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No recent dialogue with marijuana investor

Premier Andrew Fahie. (Photo from Fahie’s Facebook page)

Premier Andrew Fahie said there’s been no recent dialogue with an investor who previously indicated an interest in the BVI‘s medical marijuana industry.

Premier Fahie was responding to questions about any progress made with the now-stalled Cannabis Licensing Act that was passed in the House of Assembly (HOA) more than a year ago.

Asked if the potential investor still remained in play, Premier Fahie responded: “I really can’t say because [with] these delays, you know, you lose investors. But what I can say? If it’s God‘s will, another one will come.”

He said his government’s job is to set up the necessary structures in an accountable and transparent manner so that the BVI’s people and its economy benefits from the sector.

“I’m confident that once we do that we will be able to attract; whether the investor comes back or [it’s] new investors. But our aim is to set it up in the best way possible,” he stated.

The Premier indicated that work is happening to have his government’s Cannabis Licensing Act untangled from the bureaucratic red tape imposed by the United Kingdom (UK). He said this is now possible through the establishment of working committees situated both in the United Kingdom (UK) and the BVI.

He told reporters that these committees are expected to report at the ministerial level once talks with the UK get underway.

The BVI’s Cannabis Licensing Act was denied assent by former governor, Augustus Jaspert, after he suggested that necessary safeguards such as a licensing body, were not in place to properly administer the sector once the law had been passed.

The bill was then sent to the UK’s Foreign Secretary for consideration, where it was expected to receive the attention of both UK and BVI officials.

Investors dropping out as cannabis legislation gets red tape from UK


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  1. Belonger says:

    So why we can’t know who this potential investor is?
    Why is the information classified?
    Does it pose a threat to national security?

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  2. so says:

    sothe “local BVI ” homegrown weed was going to be taken over by an outsider who would of taken most of the revenue out the country, seems like the normal thing to do…

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  3. why cant we have local investors? says:

    Local were being locked up for ganja so now its time they reap the sweet

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  4. BuzzBvi says:

    Clearly Jaspert was correct. Why do we keep pretending he did something wrong? He did the right thing as the necessary safeguards such as a licensing body, were not in place to properly administer the sector once the law had been passed. He shoudl be praised for noticing this anomaly!!

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  5. Ohhh says:

    Open your mouth, story come out! Now he has FINALLY admitted that all this hoopla was about ONE INVESTOR! He made it seem that the locals would be making money hand over fist, everyone would get land, grow weed and become rich. Alas, the truth is out! I don’t know how the BVI manage to put this guy as its leader.

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  6. BVI Future says:

    If marijuana was grown in the BVI, who will this government sell the marijuana too. Most of the marijuana in the USA grows in California, the USA government is not going to undercut one of its’ states economy. Also, the BVI will have to get an international license to transport drugs to another country. This is the question that Fahie has to answer. If that was possible, Jamaica and Mexico would have had their licenses to bring in that drug to the USA or the Caribbean.

    • LIX says:

      smh you’ve missed all the previous dialog haven’t you. all those concerns were already addressed and your assumptions are wrong. smh. you must’ve been too busy to hear the details before so Fahie has nothing to answer to you. pay attn to facts next time and not the noise. All those things were taken care of when you all started to curse and jaspert hijack the bill and stopped the progress. Also the Federal Government in the USA doesn’t control the marijuana industry. You have much to learn about this, go back and start reading the old articles so you get caught up 🙂

  7. Thank God. The real Covid Cure. says:

    Have anyone ever look at the possibility of Marijuana been a cure for Covid…All those scientist any of them ever give marijuana a serious look any research just to see if any possibility exist. Everything is vaccine,. World health organization is the biggest criminal we have today..Wait time will prove me right. Trump already knows it. Trump was onto them, he had to lose…If Trump was in Power Covid would have already been a thing of the past..

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  8. Secret Bear says:

    Good. Odds were 100 percent this guy was a shyster.

  9. WEW says:

    The payoffs to the HOA were too much

  10. Go local says:

    I don’t recall seeing invited to any local investors. Why would the Govt not want to keep ownership here?? And btw, it’s not that expensive to grow good, profitable weed. Why exactly do we need need an investor? Smh

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