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Not exempted | Cuban doctors will be quarantined upon arrival

Thirty medical personnel from Cuba will not be exempted from the stringent measures being adopted by the Andrew Fahie-led administration in its fight against the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) that is currently affecting the territory and the wider world.

Premier Andrew Fahie said during a public broadcast on Tuesday that the Cuban physicians will be taken to a quarantine facility when they arrive in the territory on an undisclosed date.

“They will be quarantined for 14 days to make sure that they to go through all the measures that have been put in place,” the Premier stated.

He further said that the United Kingdom — through its representative, Governor Augustus Jaspert — gave the go-ahead for the team to come to the territory.

Premier Fahie also noted that engaging the Cubans is not indicative that there are more than three COVID-19 cases in the territory.

“We are not hiding anything. What we know, you the people will also know in a timely manner. They are there to help as we continue to be in a proactive mode. Not that something has gone wrong or we have a number of cases — as some persons are saying — we are trying to hide,” Premier Fahie sai.

To date, the BVI has a total of 143 persons in quarantine, three confirmed COVID-19 cases, and nine others awaiting their test results from the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) based in Trinidad.

As of Tuesday, March 31, the Cuban government said it was suspending the arrival of international flights and requested all foreign boats to evacuate from its waters as it too battles the COVID-19, news mediums have reported.

That country nearly 200 cases of COVID-19 — six related deaths and nearly 3,000 suspected cases in isolation.

Despite this, the Cuban government has shipped several medical personnel to assist other countries to curtail the fast-spreading virus.

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  1. Please says:

    Andrew you speaking none-sense. Quarantine the people who comes to solve your problem. Now for how long before they start attending to Patients.

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    • deh Watcha says:

      This has been done other places the Cuban doctors have traveled to.

      What makes the BVI different???

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      • LCS says:

        What are these doctors going to do related to COVID-19 patients, 30 to 3? Or for the 143? Numbers don’t make sense.

  2. Send them back! says:

    I hope we make them get work permits, like the aid workers after Irma.

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    • mehn says:

      this is wrong but I hope you get that which is being avoided and no one is there to attend to you…Then tell it to go back.

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  3. Resident says:

    I hope we make them get work permits too, like the aid workers after Irma.

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  4. Hmm says:

    Andrew you are doing a bit to much. What an insult. I would not be stepping one foot if were those doctors. I find when this minister is ahead. He always does or say something stupid to compromise that.

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  5. Anonymous says:

    @ Please

    How is that nonsense when they are coming from a country which has confirmed cases of the disease. Not because they are medical doctors does make make them exempted from carry the virus and potentially spreading it.!!

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  6. VG Resident says:

    How dare you blog such Hog Wash? Would you like a Doctor attending to one of your loved ones or yourself then a few days after you heard that Doctor
    was tested positive with the Virus? Then you and other Fools like you will still blame Hon. Fahie.

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  7. Wow! says:

    There should be a test for stupidity. Those found to be so, such as some of those whose blogs repesent them, should be quarantined and not released until some semblence of sense is shown.

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  8. strupes says:

    Pyour assishness

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  9. Bright says:

    He’s doing a good job. How can we be so sure,that’s not and insult.

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  10. Reading says:

    I think some a y’all commenters are disgusting. If the gov do y’all talk if they don’t y’all still talk. If they are to please everyone a y’all this country will shipwreck.

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  11. CUBA says:

    This is standard protocol adopted in the face of this pandemic. The Cubans who are coming expects to be quarantine. If you go to the airport you will notice they come wearing their masks and I am sure will be disappointed if we break the protocol and do not quarantine them. Please noted not everybody coming are Doctors. There are various health care workers in the group. Remember it is not only doctors that works in the hospitals there are also nurses and various technologists and technicians that works togather to deliver your healthcare.

  12. looking Resident says:

    Hon Andrew Fahie you and your Goverment are doing a great job, not waiting for disaster to hit our shores before acting, I say thank you for unity in all area, May God continue to keep us safe.

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  13. Tola Resident says:

    Hon Andrew I was thinking the same thing u cant bring them here without quarantine them, coming from a place where its more spread, In the mean time let us practice more hygiene and following the Law, may God keep us safe.

    • Nonsense says:

      Where are the people who almost demonstrate when the premier wanted to give status to though who spend so much time here ,cry out now , tell the premier not to send for them you all silent

  14. @looking resident says:

    Agreed. Pressed the dislike button by accident.

  15. Most says:

    Most of the people who are making these terrible remarks are not Virgin Islanders. Now everybody think they are locals and have their own ideas how they want this country to run. In the next few years look trouble in this place. It start already.

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  16. Ausar says:

    Common Sense Protocols, are definitely in place regarding this matter!

    What I would hope, is that the physicians can retest those who have completed quarantine, to determine whether said virus is returnable, given temperate weather, nutrition, cough, fevers, and the like!

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