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No timeline for lifting COVID restrictions, measures — Premier

Premier Andrew Fahie

While several countries regionally have lifted entry restrictions and made significant adjustments to their COVID-19 protocols, Premier Andrew Fahie has declined to offer any timeline for the removal of restrictions here in the BVI.

The US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico — both territories of the United States (US) — have relaxed their COVID-19 protocols in recent weeks in accordance with changes made on the US mainland.

“One thing I have learned with leadership is that you do have to look and see what’s happening around you, but you also have to weigh it against your own situations,” the Premier said at a recent press briefing when asked about lifting restrictions locally.

“We have learned to live and work with COVID-19, but we also have to bear in mind that it’s not over,“ he added.

Premier Fahie argued that, as a small territory faced with many challenges, his government has to continue to move towards what is in the best interest of the territory overall.

He further pointed out that the BVI has already adjusted many COVID-19 restrictions and said only a few measures remain in place at the moment
According to the Premier, he would not completely disband all COVID measures without an analysis from the Ministry of Health and the Chief Medical Officer.

He continued to urge people to become vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus and to take their booster shots so that his government might be able to mitigate against the virus and be able to lift more restrictive measures currently in place.

“With that in mind, the Minister of Health and his team will keep you updated with that. I won’t steal their thunder there but all I’ll say is that we’ll proceed and move with haste, but yet take our time,” Premier Fahie stated.


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  1. Always behind says:

    Always tryna re -invent the wheel and surprised when it comes out square

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  2. Hmm says:

    Them just killing the economy worst than how it is.

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  3. Masks says:

    Have already been shown to be ineffective, hence why every other country has dropped it.

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  4. Rubber Duck says:

    He wants to continue with his mission to screw the tourism business into the ground.

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  5. Classic BVI says:

    “we’ll proceed and move with haste, but yet take our time”

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  6. n says:

    Tola always behind on everything

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  7. BVIlove says:

    We always behind the 8 ball

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  8. PT09 says:

    Andrew Fahie Is the biggest mistake the BVI has ever made.

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  9. UKM says:

    We can only pray that after April you are gone.

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  10. Ijit says:

    It’s over dude. You’ve been had. Learn to live with the inevitable variants just like a cold. If you sick, stay home. Vaccines do not prevent th spread or the illness itself. Folks die WITH Covid, not FROM it. How many people collapsing, dying in the streets? How many entire ferry passenger loads quarantined? Fahie and Malone crushing tourism. Smith making sure the charter industry moves to USVI. Our hotels and villas have a LOT of vacancies. Seems fines and penalties are the new pillar of the BVI economy.

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  11. LOL says:

    Of course there is a timeline, just before calling elections and Festival they will all be lifted and only apply to health facilities, airport and voluntarily.

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  12. Dual Citizenship says:

    It’s all about the Benjamin’s ??? for these politicians especially this set. The longer they keep the COVID-19 restrictions the more money they make. While USVI ??and Puerto Rico ?? two main hubs lifted they restrictions. In few weeks you not going to need no test to travel to these destinations. BVI?? wake up COI report due in a few weeks election is constitutionally due by next year February 2023. What, l trying to say is you don’t give certain people POWER. These guys holding the BVI ?? hostage he is getting paid by all Avenues on salary while folks in the private sector got to struggle with added taxes to survive. Hot mess!

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  13. 1st district original says:

    It’s bad when we only go to school formally and ignore the class on the block or corner. But for power and recognition we suddenly attend the block or corner classes coincidentally!!Educated fools!!

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  14. Karen Fahie says:

    Does this man know that he’s not a KING, and he doesn’t get to decide whether BVI people get to breathe free or who and what private businesses can decide to allow on their own property? The Covid emergency is over. Flimsy, dirty cloth masks have proven to make no difference at all to Covid hence why every other country and state has dropped them. If people were braver someone would sue to end this nonsense. I just hope he doesn’t think BVI is so stupid that they will forget this foolishness at the ballot box.

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  15. Chupes says:

    The VIP always come to the jam when the DJ done play! Sick ah dem.

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  16. slow minded an corupt says:

    Give it up Carvin and Andrew,yall done collect big so give it up.

  17. rall says:

    So why do anti vaxxers get this protection? They have had enough time to get the vaccine and the booster. Why do the people who have taken the vaccine have to have these restrictions in place now? The Government should lift all covid restrictions.

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