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Nyron Erickson now in police custody

More than six months after he was named a fugitive, Nyron Erickson has turned himself into the Road Town Police Station.

Police Information Officer Akia Thomas confirmed Erickson walked in shortly after 4 pm today, Sunday, August 30.

“I can confirm that a male, wanted by the police had turned himself in. He is presently in police custody at the Road Town Police Station,” Thomas said.

She added: “Investigations are ongoing.”

It is not clear what offences he allegedly committed or the circumstances surrounding his escape from lawful custody.

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force issued its first bulletin seeking the public’s help in locating Erickson back in February.


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  1. well says:

    Today is the first day of the rest of your life

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  2. Observer says:

    All the bums that live off him coming wih the release him song and chorus in 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 ……….

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  3. CURIOUS says:


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  4. Good will always win says:

    The days of evil men and their wickedness are numbered. Justice for the innocent victims

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  5. Doh says:

    On the run for 6 months. Really?

    Our police must truly be incompetent

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  6. Lastword says:

    @curious..that’s the same thing on my mind

  7. science... says:

    them obeah run out…. now is your turn yours going be longerrrrrr alot of them waiting for him to com balo……WESTBANK….REST EASY PUPD

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  8. Big joke says:

    As small as this place is , dude was right here moving from safe house to safe house for six months. You police needed a good cut A**. He turn himself in because Corona is on the loose. All the gangsters on the Island is running scared because of Corona. Bullets can’t stop or bring down Corona, she is to powerful.

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  9. Lmao says:

    On the run in Tortola for 6 months? Really? What were the police doing. Sticking their heads in the sand and a**es in the air. These are the same people that are protecting the borders? No wonder people come and go as they please. The only ones “caught” for anything are the ones that come to the police station or pull into Roadtown Harbor.

  10. @Big Joke says:

    You are the big joke! COVID killed 800,000 people globally out of a world population of over 7 Billion. Eating the greasy fried food from the late night food vans cause more health damage than COVID will ever do but you all are sheep so you follow all the hype in the media. Who is running from COVID when there’s a less than 1% chance of it being severe/fatal?

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  11. @science... says:

    Strupes… ayo need to look within G4L and Zone6 to really find out wa happen to PupD. Is ayo own ppl to blame but I guess it’s easier for ayo to pretend and try to create a smoke screen by blaming this dude. Everybody ain’t dumb tho, we see thru the BS. This ain’t the first time yall try to mix up this man name with things like that til phone evidence drop linking the crime to another set of man! Wait til yall hear why the police was looking for this man. I guarantee you ain’t have a d@mn thing to do with PupD or any murder at all.

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