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No transparency on gov’t spending, intimidation, victimisation being investigated

Governor Jaspert

Major concerns about a lack of transparency in government spending and about intimidation and victimisation in the public sector have reached the Governor’s Office and are being investigated.

This was revealed by Governor Augustus Jaspert during a media briefing on Thursday. He said a number of concerns and allegations have been brought to him by members of the community.

“First, many persons are concerned about transparency when it comes to public projects and funds. The Auditor General has written numerous reports detailing the common problems in this area. Tender waivers, interference, contract splitting and inflated prices being a few examples. As you know investigations are on the way on some matters which I cannot comment on,” Governor Jaspert stated.

Auditor General’s recommendations ignored

Governor Jaspert said the findings from the Auditor General reports often — many of which suggest solutions to address discrepancies or issues — are not being utilised in some cases, therefore raising red flags about some of the territory’s accountability systems.

“The recommendations from the audit reports have not always been actioned and raises concerns that our systems remain vulnerable. I know that many people are troubled by this, particularly in relation to government contracts and the recent stimulus funds. Each concern is exasperated by the fact that details of government spending is not always readily available to the public and our institutions of good governance. Many have asked whether the territory’s governance is operating with the level of integrity and fairness that it should, and this question warrants some consideration,” he explained.

Thorough investigations may be hindered due to lack of legislation

While emphasising the need for a thorough investigation on these serious allegations, Governor Jaspert said the lack of legislation to support the measures that will need to be taken will hinder the process.

He said: “One thing we can be sure is that a robust, holistic and impartial investigation is required to reassure the people of the BVI. Regrettably, our local institutions have told us that they may be hindered in carrying this out without legislation and full frameworks in place to give them the mandate to do so. We will continue to assess what needs to be done as we find out more.”

He added: “In response, the Deputy Governor and I continue to speak to our local institutions about how we address these challenges. The Auditor General, the Commissioner of Police, the Complaints Commissioner, the Financial Investigations Agency and the Registrar of Interest have already been doing important work in specific areas of concern and we are discussing what more can be done.”

Growing culture of fear with victimisation and intimidation

The Governor further said members of the community also brought to him some serious allegations surrounding intimidation and victimisation in the territory.

“These have been put to me by a number of individuals in senior positions across the public service, even from some in the media industry and in our community. I will not go into specific details as they were shared in confidence, but some have described a growing culture of fear, strong allegations which we cannot brush aside,” he stated.

“I want to be clear, no one in this territory should be afraid to raise a concern. It is a constitutional right to have freedom of speech and everyone should be able to do their job without fear or favour. My office and Deputy Governor’s Office is always opened to any individual seeking to raise a concern or ask for help. We will put in place a process for those to be shared in confidence,” the Governor added.

In the meantime, Governor Jaspert said he will be working with the Officer of the Deputy Governor to bring forward measures to strengthen local institutions in response to concerns raised. These included the ‘Integrity in Public Life Act’ which he said will aim to bolster the ability of the institutions to assure accountability.

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  1. Open Mouth says:

    Thats because when you open your mouth to say anything you then lose things like stimulus checks or certs of good standing. My way or the highway is the thing at the monent.

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    • Prince says:

      This governor is a devious man who is trying to divide the people before his departure. All of a sudden there are ongoing investigations etc. Where was he before and how is it he was so quiet when there was so much dark cloud under the former Administration. Let us not be distracted and divided from this Governor’s unfortunate remarks.

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      • Thoughtful Sailor says:

        Sounds to me like he is talking about the current Administration. The former one never required the Certificates, remember?

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      • Well.... says:

        If the politicians have nothing to hide then what is the problem? Nothing wrong with investigating for the good of the people and their tax contributions.

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        • Isabel Turnbull says:

          Just that alone? What about some people who has reached the maximum years that the government requires for them to qualify to apply for their status and contributions to NHI Tax and Social security where deducted for years and little or nothing was ever paid to the government then came the Pandemic and their passports were seized like criminals then to top it off the government turn around and hand out checks to the same employers that has been stealing from them and victimizing their employees.

          This world ain’t level mah boy….

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      • V4 says:

        Let’s be honest you are an uneducated naive fool for that comment

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    • To open Mouth says:

      Tall boy stop blogging so much.

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    • We Voted In Hypocrites says:

      When you open your mouth to say anything, some of the same Senior Officials paint you to be someone you’re not and try to set you up to make theirselves look good.

      Government is well aware of the victimisation from a number of complaints that go unanswered but as long as it has no direct impact on them and their associates are involved, they are quick to protect them than those bringing the concerns to the forefront.

