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Nothing has changed! Fraser bemoans HOA’s decades of stagnation

Third District Representative, Julian Fraser.

Third District Representative Julian Fraser has bemoaned the lack of change in the House Assembly (HOA) over the 22 years that he has served as a legislator.

During his contribution in the HOA recently, the legislator questioned why there was apprehension for Virgin Islanders to move forward.

“Are they really going through 22 years and end up like this?” Fraser asked.

He even joked that the furniture in the House of Assembly has remained the same over the years.

“These governments paid a lot of money to send kids to the best colleges in the world and they come back and they’re just complacent and happy to live life the way they met it,” he stated.

He expressed that persons who were afraid to make changes are generally those who are afraid to meet a challenge.

“I get it, I understand it. Apprehension is a thing that keeps us where we are, but if we educate people that apprehension would go away and they will become allies of ours in this little endeavour of ours,” Fraser said.

Fraser also said he wanted to see a brighter day for future generations of the territory but said the current trajectory for the BVI requires a drastic change.

“On the path that we are heading, if something doesn’t change — and the thing that has to change is a drastic change; if that doesn’t change, that brighter day isn’t coming,” he stated.

The legislator said while there might be some who don’t want to see certain changes, there are enough people in the territory that want it.

He added that people sometimes question what will happen to the US dollar — which is being used as the BVI’s main currency — if the territory seeks independence.

“Nothing will happen to the dollar, the dollar stays just where it is — in your pocket. There is no correlation between independence and the dollar,” he added.

Fraser also refuted assertions that the BVI will be ‘dumping the UK’ if it goes independent; noting that this was not the case for Barbados which recently established itself as a Republic after becoming independent more than 50 years ago.


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  1. Reality Check says:

    The way forward is to get rid of these dinosaurs
    that have wasted 22 years. The audacity of whining about no changes when it is his fault is unforgivable. Out to pasture now!!!

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  2. HELLO ? says:

    say one say 2 ,what have you ever done to move the country forward , besides nothing ?

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    • he delivered the goods says:

      He give us choices of cellphone companies, constant water supply, stop lights, took the hog out of hog city and the list goes on and on

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      • and don't forget says:

        he was the Minister for number plates – a pivotal advance for the Territory. And just look at the shining example of Sea Cow’s Bay – shipwrecks and decrepit water plant.

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  3. TurtleDove says:

    Are we truly sending our best and brightest away to school? When they come back are we putting them in positions and mentoring them? What is the plan? None! that is why we keep having expats in our leadership positions. Mr. Fraser you are a failure in this area as well. All of them wont rise to the top but some will if there was a fair plan to train and mentor our young people regardless of last name.

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  4. Patriotic bvi says:

    that’s a lie,every indepedent country need their currency.we need to vote out this crazy politicians.

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  5. Patriotic bvi says:

    the bvi is far from ready for independence.we need to learn from the mistakes of our caribbean naighbours.

    • Green Book says:

      To jump right into independence is never a good idea. However, there are things that we can do to ease into the process over a period of years so that when we get to that point where we feel we are ready it would be an easy transition.

  6. TruDat! says:

    You sit there all this time drawing a fat salary and all your expenses and then complain that you didn’t get s**t done. Well sah!

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  7. one thing wid frazer says:

    He don’t sugarcoat nothing, always calls a spade a spade.

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  8. This says:

    This is a very true statement and also explains why locals cant get work in the bvi

    “These governments paid a lot of money to send kids to the best colleges in the world and they come back and they’re just complacent and happy to live life the way they met it,” he stated.

  9. Asking for a friend says:

    Should we blame the speaker or the premier ??

  10. BVI’s Biden says:

    Career politician who has accomplished nothing and blames everyone else. Let’s Go Julian!!

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  11. @ ASKING FOR A FRIEND says:

    all of them are the same , birds of the same feather ? and ever since them 2 did a number on him , he tripping

  12. Chiquita says:

    Another Banana Republic

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