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No telling where BVI would be if gov’t didn’t pass two budgets in 2019 — Fahie

Premier Andrew Fahie

Premier Andrew Fahie has said there is no telling what position the BVI would have been in during this COVID-19 pandemic, had he not taken the unconventional route to pass the 2020 budget in 2019.

Premier Fahie made the comments in a recent session on the House of Assembly while debating the Financing & Money Services (Amendment) Act 2020.

“Did anybody ever stop and wonder that if we went through with the norm and did not pass the budget last year and had to pass it in March this year when it was passing all the time, where we would be right now in the middle of COVID-19?” he questioned.

Government always criticized for unconventional moves

The Premier raised the question in response to criticisms that he claims his government receives whenever it decides to pursue a project or initiative.

“When we were going to pass the budget in here, we were told we would not get through with it. Again, a certain specialist told me that, that was nonsense to get two budgets passed in one year,” the Premier stated.

“We were told that we couldn’t get it done. But, we passed it and I got up in April and said it will pass by December 15 … But we didn’t pass it on December 15, we passed it on December 13,” he added.

Government continues to defy the odds

Fahie, who is the leader of government business, said that despite the criticism, his administration’s track record during its time in office speaks for itself.

Some of these achievements which received public backlash include the rehabilitation of the L Adorothy Turnbull building – formerly the L-shaped Building – at the Elmore Stoutt High School and the regularization initiative which saw more than 1,500 persons gaining status in the BVI.

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  1. WOW says:

    I never thought on this at all. Could we all just imagine what trouble this country would be in now trying to pass this year’s budget during this year as has become the norm? Might I add during this Covid-19 era? The Government must be given huge credit.

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    • Love for my country says:

      The Premier is just gloating and deceiving the populace. Budgets have been passed before year end by previous administration. Furthermore, in every crisis there is provision for the Executive and Legislative bodies to make provision to deal with it. It is nothing new. Please do not be fooled with all this gloating!

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  2. No nonsense says:

    Taking our farm hard earned tax money to feed mostly LAZY AND AMBITIOUS LESS PEOPLE! TO HELL WITH THE GOV!!

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  3. Windy says:

    Why this old story ? Distracting the public from real failures.

    Tuesday the 21st. Still can’t get food order in.

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  4. Commentator says:

    Is his the first Govt to do so? I think not.
    The premier needs to stop sounding like Donald Trump

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    • Hmmm says:

      And that he does.

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    • Hypocrites says:

      Sounding like Donald Trump? Wow
      When a nation is wicked I will give them a wicked ruler, it’s biblical.
      Premier/Trump, 6 of 1 and half a dozen of the other, no better barrel no better herring, the barrel stinks so is the herring.

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  5. Welll says:

    Imagine how much further the govt would have been if they had not slacked on the loan guarantee. We might have been able to produce a stimulus package by now instead of every minute coming on the radio talking about information will be provided shortly. It’s been basically a month. Why so long with a stimulus package? Is it because we don’t have the money? Those new vehicles, personal security guards and overly priced consultations not looking too good now huh?

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  6. Political Intelligence says:

    Where is food I register to receive from government? When will I get the order I made with the supermarket? “No one will starve under my watch”-Andrew and his lies to fools.

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  7. ? says:

    We need food mr primer. please let us out so we can go to the food STORE to hell with the online foolishness.

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  8. Applaud says:

    Hmm how bless it is to realize my fellow citizens read threw the bs they be telling us . There is wayy more important issues to face than to act like everything is under control only a hand full of the population can showboat how they good and eso on. People are really going through a hard time and y’all are no big real assistance to the needy

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  9. Sad says:

    Hes a big joker and a big liar. People going hungry where is the foodcthat you promise everyone.

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  10. People have to learn says:

    People need to learn to be more self sufficient and stop depending on Government so much. This is survival mode. The only one you can and have to depend on is yourself or you will run into many disappointments.

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    • @people have to learn says:

      Under normal circumstances your comments would be true. However, who else can we depend on if the government has the entire country under lockdown?

      I don’t have any food to feed my children right now and the survival mode you are suggest is to do something illegal. Please think before you type.

