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Not BVI DNA! Some locals sit and expect to get jobs — Premier

Premier Andrew Fahie

Premier Andrew Fahie has chastised persons who feel entitled enough to expect jobs simply because they are Virgin Islanders. 

He recalled that Health Minister Carvin Malone recently said being born here is not enough to acquire jobs anymore and persons reacted angrily to this. 

“There are some people in the Virgin Islands that think that they can sit and just get a job because they’re from the Virgin Islands. And [they] do not perform on the job and expect that they’re going to be backed up with that kind of behaviour,” Premier Fahie said at a recent press conference. 

“That cannot be the mindset that we will have. That’s not the DNA of a Virgin Islander. We work hard for what we want,” the Premier added.

The Premier made the comments against the backdrop of a promised initiative to be implemented at the H Lavity Stoutt Community College (HLSCC) that is expected to upskill locals through various training programmes. 

“So we’re going to be pushing very hard to connect the jobs now that are available in the BVI with the people of the Virgin Islands through what the Minister of Education and the Minister of Labour have done with HLSCC, with Labour and with the job fair that’s coming on very soon,” Premier Fahie said. 

One boss at a time

Turning his attention to persons who are already employed, the Premier said they should ensure that they work hard for the hours that they’re being paid and give their employers a fair eight hours of work where applicable. 

“Even for persons who come from abroad, we have to do that because it’s a lot to run a business. You cannot run a business employing persons and they want to be the boss and you’re the boss,” he added. 

The Premier then expressed confidence in the local workforce and said that, despite the challenges, locals are largely up to the task. 

“Our people can do it, they’ve been doing it. But there are a few of our people who have the mindset that they don’t want a job unless it’s the right job for them to work in,” he stated. 

The Premier challenged persons to make sacrifices; encouraging them to take available jobs and build themselves towards first making an income before moving on from there.


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  1. Jim says:

    That is the belonger way…

    Me belonger and I get the job. Sigh

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  2. Reality check says:

  3. Equal equal says:

    It’s in the VIP DNA. No plans for the country. Spread rumors and gossip to win the government, win the election but can’t do the job. What’s the difference?

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  4. Hmm says:

    Good luck changing that mind set. We don’t invest in education to create thinking people. Those that succeed in education, we give scholarships to. They never return becaue wages are too low compared to what they can earn elsewhere. We don’t do a good job of creating hope through diligence and hard work. We import others to do the hard work. It ain’t right, but entitlement is one the outcomes of poor long term planning. Lack of accountability is another. Asking people to stop it with their sense of entitlement is never going to change anything.

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    • @Hmmm says:

      Nail on the head!!!!!

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    • Shhhh says:

      I agree, but what I would say is that the Government has ALWAYS set the precedence. They award jobs, not based on merit, but to their loyal family, friends and cronies. As a HARDWORKING BV Islander who is duly qualified with the requisite experience is turned down just because of sheer BAD MIND. I would say it again…sheer BAD MIND.

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  5. heckler says:

    You was the one who promised us 1000 jobs in 1000 days but it seems like we lost 1000 jobs

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  6. small man says:

    We will get stimulus packages and other goodies compliments of the VIP.

  7. WE ARE ENTITLED says:

    so what’s the surprise/ it is written ( we from here and wr can do anything we want , too bad of you don’t like it

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  8. Bvislander says:

    Man some them to lazy just want sit down an collect money or beg give who want to job to work can’t force donkey to eat grass simple

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  9. Lilly says:

    Some people sit in St Vincent, Jamaica, Asia and get jobs in the BVI because their family always want to bring them here.

    Long time ago when Mrs C and Ms W worked in the HR Department in government, they would offer young men position. Now we are offering jobs to the outsiders. Go Long

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  10. you should know says:

    who the h**l is home sitting down is due to your government’s abuse of authority as we all know it.
    so don’t call it lazy.

    what about when your government falsifies people termination based on family favors. As a matter of fact, when you want to talk do so about your family member who was a department head and spend more time traveling six weeks, four to five times a year, and out of the office doing whatsoever, she felt like. how many times has she been drunk while on the job?

    you behave like the people who are employed within the government body are all bvislanders; they are mostly US-born. this is where there is a shortage of jobs for those who were born here and qualified.

    solution give their post to people who are deserving of it and not because they are your people and friends. now stop with your bulls**t talk because we all know this is exactly how things are done here the top positions in government are always put aside for their families as they return from school abroad.

  11. True Fact says:

    after he done f**ten his circle pocket with government money now he want to talk crap.

  12. Realtalk says:

    Other parts of the Caribbean and the wider world are no exception to the problems relating to work/jobs. So, it’s not a VI thing as some would like VIslanders to believe. Is it because individuals are blind to what is taking place in their home country or they want to give a favourable impression?

    Examples: Jamaica – who are the housekeepers?
    Santo Domingo – who dig the holes?
    St. Kitts & Nevis (and other Caribbean islands) – who does the tasks that the locals refuse to do?
    US, UK & Europe – who are the fruit pickers

    Make from this what you wish!

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  13. @Realtalk says:

    You tell it like it is. It is the same thing all over the world. Some people run from their country and go to a next country and do the same jobs they refuse to do in their country, because they are too shame to go back home. Another thing, Every nationality residing in the BVI
    feel entittled these days.

  14. Born Tolian says:

    Premier you hit it on the nail. I born here and see first hand how the Born Here Degree makes people entitled. It’s a mindset that I don’t think even you can change. You got to reach and teach the children in schools to change that mindset. Our people got it so good that they don’t need to develop good eyes ethics. Of my 10 employees, 6 are Yolians and the other 4 outshine and outperform those 6 all the time. So sad.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Why’s he saying Virgin Islanders? Why don’t he used the term Bvislanders or belongers and outsiders. Wow unbelievable!

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