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No taxes for taxis | Skelton promises duty-free imports to build local fleet

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Chairman of the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM) Ronnie Skelton is promising to provide assistance to local taxi operators in a manner that could potentially grow the transportation-for-hire sector in the British Virgin Islands.

Skelton said the assistance would come in the form of concessions on import taxes if his PVIM team is elected into office.

He said: “We recognise the taxi men have problems in upgrading their fleet and we will make the importation of taxis into this country duty-free.”

Skelton made the pledge while giving remarks at a PVIM rally in Long Bush on Sunday.

He also pledged to do more for one of the territory’s main economic pillars – tourism – through sports and fishing.

PVIM plans to tackle insurance

The PVIM boss also promised to find a solution to the high insurance premiums that property owners have been facing since the 2017 disasters.

Skelton said discussions in that regard would be among his administration’s priorities if elected.

“We know that insurance, especially for your homes has gone through the roof, and it’s a domino effect. For those of you who rent apartments, and the apartment premiums go up, the owners have to pass it on to the tenants. And the tenants don’t have that level of disposable income.”

He explained that when rent increases, it creates hardships for tenants who would then fall on or under the poverty line.

“We have to have a discussion, and we have to have a solution,” Skelton said.

The National Democratic Party government, an administration in which Skelton sat up to recently, created an insurance tribunal last year to investigate reports of unfairness by local insurers. The Tribunal also mediates between insurers and insured residents with the aim of “enabling an amicable settlement” between both parties.

The Tribunal had successfully mediated 41 complaints at the end of December 2018.


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  1. Lily Ann says:

    Bruhhh … Give it a rest, we aint care what u say …You aint going back in !!!!

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  2. pvim heckler says:

    I want a taxi license so i don’t have to pay taxes also

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  3. LOL says:

    They already have duty free imports. What is he talking about? Mark and the NDP gave the taxi men the Pier Park with real traffic coming in so they can build their fleet from their businesses.

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    • @LOL says:

      Truth! Everyone is talking about pier park overrun which we know now is fake news, but nobody is talking about the benefits of the pier park to the shops/vendors, bars, restaurants, taxis and the head taxes derived by the Government. If you listen to them you would swear the NDP never did anything good but they won’t tell you about the pier park benefits. The Taxis don’t need any more handouts. Their buses are filled to capacity multiple times per week and to add to that, I heard that we will have a decent summer schedule which is usually called ‘slow season’ for the first time in the BVI. NDP = Progress and that is what I am voting for on the 25th.

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  4. Why? says:

    Taxi men greedy enough…

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  5. Skelton says:

    You still on the promise wagon. Skeleton, you are one of the old heads and you of all people should know,the promise syndrome is over.Stop biting off other don’t give a F**k about those taxi drivers if they have to suck salt,air or sea to survive. I am saying it Skelton, stop trying to run games on people.

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  6. This is what you need to do says:

    Handle the Rock Crushing sautation that is disturbing the people in the area quality of living.

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  7. Anonymous says:

    Who know, know, and who don’t know will wonder.

    Meanwhile, hate will suffer and love will conquer, always!

  8. Mr. Green says:

    Why not mandate that all new taxis must load and unload from the left hand side of the vehicle. This will keep passengers out of traffic and stop the taxi from stopping in the middle of the roadway to load up passengers from the right side of the roadway. Someone is going to be hit and killed under the current situation. You have to start with one new taxi and build as new taxis are added!!!

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  9. Truethat says:

    Skelton sit down – we tired of you and your nonses

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  10. Weir D. Playne says:

    I don’t think Dub was voting for PVIM all the way …now he will.

  11. yes says:

    Might as well go around saying “I’ll give you government money if you vote for me.”

  12. Disinterested says:

    Providing taxi services is a direct output of tourism. Taxiing is an important service in transporting residents and visitors. As such, the number of taxi operators should be a function of supply and demand. The number of taxis should be limited to keep the service a viable business For the safety of customers, there should be strict requirements placed of taxi operators and taxis. Operators should under go strict physicals. Similarly, taxis should under strict safety and maintenance inspections. Taxi owners should pay a property tax on taxis. They should pay income taxes on earnings.They should be limited to one duty free taxi every 3 years or 36,000 miles. Further, once a new taxi is bought, a current taxi owner will lose the license on an old taxi. Taxi labour brokers should be limited, ie, taxi owners must have some skin in the game.

  13. Please says:

    Every election some gimmick to taxi drivers, are they really such an important voting block. Many other businesses are vital to tourism, why not give them breaks as well ?

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