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Not too late to cancel Music Fest — Walwyn

Myron Walwyn.

Sixth District Representative Myron Walwyn said it is not too late for Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley to reverse course and cancel this month’s upcoming Music Fest.

Walwyn urged Premier Wheatley to reconsider holding the event, proposing instead that the allocated funds be redirected towards critical infrastructural repairs across the Virgin Islands. 

“It’s not too late to call off this music fest that will not yield anything to us and deploy that funding in the areas that it is needed, as we have seen now,” Walwyn said. “Road infrastructure, cleaning drains, doing those sorts of things to save lives and save property will take precedence over a party any day or should take precedence.”

According to Walwyn, the recent heavy rains have exposed the poor condition of the roads and drains. He argued that the government should instead use the $426 million loan guarantee offered by the UK to improve infrastructure rather than fund the festival.

“I urge the government to move swiftly to secure loans or secure the funding to address the issues facing this country,” Walwyn stated. “District 6 in particular, I’ve always said and I’ve been saying has some of the worst roads in this country.”

Despite promises from Communication and Works Minister Kye Rymer to commence road patching, the continuous rains have likely delayed these efforts, intensifying the urgency for comprehensive infrastructure improvements.


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    is saying )> now I ain’t trying to know down your groove thing / but Don’t you think you can spend taxpayers money on something like * infrastructure * eh home boi ?

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  2. Mosquito Man says:

    In other words this is what mosquito man is saying. “Stop the music fest because we are about to wage den-g** war on the territory.”

    Bite, bite, bite! Slap, slap slap, clap clap clap!

    Take out a loan from the devil’s bank and tank, tank, tank.

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  3. Hush says:

    Ohhhh hush you rassssss with this loan guarantee BS. This country is not in no position to take out no loan.

    Why don’t you loan back the money you getting from the government coffers?

    Pure hot air from this wolf in sheep clothing.

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    • Licher and Sticher Good says:

      Loan guarantee is not the same as guarantee payments on your behalf. Meaning that unless we get our government can get its revenue stream on track taking a loan will be a bad idea. But, trust S!0w W@nde and the A$$ C!0wn Brigade, including opposition, to over look this and still want the loan. None of dem ever sold anything to anyone other than family. We in trouble buddy

  4. Citizen says:

    It’s not to late to pay back the money * from the wall to avoid jail

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  5. Black says:

    The Fahie admin were offered $2 billion in funding to rebuild the country after the hurricanes and they refused it.
    Ask FAT BOY, CARVIN, NATALIO, SHEEP and the rest of them.

    UK ain’t giving the VI squat unless them getting some thing out of it. so all this free talk is BS.

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  6. Words of advise says:

    Premier, It would have been greater if you add those music fest events to the beginning of our 70th Festival celebrations and start from the 26th July,2024. We have been robbed anyway of our festival days in recent years. Hitoricaly festival use to start from the Friday and now its starting on a Monday making us loose 3 days and still paying more fees to register a booth. Make one big bang and make it grand.

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  7. Greedy bill Pension pay back says:

    Walwyn has claimed his greedy bill retirement prize then got straight back to work he could refund the million $ wall debacle . As far as canceling the “ PARTY” and I mean “PARTY “ payments / handouts you’ll probably suddenly discover a number of backdated contracts ( contracts if only “ guaranteeing payment under all circumstances would appear from nowhere just like magic names conveniently redacted for PUBIC INTEREST PURPOSES

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  8. hmm says:

    If you got a problem with your government spending money on parties and don’t have none to fix your country infrastructure then stop going to the parties. Attending is like supporting the same nonsense you complaining about. Then to add insult to injury he telling you boldface its not in your interest to know who getting all of this wasted money.

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  9. Wow says:

    Sometimes I wonder if the Premier and the DPP are blood related, they both have the same mentality, whatever they say goes, their both hard headed, they do not believe in team work , they all ways want to show off, want to prove to everyone that their are in charge , that they are in control (the Boss ) WOW, what happen with the other member of Government, where are they??

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  10. joe lee says:

    The music festival is not funded by loans guaranteed from the uk. This article is misdirected and misconstrued to paint a biased narrative.

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  11. @ CITIZEN says:

    hi blondie since you are so obsessed with walwin , why don’t yiu edo your research and beg the government to make the crooks who were paid to build a wall and have not completed it , to make the
    know them m complete the job , or refund the taxpayers money ? The government know them , they live here , so that shouldn’t be to difficult to do , unless they are a part of the plot that was set up to make walwyn look bad

  12. Lance says:


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