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One arrested for breaking curfew

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The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) has arrested one person for breaching the government-imposed territorial curfew.

Commissioner of Police Michael Mathews said the individual — whose identity has not been revealed — was apprehended Thursday night when they were caught out during after-hours.

The top cop denounced their behaviour which he described as irresponsible.

“It’s selfish behaviour by individuals and it puts those individuals and my officers at risk. So, I’m pleading to people; please comply with the laws of the territory. Please comply with the Curfew Act. Please comply with the instruction my officers give and stay indoors and let’s keep us all safe.”

Commissioner Matthews, in the meantime, said the RVIPF will be on high alert for wrongdoers who plan to use the curfew to commit crimes.

He said his officers will be “robust” in those efforts.

“The message is very simple. Criminals, if you think this is an opportunity to take advantage, we’re going to be out there looking for you and we are going to be out there in large numbers,” Matthews asserted.

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  1. What!!! says:

    Great message from the Top Cop and well done officers on two arrests

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  2. X says:

    Tis good.

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  3. Great News, arrest them all says:

    All of you that have this STREETITIS mentality and always want to be in the damn streets doing nothing, TAKE DAMN HEED. ARREST THEM ALL.

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    • As a parent says:

      My son is staying indoors However, if he is caught outside, after CERFEW, I AM GIVING THE LAW PERMISSION TO LOCK HIS A** UP. If this happens, he would have to sleep outside on a air mattress in a makeshift tent when he is released. He will not be allowed back in the house to infect his two younger siblings.

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    • Idle hands says:

      They love being on the block with their boys…they will go mad now having to stay in their homes LOL

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    • Rebels says:

      After 9pm and bikes are on the road…SMH

  4. Damn Fools says:

    Pick all of them up if they break the rules, everyone is trying to stay off the street after hours. These two idiots would be the ones to take the S**t to where they live and infect everyone else in their home.

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  5. Still positive says:

    So, in relation to my trash i.e. trash held inside a home for 6-7 days when a dumpster is like 100 meters from my home. If I walk (not dive) to take out the trash I will be arrested?

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    • Me says:

      @still positive the answer is yes!

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    • Wow says:

      why would you leave it INSIDE

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      • Jah Know says:

        Some people have cats around their houses and they will tear your garbage open and make a mess, leaving your garbage outside for so long isn’t a good practice

    • @still positive says:

      Yes you are setting yourself up to be arrested. Take my advise, they are not playing. Bad up your garbage in a big garbage bag and place it outside until they say you can go to the dumpster. Myself and a lot of people is not willing to be placed in those silver bracelets AKA handcuffs and be arrested over garbage.

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      • @still positive says:

        If the police don’t catch you in the act creeping up to the garbage dumpster, someone is going to see you and snitch you out. Everyone is in snitch mode.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Eat your trash.

  6. We the people says:

    Yes, we want the officers to do their jobs – so far, well done!

    What we vehemently disapprove of is the commissioner’s language to wit:”my offices.” These are not your officers. That’s slavery/overseer type language. You sir, like all police personnel are employees of the BVI Government. We wish that you Mr. Matthews, would desist from that owenership & “my officers” mentality. That would do well to enhance working conditions. This may seem trite to you and others but not to those offices who vent only in privacy for fear of retaliation. I hope you understand the view looking from the bottom up…..

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    • Oh gawddd man says:

      Strupes! For heaven sakes man. Look up the word semantics. You might learn something. You think when a boss, business owner, employer says “my employees” they’re INTENDING to be “possessive”? Get a life. There’s more important things to worry about like a freaking pandemic over semantics.

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    • Lodger says:

      I think the term “my officers” is common around the world with service personnel

  7. To still positive above. says:

    You can’t possibly be that dumb asking s—t like that. Too bad we don’t have laws against silly questioning.

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  8. Shorty says:

    To the RVIPF please keep this same energy after the lock down 24/7. This is your job to protect and serve the community and tax payers are paying you to see you patrolling the streets. Good job in arresting this violator but PLEASE don’t let this be a one time thing after curfew. Seems like the BVI has an influx of officers and new recruits that no one ever sees.

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  9. Boss man says:

    Ii go outside when the f** Ii want …ayu can’t stop me from going out my house❗?

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    • Boss Man Nah says:

      Yea you can go outside of your house on your porch, just not on the road.

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    • Oh gawddd man says:

      Another idiot. You didn’t even have to read the article, just the headline alone, to see that two people were arrested. The literal definition is to stop. So go outside if you want and when they do arrest you please know that they ARE STOPPING you. Boy the moomoo dem t’ick sah.

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    • Stupidness says:

      When Rona hold you, bet you won’t keep this same energy!

    • Captain says:

      This man do s not care for his neighbors! Arrest his a** if he break curfew!

    • What!!! says:

      Yes go out your house and sit on your porch, you wanna get arrested start going out on the roads.Its called the law our government is doing its best to keep us all safe.You are not above the law don’t make yourself look a fool to everyone reading your post.

    • Do ya thing says:

      Yes, you can go outside. Your body needs needs that vitamin Sun. Rake around your house, weed up, plant, wash clothes, wash your windoors, etc just don’t end up in you neighbors yard or in government road. Stay in your yard and let no one come in either.

      The main thing here is social distancing. If after this curfew is over and you have came out with no symptoms, then you know you don’t have the virus. If you ain’t done take it to your doorstep before this quarantine started then you should come out one of the winners

  10. Look Boss man says:

    That is on you. But, I hope you get grab up. The police is already stress out behind this mess because they have to be in the fore front baby sitting idiots like yourself who refuse to obey the laws that was imposed to keep your a** safe and you want to provoke.

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  11. Anonymous says:

    Who doun hear will feel. Up to no good theifing b****rd, probably.

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  12. Greg says:

    Down in Brazil in the Favela, where the poor people live In those houses on the hill where the gangsters control and run, the gangsters have everyone on quarantine. You leave the Favela, they are going to gun you down. The good part about it is the gangsters is making sure the people in the Favela is being supplied with what they need.

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    • Deh Watcha says:

      They been run like that for years.

      They even frown upon killing, raping and stealing because it brings police around them. Not saying it’s right but it’s what happens.

  13. @Deh Watcha says:

    The police don’t go there because the gangsters run the Favela. But, the gangsters take care of the people. They may be gangsters but, they will not have anyone in the Favela violating, raping, stealing or killing. You do any of the above, they are going to execute you. Strange but, the people is fine with it.

  14. UTG Block Boy says:

    I like p**is

  15. See says:

    So they already released one violator. Must be a local … same crap over and over …. only this time people will die. Hope your drink and weed is worth killing people for . All talk about MY RIGHTS AND FREEDOM . What about the other people who might have some intelligence and are obeying the law to help save a territory ??

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