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Nyron Erickson facing the possibility of extradition to US

Nyron Erickson, who recently turned himself over to police after months of evading lawful custody is now facing the possibility of extradition to the United States (US).

The accused is facing charges of conspiracy to launder monetary instruments from outside of the US and conspiracy to conceal more than $10,000 from outside the US.

During is arraignment on Monday, August 31, Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards said paperwork from the US alleges that Erickson and several others were smuggling money in bulk to the US.

She said the 28-year-old BVIslander was indicted by a grand jury in the US relating to those allegations, and his other co-accused are said to be in the custody of the US. 

“I have a document that seems to indicate that there are five counts of smuggling of money,” the Magistrate said.

Erickson was denied bail pending his extradition hearing but his attorney, Patrick Thompson said though the offences are serious, it does not disqualify his client from receiving bail. 

He further reminded the court that it was Erickson — a self-employed father of three — who decided to surrender himself over to the authorities, adding that strict bail conditions could be imposed to satisfy the court.

History of Evasion

Though describing Erickson’s eventual surrender as ‘noble’, Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Tiffany Scatliffe-Esprit said the accused was able to evade capture three times in seven months and illegally travelled to another British Overseas Territory.

The DPP said Erickson has been evading the authorities since January 18 when he was accosted at a local nightclub but received assistance from others to escape.

“The intelligence received is that he then went to Anguilla from January 21 – he escaped by boat. On February 12, using local online media and print media, the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) circulated a wanted poster concerning Mr Erickson,” Scatliffe-Esprit told the court.

She further said that on April 14, police visited a property at Belmont Estate on Tortola after receiving information that Erickson was at that location. However, when the RVIPF arrived, colleagues of Erickson obstructed the police and assisted him in again evading apprehension. 

Police sent out a second wanted poster on July 9 which resulted in information that led police to a Georges, North Side house on July 12. Again, Erickson’s colleagues assisted him in evading the police, the court heard.


Sometime after, Erickson reportedly sought legal counsel in the form of Valerie Gordon with the intention of turning himself over to police, the DPP said. She said Gordon made arrangements with a police inspector on his behalf in late July but Erickson never showed up.

Scatliffe-Esprit said the police was in the process of making another wanted poster when Erickson turned himself in on Sunday, August 30.

“It’s all very noble for him to have done that but the fact that he was away for seven months, he was wanted by the authorities and at least on three occasions [and] did actions to evade the authorities, we say is compelling to our argument that he is a flight risk. Because we don’t know the circumstances as to why he turned himself in,” the DPP stated.

She pointed out that he also has access to vessels and can flee if he chooses to do so. Scatliffe-Esprit further said she does not believe any conditions imposed would be sufficient to ensure he returns to court for the proceedings.

After hearing both arguments, Erickson was ordered remanded until his next court appearance on September 16.

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  1. Accounting says:

    There is something in accounts known as Assets: Long Term and Short Term;

    There is something known also as Drawings/Drawdown.

    Thus, this begins the realization of the drawdowns of your much accumulated assets.

    (Unfortunately, not to your enjoyment or benefit)

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  2. B says:

    Very serious charges. Washing dirty money in the BVI and then smuggling it to the US. The Feds is not going to let this one go. He is still young, take the lick dude, the most the Feds will give you is ten years and you still have time to see your kids grow up. Federal Prison is not as bad as regular prison.

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  3. Were says:

    We’re those that assisted his escape each time arrested for aiding and abetting him? Of course not since the police are as useful as tests on a hog. If his helpers were jailed he would have no support. Just remember everyone It pays to be a criminal in the BVI!! It’s our little secret!!

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  4. ee34 says:

    Truth 100%

  5. To whom it concern says:

    If they couldnt get bob they would not get you.

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  6. USA says:

    This man is an American citizen and i think possible by birth. So no so call top uk lawyer cannot stop his extradition. So please stick with the lawyers you have now. You are a us citizen and they must have you.only the proper procedure before you are off with those us marshals. And your to vincy friends need to start to pack up because ain’t no way they are getting away. None of them married long enough to get at status and it’s a bit to late to rush anything. So please vincies you know how it works here so get busy preparing to exit.

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  7. 666 says:

    Imagine how many poeple is on this man’s payroll? something is going to go down?

  8. Lies says:

    He didn’t turn him self in !!! Somebody tatted him out that he was in town & they called the police and they had back up and catch him there at the moment , they need to stop tell us lie and talk the truth !!!

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  9. @ lies says:

    Nobody studying you, Ayo looking fame, the news said the man had plans on turning himself in but maybe the lawyer he had he wanted to change them before he proceed, YOU CAN TELL YOU ONE OF THEM JEALOUS BITTER HATER. in 2 weeks he will be free, how about that?

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  10. St. Thomas says:

    If he is indeed a US Citizen by birth, the BVI have to turn him over to the United States.The US Marshall Service will be escorting him to the US. Exactly, the two Vincy’s that aided him, you can pack your bags all you like, but there is no where to run to.

  11. @To whom it may concern says:

    They did not get BOB and the rest of his crew because they are not American Citizens, that is what save their behinds. If any of them as much as put a finger on the American side it’s a wrap.

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  12. BIRD ON A WIRE says:


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  13. It hurting you says:

    Ayo ain got nothing to say keep ayo mouth shout, nobody don’t want to smellyour toilet n catch your Corona, just shut up, and bare your pain cause I can plainly see something hurting yo

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  14. mark says:

    Bob them got away by a technicality. They had enough to get him. you just never know how these things turn out

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  15. USA unfair says:

    Years ago when the two whites men killed the white woman on west end rocks, our police had let them go because USA had stop their ships from coming here. Now once again the US must have their way.

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  16. True says:

    However it goes the law here protect who they want and let others fall.

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  17. Born here says:

    If he was an American dint you think they wud of already took him.

  18. hmm says:

    whats with these vincy and de ERICKSONS BUDDY

  19. Gwen says:

    something is wrong with your immigration system.

  20. The wise !!!!!! says:

    The man done rub down. He will walk free!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Reality says:

    Cool down

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