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No sewerage problem at my building- Betteto Frett

Betteto Frett has chided another online media house for reporting that there was a sewerage problem at his building that houses businesses such as the government’s Training Division, adding that the report was “tally erroneous, sensational, and irresponsible journalism”.

Frett, in a statement about the story published elsewhere, declared: “I must say that there is no sewerage problem or mold or poor working conditions in my building. The general public using the Training Division conference room can attest to the high standards of the facility.”

He further stated that the media house did not get his side of the story or visit the location before it published claims that the building was forced to close due to a “poor working environment” and “reported sewerage issues”.

Frett said the relevant authorities also found no sewerage problem at his commercial complex known as the Betteto Frett Building, located near Tortola Pier Park in Road Town.

“The building was recently examined by Indoor Environmental Consultants, which is a Puerto Rican company that indicated that there was no mold in the building, and the building was in a habitable condition. Environmental Health and Water and Sewerage Departments visited the building and confirmed that there was no sewerage problem.”

Frett further explained that, when checks were made in a section of the Training Division, it was discovered that left-over food was the source of an odour.

“After the alarm was raised and, after inspection by the landlord, the only problem found was several containers of left-over food in the three toilet bins that created an odour,” he continued.

“The containers were emptied by the landlord who provided the Training Division with an air freshener to correct the problem. They are happily occupying the premises today (Thursday) with no smell whatsoever,” added Frett.

He also noted that, of the six businesses utilizing the premises, no other business was affected by the odour.


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