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No proper planning! Penn criticises gov’t for indefinite ban on returning work permit holders

Opposition Leader Marlon Penn has said the recent decision to “arbitrarily” ban work permit holders from entering the territory shows government’s lack of a coherent plan to properly manage the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a statement released on Thursday, Penn said the decision — which has affected a great number of persons trapped abroad — exposes many of government’s policy-making flaws.

“A responsible government, a planned government, a transparent government, would assess how many work permit holders or exempt persons are currently outside the territory and their circumstances and then make a policy decision,” Penn argued.

“This decision lacks clarity, and therefore, it creates an uneasiness and uncertainty for families and the business community concerning its labour force. A decision with such far-reaching implications should never be a blanket decision. Such a decision requires consultation and probably should allow for discretion on a case-by-case basis and in conjunction with local businesses,” he added.

No consideration made for these category of persons

Penn said he believes no consideration was made for this category of persons when devising the policy. He said the move directly impacts local families and industries, adding that this could have severe consequences for the British Virgin Islands.

“Did the government consider employees either work permit or work permit-exempt holders for functioning industries like construction and financial services? Shutting out key employees from the construction industry would have devastating consequences. Making critical labour unavailable in this industry will create economic hardship for many companies and their limited employee base,” the Opposition Leader agrgued.

He added: “Because of this policy decision, they are unable to provide for their families or meet their financial obligations (loans, rent, food and statutory obligations) causing additional hardship on family units and the overall economy. These persons should be allowed to return, following clear re-entry protocols.”

Financial Services and Small Businesses could suffer greatly

The Opposition legislator also said he believes the decision will force high-earning financial services providers to opt to work remotely instead of returning to the BVI.

“This would mean the loss of work permit fees, rent to landlords, and spending in the local economy (restaurants, bars, supermarkets and other local establishments), placing additional hardship on already struggling businesses. It could also mean a significant detraction from the strides we have made to have Financial Services companies and their personnel based in the BVI,” he reasoned.

He further said the territory has many small businesses who heavily rely on work permit holders to supply their labour needs so government’s decision will have serious implications on them.

Coherent and well-articulated plan urgently needed

Penn is, therefore, urging the government to revisit their recent decision and to come up with a coherent and well-articulated plan as to how the BVI will co-exist with this virus and safely reopen the economy.

He said he believes this measure is urgently needed before irreparable harm to the economy happens.

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  1. My run says:

    We need a new opposition leader this man is a big w***e

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    • You says:

      You are a waste u d**b a****e

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      • Financial Services done gone says:

        Almost every financial services business In the BVI is adjusting its business so as to move as many jobs into lower cost jurisdictions with better qualified staff and easier work permits when necessary. It is cheaper and easier to employ staff in the Channel Islands than it is in the BVI – and there is a higher level of education, a much higher work ethic and no born here mentality. The days of book keepers and unqualified administrators in the BVI earning $60k plus are disappearing fast. We need to pray for the return of tourism and learn how to wait tables and clean bedrooms and boats Even the Government is going to have to lay off hundreds of staff. It isn’t going to be pleasant, although a lot of us are looking forward to the lazy government workers having to do a real job.

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        • deathknell says:

          This is sad but very accurate.

          Why would I employ someone in BVI who is lower skilled, has a greater sense of entitlement, is harder to fire when work is scarce, when I can get all of the above (to do BVI work without restriction) from outside the BVI.

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  2. Blind Mice says:

    You comment seem personal, we hide behind blogs spewing Nonsense. Did you even read what the Hon. Member said? This is our biggest problem, in the BVI we are too simple minded and blinded by our own hatred and personal biases for each other. Our hate is going to destroy this country if we haven’t already.

