came from before other civilisations ever knew anything about eating with fork and knife. We know how they looked upon Musa Mansa and envied his wealth. It is well documented in libraries and archives all over the world, we know about the artifacts that were stolen from the land
      Some who are really woke know who the children of Israel are and understand the blessings and curses that followed in Deuteronomy 26. Some understand that the curses flowed because of a broken covenant between Yehvh and the people called by his name. At the end of the day, we will always be the people called by His name. The colonisers were only the tool used because Yehvh’s word had to come to pass but we also know of the new covenant, for Yehvh so loved us. Everything is part of a bigger plan, even the ignorant comment you left so thank you for being the tool.

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  3. @Hmmm says:

    You need to change your name to ZZZZZ because clearly you are fast asleep. Why comment on something that you clearly have no knowledge about.How did John Estaugh and John Cadwallader get to Tortola from Pensylvania in the eighteenth century. Local ships sailed directly to places like Bristol and Liverpool in England and also to the New England colonies in North America. More recently have you ever heard of The Joan of Arc, The Islander, The Typhon, The St.Ursula, The Chocolate Queen, The Tiny Lou,The Virgin Queen, The Charmaine, The Anegada and a host of others.Some of these locally built vessels were the first to bring vehicles into the territory in the 1950s. How did our grand parents get to and from the Dominican Republic and other regional countries in the early days.Please don’t get things twisted trying to fit in your gold diggin narrative. Some of you make the damn dog sick.For your information centuries before Columbus there were African expeditions to the West consisting of thousands of ships. You really need to do some homework before you crow. You simply amuse intelligent people.Its so sad that so many are stuck on your die and go to heaven in Jesus name brainwash that they have lost the capacity to rediscover the greatness and glory of our African ancestors who populated the entire planet for thousands of years before Europe came out of the Ice age. Why are the black Palestinians the oldest community in Israel. Why are there ancient African communities in India, japan, Cambodia, China and many countries in Asia and the Middle East (North East Africa). Why does the media keep this a secret? Its all about maintaining the enslavement that was given to our grandparents on the slave plantation which is still being used on our people to this very day.

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    • @@Hmmmm says:

      Black colonies all around the world? What are you smokin? History is a worded lie created by someone who took the time to write it down. However what you spout is utter ridiculousness. Blacks in Cambodia and Japan? Really? You believe they beamed into these places when your forefathers were sucking the blood out of a cows neck to survive. You are truly delusional. SoI guess you also knew Jesus before the white man and Jesus is only for the black man and your forefathers in Africa didn’t know about him. You found him in the new world living with your colonies.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    You are truly lacking in Black historic knowledge, perhaps by choice, and your mind is crippled with hatred for the Blackman, and your soul is ugly with racism. Thank God you don’t write history.

    Wish you could be educated/informed on this forum.

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  5. Squatters?!? says:

    Really? We did not ask to or came here willingly.We, our ancestors,were brought here by force, by a demon people who enslaved, brutalized, murdered and enriched them selves off of our ancestors oppression, labour, misery and death. Such does not fit the definition of a squatter. But we know your mentality and type.

    Now here is the authentic definition of a squatter: a person who unlawfully occupies an uninhabited building or unused land.

    Now that certainly does not describe us, but instead your ancestors who came in and destroyed the native people, took their lands for themselves, and made it their own to this very moment. So who are the squatters buddy?

    Some say, ignorance is bliss.

    Fast forward to today. We are no longer forced to create empires for free so you can continue to benefit from while you sit on your lazy behind, get rich while administering the most inhumane brutality known to man, so because those truths are factual, we have now become squatters in your land.

    What a self entitled mentality.

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  6. Salt Island Subtract says:

    “It is also the custom that Her Majesty the Queen is gifted with a pound of salt mined from the territory’s Salt Island.” Pure symbolism. It is time to get rid of this subservient colonial nonsense. The Crown does not give a rat’s @$$ about Salt Island people and their descendants. Is it taking care of the mass grave of RMS Rhône sailors? King Ubunzulu of in an address to Queen Victoria says: “We who are but lice on the edge of your Majesty’s blanket.” This is 2020 and we don’t want to be but lice on the edge of the crown blanket.

