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Nonsense! Opposition not against regularisation because we dislike non-nationals


Opposition Leader Marlon Penn is denying claims that members of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition are against the controversial ‘regularization’ programme because they dislike expatriates.

Penn said those claims came from the Andrew Fahie administration — the initiators of the programme.

He further said the rhetoric was designed to distract residents from the regularisation amendments that government plans to make to local Immigration laws next Monday.

Confusion and community segregation

The Opposition legislator argued that the regularisation initiative has created “confusion”, which has caused residents to develop a false perception of segregation within the territory.

“The BVI is made up of over 100 nationalities. Persons have been coming to the BVI for plenty of years making the BVI their home … Do not allow persons — non-Belongers, Belongers, residents — to allow you to create that division for their (the government’s) own personal political gain. [Do not believe claims] that, somehow, we — the members of the Opposition — do not like non-nationals, somehow we don’t want to give them their rights. That’s nonsense,” Penn said while speaking at a community meeting with members of the Opposition in East End on Thursday.

“We want to have a process that’s clear and fair, we need clarity in terms of what we are doing going forward.”

He continued: “Something like Immigration, which is normally a contentious topic, is something that you need more proper discussions. We normally would have formal meetings in the House where we would go through the details to make sure that there is proper engagement with the public after the first reading of the amendment. That never happened, as we all know, it came forward as a first, second, and third reading,” Penn stated.

Surprising reappearance

In recent weeks, Premier Fahie postponed his ‘Road to Regularization’ programme. But to the surprise of a number of residents, amendments to the law that supports the programme has reappeared on the latest order paper of the House of Assembly.

The final readings for those amendments are scheduled for Monday’s June 3 sitting of the House.

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  1. Dirtiness says:

    Can we have our d*m hospital name change back to Peebles Hospital please? Did you consult with the public before you went go Name it D. Orlando Smith Hospital? Look boy!!

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    • Concerned says:

      they just quietly sneaked that by us. They knew very will that the majority of the people did not want the name changed. Whatever for was that name changed?

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    • What The Hell says:

      Don’t compare soursop with sugar apple.

      Naming a hospital after a local longtime surgeon, if not the first BVI local homegrown surgeon should be something we are proud of. How many of you he delivered or operated on! That is why the island people got to say you all damn ungrateful. Even to your own.

      Many of you locals have no respect for other humans and you want to talk about the Vincy and Jamdown people them …

      AND I am a local!

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      • @ what the hell says:

        So wha????? I’m a local too. I want the hospital name change back to Peebles Hospital. I did not get to vote on this. I certainly wouldn’t name it after Mr. ZZZZZZ.

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      • Outsider watching says:

        Points well taken.

    • The art of deception says:

      So, Trump and Andrew drain the swamp? They both understand how to muddy the swamp water thinking we will not see their hidden agendas.
      But most people can see through the distractions as he plans to slip in legislations that will enrich himself and his friends while setting people to argue over legislations that are already in place. He has a problem though,
      He did not get it forced through the house as planned and the longer it takes, the more we learn day by day. Those who were wearing “Drain the Swamp T-shirts have seen the light behind the mud.

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    • amazing says:

      The name was changed because Dr. Smith led the most corrupt administration in BVI history. It was not because he is a doctor.

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      • ?Again? says:

        We learned how much DrSmith paid for the planes, but we will soon find out how much a month we are paying for security. Stand by and watch who is the most corrupt person under the FBI watch.

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    • BuzzBvi says:

      You want clarity going forward. Why did you nor the NDP want clarity in the past. Only now do you want clarity. Bad people with bad thinking. Clarity would have been good in the past. Why so important all of a sudden?

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  2. Jane says:

    Language is powerful. The use of “belonger” and “non-belonger” is really unhelpful. When someone does not belong, it means they are not affiliated to, not allied with, not in their rightful position. Its a small thing, but I wish we could use a different description here because this use of language breeds division.

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    • @ Jane says:

      So true Jane, except its a big thing here…

      Very Insulting.

      Like those who belong are kings and queens and those who do not are pigs belonging in a pit.

      Gosh Jesus, what if you walked on earth in these times? What would these people do to you? Guess you’d be a nonbelonger??

      I tell you God’s wrath will be on you all heavily if you do not turn away from your contented and seemingly justified evil ways.

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      • @Jane says:

        If you travel you would notice that different countries have different terminologies to distinguish citizens , temporary etc. Better than being called an Alien. Some complain in the BVI but when you go to other countries like the US would not say a thing.

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      • Just saying says:

        I wish I was free to blog and that the sites would put them up. Some BVI belongers do not dislike non belongers just for the fun of it. There are deep rooted reasons for some of the disgruntled behavior.

    • @Jane says:

      Belonger is simply a term for Citizen. It is not intended to be insulting.

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    • Rubbish says:

      Don’t be fooled Jane, it is NDP supporters fire the NDP, not only VIP. We got fedup of the lies hence why we got rib of them. But if you feel we will let the VIP start this unruly behavior you will be out of office shortly .