    Hon. Penn do not pay attention to these lunatics and continue to do your job. Protect us from this dictatorship of a Government and black trump.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    He is so right!!!..incompetent government..locked out permit holders for what NONSENSE,garbage

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  4. HMMMMM says:

    This VIP Government feels like a REALLY BAD DREAM! How can big, adult, supposedly educated people meet so often in HOA, Cabinet etc. and come up with this f***ing nonsense is beyond me. Imagine when we open the borders and we get multiple cases, which should be expected? How can we operate businesses, plan ahead etc. with a Government that has no idea how to deal with this crisis. We have had more than enough time to deal with this but yet they spent so much time in HOA legalizing weed and arguing about the Governor. Looking at the Government performance is there any real surprise that the Governor is fed up and now flexing his muscle? We are in serious trouble, serious serious trouble in this place. NO plan in place but again, they spent time creating a law about wearing masks and fining people for not doing so. The people of the BVI deserve the Government we got!

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  5. Well said Penn says:

    Well said Penn.

    You would wonder if all these very valid points even crossed the minds of the people in power.

    By being too careful they are now reckless and unorganized.

    The territory can’t function without work permit holders!

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  6. YOUTH says:

    When the government start to look out for us as youth then we here others fighting for everyone else.

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    • Invest in yourself says:

      The youth is only asking… but they should be doing.

      Invest in yourself, study, develop. Create a mindset of hard work.

      Maybe then start thinking about asking for something. No you start with asking. Those who ask will not just get.

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  7. 2cents says:

    maybe the people (BVI citizens) need to raise hell and start protesting.

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    • @My2cents says:

      LOL, people here is afraid to stand up for their rights and protest. They are ? of repercussions against themselves and their family.

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  8. Anonymous says:

    I really didn’t expect anything different. Did anybody really expect him to be anything other than the leader of the opposition.

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  9. Sis says:

    Re-entry should be done on a case to case basis for work permit holders ASAP. BVI landlords have mortgages to pay and rely on some of these persons locked out. The ones that are here less than 5 years and unemployed must leave. A task force should be created for such task.

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  10. Chiropractor says:

    Is needed back on this Island !
    Surely that is a profession that should be allowed to enter the Territory ?

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  11. Snake says:

    This man is the biggest c****n spell opportunistic f**e in modern BVI politics. Now he on to work permit holders so he could shine. Take his comments with a grain of salt.

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  12. Varlack says:

    Like a thief in the night here comes the opposition leader who can’t even debate on a constitution. STFU

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    • @varlack says:

      Sound so silly you Jim Jones follower. As usual singing for your supa coming on here hiding behind blogs blogging crap. You think ahyou going to Lead all of us to the communion to drink poison I got news for you.

      Hon. Penn keep the pressure on this Di*****r we have for a leader and don’t pay these set of brainwashed/Sing for their Supper followers any mine. Don’t be distracted!

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      • Monkey get in trouble too says:

        So when Monkey see what the Monkey do, Your Monkey want to get in trouble too? Lmao, you’re doing the same damn thing you’re accusing Varlack of doing, are you not? Are you not hiding behind a blog to voice their opinions? I swear these blogs are straight comedy!

        I’m a Faulkner by the way, the same clan who gave BVI it’s independence, only to watch it being turned into the poppy show it is today!

        Keep up the good criticism and hypocrisy, it helps me get through the day!

        Until we March again!

  13. Hmmm says:

    He has some valid points. Government is letting in people who are BVI Belongers and do not reside in the territory but coming for fully paid accommodation on government – what a deal. Government should look onto doing like St Vincent and hold passports and if those people need to leave the territory within a certain time after quarantine then they should repay the government for their vacation.

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  14. Belonger says:

    Valid point raised by the leader of the opposition. The fact that a person may not hold a BVI passport does not necessarily mean that this is not home for the person. Some persons have no other home but BVI. This is where they work, pay rent/mortgage, have business, family and friends. We need to look on each case individually and don’t just lock all non BVIlanders out. It doesn’t look or feel good. It looks and feels like discrimination.
    I recall after Irma, a certain pastor was saying to send home non nationals but thankfully the government didn’t and we all stayed and built back the place.
    Things are tough but together we can try to get the economy going again.
    It’s rough everywhere right now. We have to have compassion.

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  15. Pig says:

    This c***n is the biggest c**m*n spell opportunistic fake in modern BVI politics. Now the jacka** on to work permit holders.

