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Not a little girl | Hodge-Smith takes aim at Vanterpool for ‘neglect’ of D4


Virgin Islands Party (VIP) candidate for the Fourth Electoral District Luce Hodge-Smith has slammed the constituency’s current representative, Mark Vanterpool, on what she said was an ‘unacceptable’ performance as district rep in the last eight years.

She made the statement after claiming that Vanterpool tried to undermine her candidacy on the campaign trail recently.

“The incumbent has tried to ridicule me by calling me a little girl. In his attempts of doing that, he has exposed his smugness and his meanness. In doing so, he has also exposed his contempt for you here in District Four. We don’t reward meanness and contempt,” she said during her official campaign launch in Road Town on Saturday.

“We will let him know that I am a woman, a God-fearing woman, a woman that will represent you in ways that he has not, a woman that will get the job done,” the VIP candidate asserted.

D4 has been neglected

Hodge-Smith said cries from constituents have fallen on deaf ears for the last two terms that the National Democratic Party has represented the district. She is promising to represent them better if elected.

“For eight long years, bringing final repairs to the sewerage issues has been neglected. Over the last eight years, problems grew and, to date, there is still the stench of sewerage in Road Town, and the sewerage water runs through the district daily,” she said.

“This is unacceptable. The stench of corruption is unacceptable. The stench of incompetence is unacceptable, and the stench of wrong priorities is unacceptable,” she added.

Water woes

Hodge-Smith said residents have also been affected by an inconsistent water supply for years. “To compound this issue, promises were made to fix it, but to date, the water woes continue. This is unacceptable,” she said.

She also pointed to the constant flooding of the capital which has remained unfixed, despite public and private properties receiving substantial losses, as a result.

“Over $2 billion has been spent, and we can’t see where it has been spent. The current representative is running scared. A few months ago he was running away from you, now he is running scared.”

She continued: “He (Vanterpool) is running scared because he can’t explain the overrun of the Pier Park project because he and his friends cannot account for the $15 million from the Social Security Board, and he cannot explain the neglect of the Elmore Stoutt High School. Residents of the Fourth District, you deserve better than you have endured for the past eight years. It is time for a woman to do the job.”


In the meantime, Hodge-Smith said if voted into office, she will create a Road Town Health Commission and re-establish a Main Street business association.

She said Road Town would see better waste management systems, proper sidewalks and walkways, solar-powered street lights and workshops for young and upcoming entrepreneurs.

If elected, she also plans to construct multi-level parking for Road Town and move the current market to an unknown location and utilise its space for a bus depot.

She said there would also be an increase in cultural events yearly.

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  1. Susie says:

    All the best Luce!!!!! You have a strong opponent but do not be deterred…hold steadfast…a change is coming I can feel it! Forward everrrr!!!!

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    • Laughing says:

      You wish! The NDP will form the next Government of the Virgin Islands. They have a TEAM and they are READY.

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      • Quick Question says:

        1. The NDP will form the next Government of the Virgin Islands you say? Yes Yes Yes!!!
        2. What you say they (NDP) have a team? Yes yes yes!!!
        3. What you say they READY? YES YES YES!!! …
        and that TEAM the NEW NDP TEAM is now BETTER! STRONGER & TOGETHER!

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  2. ndp heckler says:

    They only respect spanish women

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  3. VIP says:

    He pulling an Omar move on you Luce. Omar said Alvera is the little woman with a bag; now Mark saying Luce is a little child. But remember that the Bible says children will lead us, so let him go sit down with his nonsense. VIP – One Direction – Forward.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Can someone pleas tell me when Hon Vanterpool said that. Play the tape! Lets review the footage!

      Someone is trying to play victim by recreating the Avera-Omar scenario. Good luck Luce but we don’t believe that!

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      • Yeah says:

        I want to hear the tapes. If she know she is not a little girl/child why worry about it. If I pay attention to the people who call me little girl,there would be a lot of b…hes laying on the side of the road. The 4th is going to vote Mark right back in.

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  4. Gates says:

    Luce is the person we need. We need change – nothing has worked under Vanterpool. Everything is broken. Luce has great experience in representing us. She is smart, honest and can make things happen. It’s our choice. No more smelly sewage running through our streets. It’s our money. Its our vote.

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  5. Zinc says:

    Luce is a great person but not a politician. Mark Vanterpool will beat all of the competitors in the 4th District very easily. Next!

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    • District 4 says:

      NO one is born a Politician. All the members in the HOA were just like Luce, they entered the HOA as regular person. All the best to you Luce Hodge-Smith

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    • Henry says:

      Vanterpool has let us down. Raw sewage runs through our streets. The water doesn’t work half the time. The schools are broken.

      We don’t need a politician – we need solutions. I trust Luce. She is honest and will get the job done!