  3. Eyesore says:

    Hater of island people. Not many of you should become leaders. No time to waste here.

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  4. vip heckler says:

    The leader of the VIP is fast-tracking as if he owes/promised some people favours

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  5. Rubber Duck says:


    So why did you not do it when you were in power?

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  6. well meh boi says:


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    • BuzzBvi says:

      Because he did not seem to looking out for (B)VIslanders when in power. Only now when power is not in his and friends hands does it need to serve all the VI people and not just a chosen few. Can’t choose who gets a share now so wants to have things shared around a bit more fairly.

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  7. No nonsense says:

    Yes,fix dem with them bias regularizration and put back the Peebles on the hospital. The so call name doctor is NOT worthy of it

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    • @ No nonsense says:

      Keep it up. The same down going to have to come to your rescue!!! continue to hide behind you blog name. God is watching and He sure don’t like ugly. Remember the world is round!!!! All of ayo going to be exposed Big time keep it up!!!

  8. That’s fine says:

    The BVI voice must be heard. The regularizing must not take place until all systems are in place to make sure only who is deserving gets status and when I say status I mean residency. Belonger status must be off the table

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  9. Seriously says:

    The ignorance on this issue is on another level. I’m an expatriate and I myself trying to work understand the whole and why the sudden rush. I don’t know what the pros and cons are if I apply really what is this all about. I really don’t think it is to benefit us from the other ther Caribbean Islands I more think this is a promise made to expats from other Countries. So of you know fully well you don’t care anything about the BVI or its people. We just here to get all we can as most of us send our money back home and have our houses and apartments the people of the BVI have no where else to go so why bash them for being concerned. They have a right I’m sure if this being done in your country you would not be happy about it.

    Personally immigration need to clean up all the persons here illegally who have over spent their time, working not paying taxes but every Friday sending their money back home. This should be a priority clean up and clear the back log.

    Some of you taking about BVI landers hate island people that is not so. You all missing the big picture. You all will see this plan is not so gravy especially for us Caribbean expats.

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    • Just person says:

      If you don’t have anything constructive to say shut up. My father was living in the us for years with a green card and never think about sending anything home for just in case, he made the us his home until one night it was all over when immigration pick him up put him in jail and from jail to Jamaica for a little weed from in the 80s when he was on farm work he got his day in court case tried and got thrown out but laws Clinton pass in the 90s when he became president bit my father so don’t chat nonsense bout because people send home their money that some how mean they don’t care about the BVI. Expatriates lives in the BVI are like a jet with a landing gear problem and about to run out of fuel you don’t know if when you go in for your permit if they’ll say they’re not renewing it or if you lost your job if they won’t say you got to leave as what happened to some people after the hurricane. Let’s stop being judge mental of others and stop the speculation. If you want to be a second class citizen in someone else country for the rest of your life that’s you and on the same my opinion is everybody who achieved their papers in this country or any other country by marriage or tenure you will never ever have the same rights as the generational one.

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    • You lie says:

      You are not an expat. Stop hiding!

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    • Crissy says:

      You’re not an expat, but a BVIslander pretending to be an expat!

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  10. Anonymous says:

    We in the BVI don’t really know Caribbean history we only learn western civilization.

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    • Island man says:

      @That’s fine. Keep u belonger status.Hope it continue to make u happy and hope u take it with u 6 feet under when u say good bye to ur loved ones.
      And don’t forget,when u wake up on the other side please don’t forget to tell St. Peter u r a belonger.

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  11. Anonymous says:

    We all know NDP hate expats. History shows that NDP increased the years to 20 to further delay the regularization of non belongers. NDP won the 2015 elections decisively but the party feuded and separated at the thought of having a non indigenous person as their leader and possible Premier. It was good to have the highest vote getter in the history of the BVI as a member of the party but as soon as it was time to follow his lead it was not acceptable.

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  12. Reality says:

    Look at $1500 per person Gov stand to make a whole lot of money on this rush thing. So the more people buy into it the better. The Lord knows Gov need money and some quick cash can’t hurt. I know some people getting all sentimental but come one come all bring your money and apply, gov need it.

  13. Quiet Warrior says:

    Agree with the Hon Penn that the Opposition, along with many citizens, concern about the supersonic speed for the immigration amendment does not say they are anti-expat. It is the Premier’s attitude and approach that thrusted the BVI into this For and Against binary choice. The approach used was of a dictatorial bent. Immigration is an important issue with long-term consequences.

    Consequently, the HOA should take the time to define, discuss, debate, decide…..etc this critical issue. Jamming the 1st, 2nd and 3rd readings into one session of the HOA did the issue, the HOA members, people and territory a disservice. The issue should be debated in 3 separate sessions. This is not an emergency and treated it as an emergency is blurring line of what an emergency is.

    Thus, the unanswered question is what is driving the urgency? That question has not been satisfactorily communicated. Until it is satisfactorily answered, the WHY question will linger and be a head scratching discussion in the work place, at the water cooler, at church, at the ball game, at the domino table, on the ferry, at the dinner table, at the bar……etc.