  16. Local says:

    You all making noise but offer no solution . Persons that are out of the country on work permit need to have their employer summit a formal letter stating that this individual is employed with me and has a valid job upon entry and if there is no job then allow the person to return once they have a return ticket and allow them 3 weeks to sort out their belongings and leave end of story.

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  17. Wow says:

    The opposition leader is offering ideas but it is falling on deaf ears . Don’t look at the messenger . Embrace the message and see how well it works . Some people are so short sided that they refuse to put great ideas in place . This is not time for accolades . It is saving the economy of the country .

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  19. To all the xenophobes says:

    Perhaps you should advocate for all non barn here people to be denied entry on permanent basis. God forbid someone from somewhere else would try to join the community of the BVI. People have reasons , rules and justification for their racism but it all boils down to ignorance. The result of the common ignorance will be failure but thats what the BVI is used to anyway.

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  20. Waits... says:

    As far as I see, I will paitently wait to see the just how much of the BVI Landers will do the necessary work you got a few that will but the majority will sit they privelage asses down or walk of jobs because “they don’t like it” eg: Housekeeping, Construction cleaning etc. Down to the very Hospital, Police force Court system the majority that is actually necessary is ppl from other countries… Practically only the politicians local.. They better sit an really think this one through you have to much ppl of importance in jobs that you have to depend on that “ain’t from the BVI” let’s see how this insanely plan will turn out..

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  21. Concerned says:

    Well said!!! Equilibrium- without it results = malfunction. No person or state can be normal without it. Thank you leader for pointing it out to this headless party.

  22. Empathy says:

    I’ve lived in the BVI for a few years and I have always known that the general mindset of the people there would b an issue..cause they never really understood and appreciated how much they need and depend on foreigners for the running of the entire economy..that lack of compassion empathy and love for our fellow man usually backfires on us

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  23. Frig Up says:

    Penn is absolutely correct. Blanket rules to not allow any work permit holders back in is clearly discrimination. VIP get your act together. People are angry at your lack of vision. Open up the territory to these people and by October have a plan for tourism to return. Also be a bit more transparent – the rumours are out there that The Moorings are taking bookings for the Interline Regatta (October). What do they know that the rest of us don’t?

    • Secret Bear says:

      The Moorings don’t know anything; they are just guessing like the rest of us. They have to allow their customers to rebook sometime unless they want to lose all their bookings.

  24. Monkey get in trouble too says:

    So when Monkey see what the Monkey do, Your Monkey want to get in trouble too? Lmao, you’re doing the same damn thing you’re accusing Varlack of doing, are you not? Are you not hiding behind a blog to voice their opinions? I swear these blogs are straight comedy!

    I’m a Faulkner by the way, the same clan who gave BVI it’s independence, only to watch it being turned into the poppy show it is today!

    Keep up the good criticism and hypocrisy, it helps me get through the day!

    Until we March again!

  25. Rreal Talk says:

    Hon Penn with all your respect… don’t you see bigger country with larger population returning their country national. Why is it BVI a small country must accept them in this time of crisis. Let them go to f*** home… And stopped because a burden to the ppl of the country and government. Wake bro don’t u see what’s going on around world.

    Other countries send them ra**hole home…why BVI have to accept what they’re saying…. get the f*** out of the BVI and go to f*** home where you come from…and stopped dictate our government because y’all can’t do it in your country. Who cares about u you here ex-years, all around the world sending y’all ra**hole home. This is a crisis government have it’s right to do what they have to do… don’t come and tell us what to do. Do has u y’all was asked to do. In y’all u y’all don’t have any say.

  26. ghutty says:


  27. MR. Penn says:

    Continue asking questions please for the sake of parents locked out. It is very unfair to the k7ds left in the BVI and their parents are locked out. Find out who those people are and make sure those k7ds are well takwn care of BY THE GOVERNMENT, and make sure they are safe during September when it’s the peak time for hurricane. Oh and make sure they get school supplies too because their parents are not there to get it for them before 21st of September.

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