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    • ... says:

      That makes a lot of sense except you cant even leave your house to go to the sea for food. Cant go the to market to buy your food either.

      They set it up so you have to depend on them.

  11. Windy says:

    Ok I agree not to depend the government. I’ll just go out to the store and. …. oh that’s right I can’t. I’ll get locked up for a couple months.

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  12. Mr Shovels says:

    Premier please don’t get injured patting yourself on the back so vigorously…

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  13. USA, Tortolian says:

    We started receiving our stimulus money last week. The Government is also working on another stimulus package to give $2,000 per household per month until they open the economy.

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    • Third eye says:

      Just as how they promised food and nepotism happened,look out for the same thing “IF” there sgoukd be a stimulus package.

  14. Anonymous says:

    A man who does not keep his word is like a cloud that doesn’t bring rain. It’s biblical.
    The Premier is the black Donald Trump, 8 out of 10 words that comes out of his vocal is a blatant lie.
    Right now I rather take my damn chance and go out to hunt for my own food and get Corona than starve. Food is the staff of life.
    ALL of you got a Government that you deserve.

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  15. Anonymous says:

    Put numbers up all over, but none is responding to a call.

    Those who have gotten through have indicated that it will be curfew’s end before they receive any assistance.

    The considered insignificants of this society, though they are fully educated and contributing society members, seem to have no effect on the folk who are in position to make a difference. The classist bullshit still reigns supreme in the VI.

    They all kicked back in their comfy zone, living high, while expecting a cnovoluted, inefficient and ineffective adhock system to affectuate and resolve the inherent problems it has created.

    Just a horrific place, all around, for a full bloded native to appreciate and call home.

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  16. Jimmy Smith says:

    I hate to be the to rain on your parade , all the budget is supposed to be is road of the goals and objectives that the government will try to accomplish in that specific period. Most of the revenue has not even been realized. Another news flash check some of the persons making the most noise whether on radio or face book, is whose bread is already being buttered by the Virgin Islands Party , some of you all need to wake up, Andrew constantly reminds me of the Wizard in the land of Oz, smoke and mirrors

  17. Eagle says:

    There are many persons within this territory that are ungrateful to the core! It’s sad to see this kind of behavior escalating higher during this time. If people here where dropping dead like flies daily many of you would be in your closets crying out to God for it to stop, you’ll continue and see if God don’t allow it to really catch you’ll attention. It’s time many of you start learning wise life principles on how to appreciate life/live a life pleasing to who created you/love others. I will remain in my house and stretch all that I have. Mr Premier, you keep focus and continue standing firm on the Sword of the Spirit. He will see you and Trump through.
    What was ordained by God will never fail!

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  18. Diaspora says:

    The VI is in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, an easily spreadable and deadly disease. ; it is an unprecedented and uncertain time. There are no strong treatment protocols nor cure nor vaccine. Residents are scared, stressed, depressed and fearful. The economy has tanked and in a recession with hundreds being unemployed and unsure how they going to take care of their families.

    The future is uncertain and the economy indeed may be trusted into a depression. This is not the time for chest pounding or patting oneself on the back. There will be ample time for politics and for taking a victory lap, if really needed, but not now. Overall, Government has been doing a superb job but let’s not slaughter it on the altar of self promotion. Let the performance and outcomes and residents satisfaction speak.

  19. Jimmy Smith says:

    My response is to Eagle : Your sanctimonious post reminds of how got where as a people, by listening to waiting until we get to heaven to enjoy streets of gold, while they were stealing every, what was nailed down and what was not

  20. @Vi says:

    Hon Andrew i sigh up for my food package from monday night up till now it can’t reach my house and i have my kids at home with me and i cant go to the supermarket to bye food for my kids what the hell ayo telling us about budget since you here bragging about your government where is our money ….i wa see wa 2mil spend on

  21. Third eye says:

    Just as how they promised food and nepotism happened,look out for the same thing “IF” there should be a stimulus package.

  22. Third eye says:

    Just as how they promised food and nepotism happened,look out for the same thing “IF” there should be a stimulus package.

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