    The dictatorial handling of this issue is surprising and disappointing. The VIP in Opposition was frequently accusing the NDP of unnecessary secrecy. Now, it is exhibiting the same tendencies. The Premier needs to cast pride aside, pull the 2nd and 3rd readings, actively listen to residents and debate the issue. No more sham passive listening. The question is still why the supersonic speed rush?

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    • BuzzBvi says:

      What is driving this is that if the law was followed a lot of these people would already be residents or belongers. He is trying to regularise the bad practices that seem to have become the norm.
      Not sure why everyone is so frightened to follow the existing law and give belonger or resident to all that are entitled. If it was a problem why was it not challenged in the last 8 years.
      He has changed nothing just trying to actually make what is correct by law actually happen without all the years of usual BS.

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  14. Uea says:

    Anyway. Se***l revolution. Expatriates’ wives stop giving local husbands s**. Eexpatriate husbands stop giving local wives s**.

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  15. SOUR GRAPES says:

    @ Island Man….you know in your heart that it would not go so in your country. Stop taking advantage. We done see enough to know what the real motive is. Only a few are genuine.

  16. Semper Fidelis says:

    Hon. Penn do not allow them to use issues belonging to the NDP to detract from your powerful words and responsibilities as a member of the opposition. You’re duty bound to require the same transparency, clarity and information from this government as was required of yours. Who have ears need to listen.

  17. Tinman says:

    What was the real reason the NDP broke up?Myron the leader is classified as an island man Ronnie classified as a local and didn’t want an island man head the party, Myron the highest vote getter in ’11 and’15 election the became the leader of the NDP and was voted out didn’t even win his seat the moral of the story locals think Island people is going to take away something from them or scared of losing whatever it is…

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  18. Fix the law says:

    The major problem is that there is no defined law in the BVI for expats to become citizen. This works fine for belonger because it provided an ad-hoc way to grant the status based on favoritism and connections. My application is in for 3 years now and I never received a word of yes,no, or maybe after living here for 26 years.

  19. @Jane says:

    How about alien – ‘you don’t belong to the planet earth period’ would that be a better label for you? Well when you can get America to change this label then come look us up.

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  20. D says:

    well go bk to where u from

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  21. what a ting says:

    After this the BVI is never going to be the same again. Yes exp after living here and contributed must be given consideration. Andrew went about this thing wrong. But this has open up the true nature of local people. Something they were keeping hidden , It is now out in the open. Malice, jealousy and hate.They could jump up. After this is passed, Andrew would be premier as long as he runs for politics. smoke that in alyo pipe.

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  22. Born here says:

    How many local want to employed there own local to work.
    Local prefer outsider to work for them because of the attitude. I really do not understand the debate.

  23. What is wrong says:

    Please do not let these expats fool you all. Most of them have houses and apartments in their country. They are setting up themselves and laughing at us while they call us evil for being smart enough to stand up for ourselves. They are using phsycology on us. BvIslanders do not go in any other country and demand the same rights as the Natives. Base on the expats argument they already feel like their children born here have more rights than the BVIslander’s children born abroad. Then they call us evil. When your own lice bite you it bite the hardest. We do not have to sell out our country in fear. We will address England when we have to. So far no caucasion have brutalize and kill none of us.

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  24. What is wrong says:

    Please do not let these expats fool you all. Most of them have houses and apartments in their country. They are setting up themselves and laughing at us while they call us evil for being smart enough to stand up for ourselves. They are using phsycology on us. BvIslanders do not go in any other country and demand the same rights as the Natives. Base on the expats argument they already feel like their children born here have more rights than the BVIslander’s children born abroad. Then they call us evil. When your own lice bite you it bite the hardest. We do not have to sell out our country in fear. We will address England when we have to.

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  25. BVIslander says:

    We do it too – we have US green cards, use our status to send our children to school, work in the US when it suits us and have homes in the US, USVI and the BVI. What is the difference as Caribbean people (which we all are) historically we have always moved around for better job or educational opportunities, but we have always maintained roots wherever we felt that our homeland is. What is wrong with that. However, I agree that reforming our immigration must be handled carefully not in a rush (beginning with sorting the backlog and setting clear policies going forward).

  26. hmmm says:

    locals most racist I ever met

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    • Local EAST says:

      Not true…i’VE BEEN TO MANY CARIBBEAN ISLANDS..and ive noticed they have a more agressive personality than BVI locals ..always ready for war…even in the BVI! Ive seen this ever so often. Thats why we are sooooo concern about persons getting rights here..seeing that we want to develop our tourism product we are mot looking anymore trouble than we already have.
      Look at St.Thomas many locals left their and migrate to the States..and many caribbean people migrated there.Many are out of order have St. THOMAS IN A MESS!! Eg. Hattians..Tourist are complaining now.

      Tortolians left here to live in St.Thomas years ago and carried there good character with them.

      Displaying a good character in a country builds a GREAT NATION! not necessary by numbers!

    • Facts says:

      You hate us because we are speaking out now…just like other caribbean countries.

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