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  6. Diaspora says:

    If indeed the Hon Mark Vanterpool(D-4), MCW, call one of his challengers, Ms. Luce Hodge-Smith, a little girl, it is sexist. Has he heard of the Me Too Movement. Luce’s uncle, Omar Hodge, the late and former long serving D6 rep, refererred to the Hon Alvera Maduro-Caines, current D-6 Rep, as a bag lady during the 2011 campaign and she cleaned his clock. Did Mark called Dr. Vincent Scatliiffe, former D-4 rep, and his nephew Karl “Dub” Scatliffe, two of his other opponents, little boys? Luce is due an apology but you will quicker see green mules flying.

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    • @Diaspora says:

      Mark never called Luce a little girl. This is the VIP’s usual nasty vile campaign strategy to distort the facts. When people have nothing to offer, they seek to destroy others. The VIP’s campaigning over the past 2 weeks has been the most nasty and vile behavior I have seen in an election in a long time. The members who we know for sure are better than that should be ashamed of themselves.

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  7. 4th Voter says:

    Luce, I admire you and your family from years and years ago. I only have one question. You are such a nice and respectable lady, so why are you subjecting yourself to the nasty behavior of the esteemed and Mr C***e which is getting worst as you rallies continue? If you want me or my family’s vote you need to step in and stop this nasty behavior by these two persons in particular because none of the other parties are on a rostrum calling other elected officials such nasty names and bringing rumours and other foolishness in the campaign. I think you are better than this and know better, please step in and stop it. I cannot vote for you or anybody in your party as long as you continue to display such disrespect. Tell us your plans, be realistic, give us real details and let us compare. But the constant name calling and defaming of characters needs to stop. The VIP sounds like angry gangsters fighting for turf on the streets.

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  8. Lies!! says:

    Sound like someone is grasping at straws, when did he call you little girl? Some people would do and say anything, looking to pick a few sympathy votes. Not going to work!

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  9. Okay says:

    Time for Mark to go.

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  10. DISTRICT 4 says:

    Too much corruption. Time for a change.

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  11. Youth says:

    I am tired of bring con so I am voting for Luce.

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  12. It's photo ops time says:

    Keep those nails filled …

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  13. Seriously says:

    Luce you need to apologize to us for the ridiculous behavior of your party at your launch on Saturday. I hope everyone is paying attention and I also hope people realized that the yellow site man tried his best to compare Fahie to Myron and he failed miserably. He could not tell you one good thing Fahie did as Minister of Education just making up nonsense. Fraud cline and the esteemed could not even make the cut as candidates on VIP so now they are bitter and mad so they are out to destroy Myron out of jealousy. These guys need to be stopped so do not vote VIP on the 21st and 25th of feb. A vote for VIP is a vote for Fraud and Yellow Site man to destroy this Territory. Pull their files and tell me if you want to take that risk with our Territory.

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    • @Seriously says:

      Don’t mind the yellow site man and the fraud man who collected over $600K under the same VIP leader for doing absolutely nothing. I don’t know how these guys can call anyone corrupt because they can’t tell you anything good they have done in the Territory. They are both upset because they are both failed candidates who were vying for at-large seats on the VIP. The VIP delegates didn’t want them and even Raja is running at-large so they are upset and ashamed. This is why every night instead of telling people what their party can do for the Territory, they are behaving like rabid dogs fighting for a bone. They are shameless cowards who no nothing except destruction of people and their character. Just ignore them and they will fade away especially after they lose elections in 2 wks.

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    • ISP ID says:

      @seriously . Hello Myron. Is that you?

      I think you should apologize to us for:

      1) misappropriating over $1M for the school wall. Right ?
      2) $7.2m you approved for the airline. Right?
      3) the holes in roof of my child’s school that you haven’t fixed yet. Right?
      4) the lack of an education plan over the past 8 years. Right?

      We care about these things. You don’t. You gone!

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  14. Hmmmmm says:

    I was so sick to my stomach watching the VIP rallies in road town on saturday and then vg yesterday. Are these people serious about leading this Territory? Do you guys see their behavior? I thought it was a joke at first but these guys are really serious. Do not be fooled voters, VIP cannot tell us what they will do to rebuild this Territory. They are all over the place saying any and everything just for a vote, they have shame and no scruples. We always tell our kids not to tell lies and to have respect so we cannot reward the VIP and that nasty behavior with any votes on election day. Teach them a lesson, tell them we demand respect and stop trying to take us for fools. Not one man or woman on VIP can get a vote from me. They are very immature and disgusting the way they are politicking. What made me even more sick is to hear the youngest candidate on their team say that Myron did nothing at all for education. What has she done for the BVI? Why should we elect her? What is her track record? She was a teacher and ran for the hills because of a little pressure but is telling you Hon Walwyn hasn’t worked hard for our youth? It’s a bold face lie from hell and they can say these things without batting an eye which tells you they are comfortable with lies and lying in filth. They are not deserving of one vote.

