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No test or quarantine for fully vaccinated travellers upon arrival

Health Minister Carvin Malone

Health Minister Carvin Malone has announced that effective June 15, fully vaccinated persons travelling from overseas will no longer be subjected to COVID-19 tests upon arrival in the British Virgin Islands.

“Resultantly, no quarantine time will be required save for that ordered by the quarantine officer as a result of their entry screening,” Malone said in a live public broadcast Thursday afternoon, June 10.

Though fully vaccinated travellers will no longer be tested or quarantined when they arrive, they are still required to produce an RT-PCR test result or an approved rapid antigen test within five days of arrival. They will also be required to provide satisfactory evidence of being fully vaccinated.

Significantly reduced fees for the fully vaccinated

“In light of these decisions, Cabinet further decided that the gateway administration fees be reduced from $105 to no more than $35 for fully-vaccinated travellers. For flight and vessel crews who are fully vaccinated, Cabinet decided that these persons will no longer be required to conduct bi-weekly screenings and testings but should self-monitor and report any symptoms of, or recent exposure to COVID-19,” the minister added.

Malone said the government anticipates “processing issues in light of these amendments” therefore ask travellers to be patient as revisions of the entry portal to effect these changes are conducted.

The unvaccinated and partially vaccinated

Partially vaccinated persons travelling from overseas will be required to provide a COVID test result within five days of travel, provide satisfactory evidence of vaccines received so far, subject themselves to a PCR test upon arrival, and be quarantined for four days.

Decisions taken and reported during the government’s last presentation on May 13 still remains in effect.

As such Malone reiterated: “Where fully vaccinated persons are travelling with one or more unvaccinated child (aged 5-17) … [these children] will be tested on arrival. Children will be released from quarantine together with their parents or guardians once the test results for the entire group are negative but must remain within their family bubble. Unvaccinated children will be subjected to a further test on Day 4,” Malone said.

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  1. Ubba says:

    This dude like he reading straight out CDC or a bigger one handbook. Use critical thinking and make decisions for the better of the country, one day is trust science then next is a different story! Make up your mind your …

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    • To ubba says:

      All one has to do is take a look at his Facebook posts and you will see for yourself that he can’t think for himself….always reposting no sense he see

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  2. Finally says:

    Yup. Knew this was coming. Either let everyone in or the shit was going to hit the fan allowing cruise ship passengers in with no testing or quarantine. Just takes a lot longer for Belonger Grey matter to catch up to normal people.

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  3. Belonger says:

    Full time.
    Should also free us from that horrific gateway portal.

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    • Visitor says:

      So true…. That gateway is so much frustration.
      Certainly not functioning as it was intended to.
      It was a nightmare for me. I had to call and message so many persons.

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      • Yes says:

        That BVI Gateway thing is a pain. Too long and turnaround time too short. People stressing out all night before travelling still no certified approval…….

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        • Gatway says:

          Worst thing ever thought of. Gateway needs to go.
          Only reason it’s around is that they can get another $35 from travelers

    • Sorry says:

      Wanted to click thumbs up, but accidentally hit thumbs down..

  4. Just sayin says:

    Can’t wait to read the reactions to this new bold step forward into the vaccinated age.
    Oh but wait island don’t won’t vaccines?
    What is new threshold for cases to close border again, is there one.
    Oh wait, island people don’t get COVID.
    GAME ON!

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    • Just saying says:

      Crawl back to whatever xenophobic slab of land you came from and continue to have the seizure you obviously had when you wrote that word salad you call a sentence

      *inhales*… in peace.

  5. Progress says:

    So from next Tues. 15 June fully vaccinated adult visitors can enter the BVI with their negative RT-PCR test and walk out of the ferry/airport terminal like before March 2020. Great.

    When can private yachts with passengers and crews enter the BVI like before March 2020?? June 15??

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  6. We are the best... says:

    Welcome to the BVI… The Best place in the Caribbean..

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  7. LB says:

    Bad decision. The PCR test on arrival is needed. Just guarantee the results in 24 hours. There was no reason to change that part. Ask health how many Day zero positive tests they have already had. My friend just came in and tested positive and she is fully vaccinated. Why leave it up to the traveler to wait 5 days to do a test? By then they done infected the whole place!

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    • @LB says:

      I think you misread. The 5 day test is required to be uploaded prior to arrival and it has to be a negative result to travel. Then no test when arriving. Its about time we get over COVID. The focus should be on actual health and not just number of cases.

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      • Point says:

        It say “within 5 days of arrival”. That can mean 5 days before or after arrival.
        More lack of clarity. If they mean “ within 5 days prior to arrival” it would be clear.
        Also, what has happened to the test before leaving?

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        • Dee says:

          Our BVI journalism is often rushed and lacks clarity. I think the rush to post an article is for which outlet can share the news first. The clarity is collateral damage.

          The test before leaving the BVI is of another country’s (like the US) concern with entry and not of BVI concern.

        • Citizen says:

          Who wrote the Carvin speech. His mesaage is always never clear. what does “provide a PCR test within 5 days of arrival” mean.

          When are you required to provide proof of vaccination.

          You always have to be scratching your head when he done talk.

        • rrrrr says:

          @Point – the “test before leaving” is not a BVI ordered test – it is one the US requires so until the US no longer requires it, it will stay.

  8. Thankful Belonger says:

    Grateful for these decisions based on science data. See you soon!