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  7. @ Hmmm says:

    Newsflash…there never was a man by the name of Jesus Christ that ever walked on planet earth. Your Jesus is a literary character. The Jesus story was copied from an Egyptian myth.Osiris, Isis and Horus.
    The Roman story was written as a play by the Piso Flavian family. Constantine at the Council of Nicea in 325 ad. adopted a version of Christianity which has been forced on the world..Ad Hoc Signo Vinces.
    Now behold the awakening.

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    • @@Hmmm says:

      So once again explain why the African believes in Jesus. You are supposed to be a Territory of devout Christians yet your hatred of whites is so clear. Just enlighten us as to why you ALL follow the religion of your enslavers.

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    • @ @hmmm says:

      Stay woke my friend. Yes, all that was going on in Egypt but there was another set of people in Egypt who were called by Jehovah’s name and they were called Israel (Israelites). They were led out of Egypt to the promised land and it took them 40 years. They broke the covenant with Jehovah and that is why the curses from deuteronomy 26 followed. Read Deuteromomy 26 and tell me the only nation in the world the curses listed seemed to apply to. All we need to do is humble ourselves, pray, seek Jehovah’s face and turn from wicked ways, then He will hear from heaven and will forgive our sins and will heal our land. This is the same Jehovah that divided the red sea for our ancestors to cross and caused our enemies to drown. We were delivered from the egypt thing and egypt will never rise again.

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      • Really says:

        So who exactly is the “we”? Are you referring to the Jews or are you saying it wasn’t the Jews who left Egypt but the black man?

        • @really says:

          Read the old testament and you will realise who the real Jews are. Why do you think Yeshua was persecuted? You really think the fine white man with straight hair and blue eyes as their Jesus have been depicted as for years is the one that was crucified? Lol, why do you believe that to this day some have never accepted that Yeshua was the Messiah.

        • 12 tribes says:

          The Israelites comprised of 12 tribes- blacks definitely formed a part of them. Never heard of the original black Jews in Ethiopia? The person who spoke of black originals in other countries was correct. The tribes were scattered all over the world because of their sin. That was part of the covenant.

  8. @Hmmm says:

    Blacks follow Christianity the Roman version a.k.a. the King James Version because it was the enslavement that was brutalized into Africans on the slave plantation. It was do or die. Why are you acting? Fear of the horrific brutality of the white man caused mothers to instill this corruption into their children. This has been passed down through the years creating the safe negro..the proverbial Uncle Tom. If we look around today we find these Uncle Tom negroes in positions of power where the oppressors believe it is safe to have them as his agents.The world is still configured on a game of slave and master that is the bedrock of white supremacy. There is no doctrine that is quite as effective in the making of a slave as the doctrine of Christianity. This is the confusion we find ourselves in today where Uncle Tom is the oppressors first line of defense. Thus we have the unrelenting (island man)propaganda for breakfast, lunch and dinner.Now behold the awakening.

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  9. @@Hmmm says:

    So if Christianity is not your religion then you have an island of few people but many churches and ministers. Why do you allow this to go on. Why allow this white man’s slave religion to be fed to your children along with their baby food. Why do you pray to Jesus to help you before and after catastrophes? Why don’t you go back to your tribal religions? Why don’t you just go back?

    • Slave religion? says:

      Dont think it’s a slave religion but they definitely tried to twist it to make it seem like it. Same way Africa is the richest country in the world and is keeping the western world rich but they twist it to make it seem like Africa is poverty. Money is valueless if not backed by gold but they twist it to attribute value to it, some currencies more than others.

  10. @@hmmmmm says:

    We ain’t going back forward is destiny we out to conquer the world it ours

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  11. @@@Hmm says:

    If you were not an uninformed racist, and a self entitled ja++a++ masquerading as intelligent human, you would be the anus of a donkey. Blame your ignorance and arrogance for that accurate analysis of your humanity and lack of intellect upon the evidence produced in your comments.

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  12. Soooo says:

    So throughout all the African racist remarks not one of you can explain why today where there is no more slavery that you follow Christianity, The slave masters religion rather than the African beliefs of your forefathers. So it seems that you aren’t intelligent enough to realize what you are doing. Thus, you follow the white mans religion as blind sheep just as you follow everything else. You are far from being able to be an independent country. You still need the guidance of the UK. Maybe in another 100 years you will be ready.

  13. @@@@hmmm says:

    I lost track, theres too many @’s. Who is responding to who lol

  14. BVI News says:

    is in cohouts with and in bed with and in agreement with the vile racist. Wow.

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