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No set timeline to move! Other projects must get priority over HOA

Premier and Minister of Finance, Andrew Fahie said there is no definite timetable to move the House of Assembly (HOA) from the Save The Seed Energy Centre in Duff’s Bottom as other projects have been given priority considering the resources available.

Premier Fahie gave that indication at press conference last Friday amid criticism from political commentator Claude Skelton Cline that it is a “national disgrace” House continues to meet in the energy centre’s gymnasium nearly five years after Hurricane Irma damaged its original location in Road Town.

But in responding to questions from the media, Fahie said the limited resources in the middle of a pandemic means the government must prioritise some projects over others.

He said the HOA is important, but several projects had to be fast-tracked as it directly impacted the people of the territory.

The Premier said these projects include the Elmore Stoutt High School (ESHS) Redevelopment, which is being done so senior students and teachers can be moved from the school’s mouldy campus in Pasea.

“If we did the House of Assembly first and leave the children second, then you rightfully would come and ask, ‘what about those children up there in those mould-infested buildings. Is there no future for them in there? When are you going to address that?’” the Finance Minister said.

He added that the government also has the Jost Van Dyke School project to complete. Fahie said the school was destroyed by hurricanes Irma and Maria. And despite being promised a new school long before the two hurricanes, the project has not been delivered.

The Finance Minister noted the East End-Long Look Sewage Project also takes precedence.

“It doesn’t make any project less important than the other but, at the same time, you don’t have the money to do them all at once. Yes, we are going to look at getting the HOA project completed but at the same time there are certain things we have to do first to secure our young people in a better environment, stop our people at East End/Long Look from walking in what we call ‘number one and two’ whether solid or liquid,” Fahie said

“We also have Carrot Bay where the sea defence since Irma and Maria has eaten away at the shoreline and we are getting that fixed and have it looked like a more modernised coastline. The Frenchman’s Cay Bridge. You’ve also heard about the new West End Ferry Terminal. There is a lot of infrastructures that we must get done to protect people’s lives and to help us to boost our economy further than tourism products,” the Premier added.

He mentioned it was difficult to invest all the money in non-revenue generating activities or in areas that would not have much impact as needed to secure the safety of the people. The HOA, Fahie said, has its importance but members and the general public would understand that the government must complete the other projects first.

“I could not sleep in my bed knowing I put an HOA project ahead of bringing over 1,200 students back to the ESHS. Yet we are in the HOA in a brand-new environment sitting down speaking and doing the people’s work when most of the people in the country are suffering. That would not be good leadership. Yes, it has its place but everything takes time,” Fahie said.


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  1. UKM says:

    Andrew Fahie don’t talk about good leadership because you don’t know what that means. If the HOA was to move Back to where its suppose to be someone will loose money and this government don’t like that.
    April cant come fast enough, I hope that the UK would save us from this government I think that’s our only salvation.

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    • @UKM says:

      Indeed UKM, the UK can, should and begin by paying us 400 years of BACK PAY!

      But of course one who is devoid of humanity and morality would differ..

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  2. don't mind he says:

    He is feeding his cronies with rent money

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  3. hmm says:

    If is one thing… Our government love to pay rent sah! smh

  4. Shameful Andrew says:

    You were elected to serve in the House of Assembly to pass laws for this country. Your first obligation is to that House. How could you say that having it fixed is not a priority? That is the symbol of the parliamentary democracy of this country and this is how you address it? But yet you expect the UK to respect it? You really are unfit for the job as leader of this country if you cannot understand something as simple as this.

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  5. SMH says:

    Public Library PLEASE!!!

  6. Big Richard says:

    OH the sacrifices the HOA has made to keep the BVI moving (backwards). Such a load of s..t.

  7. LITTLE BY little says:

    we are getting VA little
    confessions , from our master ( the brown bummer, which is good for hiss soul

  8. Symbol says:

    The HOD is symbolic of the Government. It is symbolic of the strength and wisdom of its people .

    Obviously you are none of those thing so stay in Save the seed . You need saving from yourself

  9. Asking for a friend says:

    Why is the speaker so quiet on this?

  10. Lol says:

    The speaker quiet so we can forget to ask about the lawyer bill and who paying it.

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