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  9. well sah says:

    All kinds of fake vaccinated papers will be surfacing now

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  10. It makes you wonder says:

    So little regard for enforcing
    The covid measures but steady
    Pushin vaccine and opening
    Up fast without testing and
    Quarantining..people brace yourselves
    And pray that covid goes away

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  11. Becareful says:

    So unvaccinated passenger only do 4 days and not 7 days quarantine anymore?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know if vaccinated visitors from US need the expensive health insurance plan to enter BVI?

  13. Still can't visit says:

    Young children are as safe as vaccinated adults, but still they require the full portal and tests in the middle of a trip. What’s the point of chartering a sailboat if you can’t go where you want? I’ve rescheduled my trip twice, but if young children aren’t treated like vaccinated adults by July, I won’t be visiting. Good luck, y’all!

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    • Same as still can't visit says:

      Yep ditto.. We have 6 unvacinated kids in our group of 24. we are chartering 3 boats to haul our group.. all adults have been vaccinated.. but not the wee ones.. So this will keep us and our dollars in USVI unless the kids can get in

      • Jafty says:

        We would love for your group to visit the beautiful BVI. I think once all the adults are vaccinated the wee ones in the group can come along. I can understand why you would want to stay in the USVI because completing the forms on the BvI portal is a pain and one may have to reboot several times before he is able to complete the many forms. Plus the USVI is a US territory so it’s similar to traveling between states

        However, be mindful that if you do not visit the BVI you will be missing a whole lot especially since you will be sailing. You have got to visit the Baths in Virgin Gorda, White Bay in Jost Van Dyke and enjoy the turquoise tranquil waters on the white sandy beaches. The USVI lacks the little secrets of nature you can only enjoy in the BVI. The wee ones are welcome once all the adults are vaccinated.

        See you soon!

  14. Tongue Fu says:

    A move to serve the two purposes:

    1 One last ditched effort to get the unvaccinated to vaccinate.

    2 Cruise man coming and we (as in Govt) need that tax money.

    How do they verify these flimsy vaccination cards that a teenager could replicate. Look trouble. Never mind the science that shows Vaxxers can be carriers and spreaders.

    I’ll do my 7 day quarantine. We shall not be moved.

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    • Trevor says:

      You epitomize the ignorant thinking that holds this territory back in so many ways.
      This “have cake and eat it too” expectation will never not serve you well..

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  15. Spike says:

    Hmmm….bowing to pressure from Cline video….this was not sensible especially when you know that hospital gives some of the worse medical service! Vaxxers can get and spread COVID-19 and vaccine doesn’t work 30+% of the time. Not 3%…30+%…hmmm.go figure. Destruction is found in stupidity.

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  16. Gives us the statistics Mr Minister says:

    These decisions should be based on sound local statistics and not some damn conflicted CDC that don’t apply to us…how many vaxxers and non-vaxxers tested positive for COVID-19 on arrival…on their last day of quarantine and when leaving the BVI???????

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  17. Enquiring Minds says:

    Woll the Magistrate still insist on overseas vacconated lawyers quarantining before entering the courtroom?

  18. 1st district says:

    We hope that the minister of “DEATH”knows that its recorded that the VAX are the VARIENT CARRIERS!!

  19. Big AL says:

    Why is a fee imposed? People have to pay for the pleasure of visiting?

  20. MarkFarky says:

    It an entry tax, just like the exit tax.

  21. Lolly says:

    It would be good if those involved can get things right. The gateway fee was reduced from )175.00 to $105.00 but this change was not made in the system so travelers are still being charged $175.00. I think travelers who paid that amount after the announcement should be credited. That would have been a saving of $70.00 per person and for a traveling family of 4 $280.00.

    There is another announcement that the fee will further decrease from $105.00. It’s left now to see if the portal will be updated accordingly. While covid 19 is affecting the livelihood of a large population, Government is using it to its advantage. If there is a decrease in a fee it should be reflected where necessary.

  22. Sooooo says:

    Does anyone on this planet understand that the vaccine does NOT prevent the spread of the virus? It does not protect anyone from it? At best it minimizes symptoms? You all realize you’ve been had?

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  23. grahammcnei says:

    Covid is a scam, by Gates and co. It is a trap.

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  24. Anonymous says:

    What about the required travel insurance for vaccinated travelers. That “hidden fee” is costing traveler to the BVI 175.00 each on average. Yet no mention if that has been dropped.

  25. Covid says:

    This means that we will be having Covid outbreaks and at some point it will go through the unvaccinated population and we will close for 2 weeks which realllllly pi888 me off. I love the opening up but this huge increase of risk to unvaccinated people really needs stressing to them. The Govt also needs to commit to non or minimal lockdowns because they will destroy tourism and hospitality again as it takez at least 6 weeks to get business back to the same level.

  26. hmm says:

    If you don’t have anything written in stone or you don’t have what you are announcing fully in effect with every department, please stop giving dates and say coming soon until you have a date. 06/15/2021 is tomorrow and next week going come and you and every department still won’t be on the same page.
    Also, will vaccinated people still have to full out the online portal?
    will there be ferry run in the morning for both islands?

    If people still have to follow the previous order, then you should have stated coming soon to travelers and not say as of June 15th, 2021. I would love to attend the college you went to.

  27. Vaccinated says:

    This is really good news Mr. Malone – well for vaccinated people at least. Now us vaccinated people need a certificate for proof of vaccine status as the other countries in the world will not accept the little vaccine appointment cards with no country or Government or any details as to who administered the vaccine.

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