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  2. Hi Guvnah says:

    Good to see you again Guv.

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  3. Why says:

    And this is why the Foy be seeking independence. ..It’s just third world crap. Not going away. No matter who is elected it will be the same. The power co****ts.

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  4. People says:

    This man just needs to leave in Peace and stop with these old time slave táctica.

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    • V4 says:

      You’re an idiot for that comment, and naive to think that the allegations made about the government may not stand up. We all know the corruption that has and continues to go on it’s got absolutely nothing to do with colonialism, move on we all have

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  5. Rubber Duck says:

    Thank god we have a governor to speak out against these greedy politicians thats all I can say.

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    • To Rubber Duck says:

      I amazed how we still think small minded that Governors are always honest and the politicians are corrupt. If we search a little bit we may find that it is the other way around.

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    • JJ says:

      Exactly!! Politicians been stealing the money for years!! Go out with a bang governor!! Some ah dem need to be locked up!!!

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  6. My take says:

    The UK want the NDP back in power because they cannot get us back into slavery under the VIP. Everyone on the streets is on to the plots of this Governor.

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  7. FACTS says:

    Can someone ask this Governor what happen to the corruption with:
    1) The $7.2 millon plane that is missing and so is the $7.2 million.
    2) The Pier Park multimillion unexplainable project.
    3) The eight million missing from the East end Sewage project
    and so much more under his watch. He did nothing about his friends now talking piddle.

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    • someone says:

      Someone will soon ask the next governor what happened with all of the monies on projects signed and contracted, which will come to light, under the current administration…..wait for it.

      have a nice day now you hear! 🙂

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    • Concerned says:

      You forgot the
      5 Mli Greenhouses which never grew anything
      15 Mil road fix which washed away with the first rain.
      1 Mil traffic light project
      1 Mil Wall around the school.
      23 Mil lawsuit Bi water wone and the Government has to pay and nothing was constructed.

      All which could have been administer the correct way and through the Bid Process and accountability.

      Look at the pile of debris in the carpark next to the ferry. They changed the road and widened. Man hole cover not level with the road the carpark is so lumpy and the sand and debris still left there. I hope this contract has not been paid as its not finished.

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  8. Enough says:

    Governor we are tired of your games.

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  9. Scared says:

    So many people are worried about the way BVI is going right now but no-one dares say it unless they are anonymous. That fear tells us a lot!

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    • @Scared says:

      Nice try. The last Government had everyone scared. You can meet this Government anywhere and speak your mind without fear of victimization so the few hatres and liars go sit down.

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      • Truth says:

        Some are approachable and some you can message them electronically at anytime. I think I saw one taking feedback from constituents during HOA earlier this year.

        Let’s face it people often forget their manners. Last I heard the officials were complaining about disrespectful persons. why should elected officials complain of it if everyone with a problem speaks so nice right?

        Be respectful & remember to treat people especially elected ones in authority with decency even if you disagree with their leadership decisions.

        I refuse to believe lies of people feeling threatened. where are the screen shots, recordings? Evidence

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  10. Sniffn says:

    Same in most of the islands.They’re stealing your tax dollars , dont want you to see it

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  11. Anonymous says:

    Lol “even some in the media” sounds like a lady who thinks she can talk bad about her employer publicly and get no disciplinary action.

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  12. Truth Sayer says:

    Thank you Governor an while you are it, please audit the money taken from Social Security and the stimulus payouts.

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  13. The British says:

    Why is this man on here talking such rubbish. Isn’t he a part of cabinet? Aren’t decisions like what is mentioned here heard in cabinet? What is he really talking about? Is this his goodbye gift to the Territory before departing?

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    • You says:

      He is required to be at the meeting but he does not have a say in the decisions of Cabinet and when last have you heard about any of the decisions being made in Cabinet?

      they are supposed to be gazetted but that is another thing not happening.

      Ask yourself why….you are worried about the wrong things.

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  14. ac says:

    so who is going to investigate the governor?

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  15. Equation Disaster says:

    The entire system is rotten to the core. Corruption runs through every facet of life in this country even in church. I am amazed that the governor seem to be only now awakening to reality on the eve of his departure. BVI is nothing more than a Gangsters Paradise.

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  16. Stupps says:

    Is like he trying to work in his last month.

    His agenda is so bias and obvious it ain’t funny.

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  17. Lol says:

    They and their operatives have been victimizing persons on statutory boards and in the Civil service with impunity.

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  18. Lol says:

    They and their operatives have been victimizing persons on statutory boards and in the Civil service with impunity.