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    • @Hmmmmm says:

      Thanks for the truthful comment. VIP is so desperate for votes they are willing to play the pity crying game. But, It Ain’t working.

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  15. Voter says:

    Ok, i cant vote in the 4th but if I could I would vote for Luce. I’m a born and bred citizen of the VI and in this regard cannot phathom how reelecting the current representative is even a serious option. Is it that if you live in the 4th your nose is immune to the stench from raw sewerage? Is it that one’s eyes become accustomed to the dirty and untidy conditions of the capital city of the VI? Is it that the water woes are only felt by those of us who work in town?

    Also, is that the voters in D4 have forgotten that the admittedly lovely TPP had costs overruns of tens of millions of dollars and yet isnt finished, and that the D4 rep presided over this project. Is it that the current rep somehow bore no culpability at all for the fiasco that is BVI AIRWAYS? Unfortunately, I could go on and on but think readers get the point. Please ppl of D4, consider carefully your options and in particular whether it might not be time to give someone else an opportunity.

    I think all would agree that the current rep is certainly one of the more personable representatives and in all fairness he does try to help ppl individually (from what I’ve heard) but think carefully about whether enough was done over the last 8yrs in the capital city to justify his reelection as its representative. This same rep was once dubbed the “Action Man” and honestly these days I cant say this name is justified.

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    • @Voter says:

      Give me a break. Luce is a nice person but you cannot just come around all of a sudden and say you want to represent people. Where was Luce all the time? If you look closely at the VIP team many of them have an axe to grind with Myron and/or NDP and people are not stupid. What will Luce do differently in the 4th District? The bottomline is that leadership matters more than anything else this election and there’s no way in hell I’m voting for anyone on a party led by Andrew Fahie and co-lead by the fraudulent pastor and the failed candidate/esteemed disgraced and fired PS. They are power hungry and have no love for the people. As the poster above stated it was shameful how Luce sat back and watch those guys behave in such a disrespectful manner at her launch in road town. No shame whatsoever.

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      • Yes says:

        She should be ashamed of herself. She sat there and let the Lagoon shark and his sidekicks spew the unessary trash towards NDP.Shame on you girl, you are being used to make up numbers. Girllll, tip on along to the nearist manicure shop. Anything or anyone who aligns themselves with the fake pastor is trouble/looking for trouble.

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        • Call Me Ishael says:

          Don’t be distracted by imagined words just take a deep breath and smell the raw sewage – it’s not a CESSPOOL flowing through our streets- it’s the Vanterpool!

          Open your eyes and see our broken schools – it’s the Vaterpool. Turn on your Wi-Fi and see the slow internet – it’s the Vanterpool. Drive by our dump and see the fire – it’s the Vaterpool. Turn on your water and see no water – it’s the Vanterpool. Try to turn on your lights and see the darkness that will continue to surround you – it’s the Vanterpool.

          He who brought us here shall not deliver us to the future.

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          • Lol says:

            You have to admit that it is a bit ironic- Cesspool (from the open stink flowing through our streets) sounds like Vanterpool. I can’t get that out of my head. Lol

      • Really! says:

        What has she done as Director of Culture……nothing!

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      • Voter says:

        Thanks for your reply. However was wondering exactly which of the 13 candidates on the VIP ticket is a pastor. Also, which of the candidates is a fired PS? Not sure I follow you at all. Certainly I am sure if you speak to civil servants about both Mr Samuels and Ms. Smith-Thompson (both former PSs), I’m sure you will hear that they were respected civil servants who served admirably in various capacities in Govt until leaving voluntarily.

        In my humble opinion Luce is also a civil servant who served admirably during her long career in the service. Even if you disagree with that, can we at least agree that at least she served without scandals which resulted or should result in audits.

        Ultimately, you are entitled to your opinion and if you like how things in D4 are going, by all means reelect the current rep. For those who wish to see a change of direction, Luce in my opinion presents an excellent alternative.

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  16. Anonymous says:

    Come on guys tell the truth. Mark is a friendly guy but be honest did he do a good job. Yes or no. No excuses, he did not do well as minister or district rep. We all get what we deserve eventually.

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  17. Hellooooooo says:

    Little gyal go sid dung. You know nothing about the 4th district or its people.

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  18. Orange Blossom says:

    The fake pastor is going to be VIP’s downfall for sure.

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  19. ? says:

    Does Luce live in the 4th District?

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  20. Leroy says:

    Does M—- and T—– look like a Valentine item?

  21. Anonymous says:

    If that is true, the results are there Alvera licked him hard. NDP don’t believe in women. How many in their team? Women right now are ruling the world!!!. I salute VIP for getting the vision about women

  22. Anonymous says:

    the results are there Alvera licked him hard. NDP don’t believe in women. How many in their team? Women right now are ruling the world!!!. I salute VIP for getting the vision about women

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