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  19. Transparent says:

    No one want to get blown away in their home or mysteriously drive over a cliff in your vehicle that is why people chose to keep their mouths shut and don’t speak out. There is some very BLACK, UGLY DANGEROUS PEOPLE ON MANY PAYROLLS THAT IS PAID TO VICTIMIZE AND SCARE PEOPLE OR THEIR FAMILIES.

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    • @Transparent says:

      100% correct. Big ugly black goonies paid to shake up, scare and put scare in people and their family if you speak out and they don’t like it. IE.. PHONE CALLS TO YOUR HOME OR THEY LET YOU KNOW THEY ARE WATCHING YOUR CHILD/CHILDREN AND WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND WEARING. ONE OF THE PAID GOONIES TRY BRINGING THAT S**T TO ME, I WILL WALK RIGHT INTO THEIR CUSHY GOVERNMENT JOB AND BLOW THEM THE F**K AWAY.

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  20. someone says:

    Someone will soon ask the next governor what happened with all of the monies on projects signed and contracted, which will come to light, under the current administration…..wait for it.

    have a nice day now you hear! 🙂

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  21. Unbelievable says:

    To all the people that making comments. Did the government said anything that is incorrect??. You mean that our minds are so corrupt that we don’t know the truth anymore. I have nothing to gain or lose . What do you people have to gain or lose to agree with the truth. We call ourselves Christian community but ae we ?? . This world is doomed with people like us. Watch what just happen in the USA. Over 70 million people voted for the most illiterate president ever. Every Caribbean leader that i know of have much more common sense that the president of the USA. I aways believe that the devil have the majority. We are seeing the unethical behavior of our elected officials and we playing dunb to it. Look a what the government have the statutory boards doing to honest hard working bvi lander’s. This island is to small to carry on like this. And when expatriates ae employed we hae problem but you created the problem. You do not have enough human resources to be treating the few good people like this. Most of these people tha is in elected office now have never run lemon aid stand but all of a sudden they become experts in every field. Are we so blind that we don’t know that drug running plays a big part in this economy?? Are we so blind that we not seeing the tendering process is so shady??. So much of incompetent ad unresourceful people sitting on boads. Most department heads ae just there a rubber stamps. The boards control where there is a board. Bvi people wake up and demand what you want now don’t wait . Thats why i like crj.she peaks the truth almost all the time. CsC have to please the sitting government otherwise he would have been a voice of and for the people but he hae to please some.

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  22. Check says:

    Check who talking that was getting a house oilly not Bay.

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  23. Times Up! says:

    Governor, you had all term to talk about this and you never did not. All of a sudden you want to bring it up because you and the current government on bad terms.

    Nah you go from our territory in peace… the agenda what you trying to push here about a corrupt BVI we ain’t going allowing you to do that.

    Please hurry up and leave, your time with us is up and i know you are salt nut take you sault with you upon your departure

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  24. Fed up again says:

    The Premier needs to go and sit his l***g self down. They said the are not paying so much for the barges. But every month a man can collect a check for $420,000.00. I wonder how much is the Premier’s cut? We are not under lockdown anymore why are the satellite trucks still collecting garbage.

  25. Stimulus says:

    They need to keep up with empowering the people through grants instead of million dollar Construction projects that often make little difference to the people on the ground.

    In normal times too. instead of people relying on rich angel investors or banks for economic stimulus. Kudos to the government for being brave enough to take action & take the criticism.

    We have been trained to think to help is to be corrupt. Generosity by authority is demonized by modern western culture.

    Those at the tip top internationally are lavish beyond our imagination and yet the poor need to struggle else the system won’t work to support those at the top.

    Back to our local community,
    Why don’t you ask them to audit the college scholarships Mr. Crabs?

    If I don’t get and another person in the community gets I am happy for them.

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  26. @stimulus says:

    I suggest that you think and get your thoughts together before you sit down to type such long foolishness. Your contribution makes no sense.

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  27. Fynanse says:

    Investigate the perts. The Cman,bird,secretry,md all need to be locked up.

    Staff suffring at perts and dem getting rich.

    Markitting payd 100 tousand dollers to share wats app.

    Frends, famly, granchild braugt to do nutting but get big pey an wach peple.

    By to building an rebranding in a hard year while staff sufer.

    Govnor investigate the perts firs

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  28. Wondering says:

    In the above article Jaspert says, ” It is a constitutional right to have freedom of speech”, IS THIS TRUE? Please quote the BVI Constitution, if you say Yes.

  29. Let's stop playing Games says:

    Investigate the C*********** of C******, let’s get real. This man need to be investigated. He continuing where he left off.

  30. Hmmm says:

    W*** is victimizing the officers who he know is not for him. Sick dude

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